How to put together a summer car kit + free printable!

Already the sunscreen and bug spray have come out of hibernation, and plans are being made to enjoy every single minute of the summer.  We're  on the go a lot during the summer months, whether it's a road trip, or just around town.  It means a lot of parks and outdoor activities and FUN!  With all that fun comes the inevitable, and odds are, I'm going to need something out of the car kit that I keep in my trunk. Preparedness is key! I change it up a bit for each season, and today I'm sharing the summer version, plus a super cute free printable!

Summer Car Kit |

Yep.  If  you've got kids, you know that bugs, sun, scrapes, bee stings, dirty diapers, wet clothes, mud, accidents, emergency potty stops along the side of the road (or in the woods), and a myriad of other things are bound to happen at some point during the summer months, and I'm always so happy when I can go to the trunk and pull out what I need to take care of it.  Or at least help the situation until we get home! But whether or not you have kids at home, most of these items come in handy for everyone!

A summer car kit is easy to put together, and once it's done, it just stays in the back of your trunk of vehicle.  Replace items as you use them up, and you'll always be prepared. I also really like having it all in one place, in a plastic tote that I know I can go to and find what I'm looking for. I just gathered all of the items below, along with a plastic tote that would fit everything on my list, and fit in the cargo space of my trunk.  I went for a taller, thinner bin because It took up less space overall, but you can buy whatever fits best with your vehicle.

Summer Car Kit |


Here are the items in my summer car kit: (affiliate links are included below)

Hand sanitizer

Clorox wipes

Baby wipes


Bug spray

Toilet paper

Paper towels

Grocery sacks/trash bags

Baby powder--removes sand like magic!

Plastic tablecloth--you never know when you need a clean surface to eat on!

First aid kit:  I always include items for bee stings!

Extra hair ties and comb


Summer Car Kit |

I also have a few survival items that I always have in the car, but I don't keep all of them in this bin.  We happen to have a compartment in the back of our truck that's perfect for holding jumper cables and other emergency items, so I keep pretty much all of the following items there, except for the food and bottled water.  If you want to keep it all together you may need to get a slightly larger plastic tote, and I would put the survival items on the bottom--you're likely to use them much less than the summer items like baby wipes and grocery sacks.  If you don't want to gather all of these items, you can also purchase  emergency car kits that come in a bag that's easy to store.

Survival items:

Jumper cables

Trail mix/other snack (no chocolate--it will melt!)

Bottled water


Duct tape


Extra phone charger

Emergency blankets--yes, even in the summer!

Multi-purpose tool


There's been some controversy about whether or not keeping bottled water in your car is safe. After a lot of research, I feel comfortable keeping it in my car, I just rotate it frequently.  I would rather carry water in the hot summer than not.  You can do your own research and decide for yourself what you want to do!

If you'd like to download the printable for your own summer car kit, just click on the link below, and print.  I print on full sheet 8.5 x 11 white labels, then cut it down to size with scissors or a paper trimmer.  Stick it right on the outside of your tote, and you're good to go!

car kit printable 2


car kit printable

Here's to a happy, prepared, and safe summer!


Car Kit (family)

Car Kit (no family)

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