DIY Dinosaur Bookends

Today  I'm pleased to announce Amanda Becker, from Tale of an Ugly House, as the newest Simply Kierste contributor!!  I just know you are going to fall in love with her, her projects, and her style.  Don't forget to swing by and say hello to her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!! // DIY Dinosaur Bookends by Amanda Becker...they are ADORABLE!!!

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We recently built my son a toy organizer for his room. If your child is anything like mine, they have a lot of books! I wanted to keep a few of my son's favorite books where he could easily get to them but still keeping them organized. Being that Charlie is only two, his favorites are always changing! I searched for the perfect bookends. I found several cute ones, but none that really jumped out at me.

When all else fails, make your own! My son really loves dinosaurs. We had bought a variety bag not too long ago at Hobby Lobby. There was one that ended up being perfect for this project. Don't worry, I replaced the one I used with a new dinosaur for him!


First I took the plastic dinosaur and cut it in half using a small hand saw. Because the dinosaur was hollow, it made it very simple to cut.

I used two pieces of 1x4 that I had on hand cut to 5 1/2" long. Make sure to sand all the edges well. (These can really be however big or small you want them to be.) I used my Kregjig to make pocket holes to screw the two pieces together. If you do not have a Kregjig, just simply pre-drill your holes from the bottom and screw them together!


Next, I glued each piece of the dinosaur to each bookend using E6000 glue. This is a very strong adhesive. I did this part outside to avoid strong fumes in the house. Once you've glued the feet and body to the bookends, let it dry over night.



Once the glue is dry, it's ready to paint! I choose to keep mine simple and painted it with Rustoleum's white paint & primer spray paint. Two coats of paint and you're done. Let it dry over night and they're finished!





This is such an easy and simple project that can be customized to any theme you like!

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