{decorative wooden letters}

fall letters 1

I got the best surprise in the mail yesterday...my best friend's (since college!) birthday package. I look forward to this all year, because she is uber creative and talented, and always has the best ideas. I LOVE this set of fall letters--she chose a really great set of papers (hers are Basic Grey). She also told me how she made them, and I can't wait to make another set for Christmas! ITEMS YOU NEED: -wooden letters (thick enough to stand on their own) -scrapbook adhesive -scrapbook paper of your choice -sanding tool or file...she likes these: (sanding block by Making Memories) (file kit by Basic Grey) -walnut colored ink and sponge -pencil -scissors DIRECTIONS: -Trace … [Read more...]

{metal FHE boards}

When I saw something similar to this online, I knew it was what I was looking for. I love all the different pieces that go into it, but wanted to change it up a little bit. I love how it turned out! For the names, they are just basic craft stars, painted black, distressed, and stained. I ordered vinyl lettering for the names, put magnets on the back, and voila!Metal FHE BoardsITEMS YOU NEED:-10x1x28 pine board-9x27 piece of bead board-8x26 piece of metal sheeting-vinyl lettering to fit metal, with plenty of space at the bottom to hang magnets-your choice of paint for wood and bead board-4 metal tacks-sub-floor adhesive (in a caulking-like tube)-4 roofing nails, 1 1/4 inch … [Read more...]

{abc books}

abc book kate

This was one of my first posts, and didn't include a tutorial. After several requests, I am re-posting to include it. ---------- The Christmas my girls were 2 years old (2008), I really wanted to make them ABC books. I absolutely love the way they turned out, but I learned some definite do's and don'ts along the way, and I'm going to share them with you! ITEMS YOU NEED: 8 /12 x 11 white cardstock, 14 pieces (not textured) scrapbook paper for front cover 2 other coordinating colors of cardstock ***no-heat lamination sheets--repositionable ones are best (Office Max, Staples, etc.) double stick tape ribbon DIRECTIONS: 1. Gather and print your pictures. This will … [Read more...]

{keepsake boxes}

These are so fun! I first made these when I wanted something special to give to some girls in a youth program I worked with were turning 16 years old. I thought a keepsake box, for all of their letters, mementos, etc. would be perfect.However, these can be adapted for any need. A baby box (it would make a great gift), jewelry box for a little girl (or big girl!), recipe box...the ideas are endless.Items you need:-cardboard craft box, any size desired-craft paint-foam brushes-scrapbook paper-ribbon, embellishments, coordinating paper-Mod PodgeDirections:1. Paint the box and lid the desired color. Let dry.2. Cut scrapbook paper just smaller than the top of the lid, and each side, so it will … [Read more...]

{boxed berry wreaths}

I saw something similar to this on a friend's wall, and knew I had to try it. I have a particular affection for berry wreaths, but it has to be the right kind. I couldn't find any that I liked around here, so I found someone to make them for me, and had them sent to my home. They were actually quite reasonable, and less than I would have spent at a local craft store. They turned out exactly right!My husband made the box frame for me, then I painted, sanded, distressed, and stained it. I was really pleased with the way it turned out.If you don't have access to the tools to make a box frame yourself, look for old or new frames that you love. A square frame with one wreath, a rectangle with … [Read more...]

{an apple for the teacher}

How fun is this? Who doesn't love a good caramel apple?Taking an apple to the teacher is certainly a tradition, but dipping it in caramel takes it to the next level. I used this recipe from Food Network, and instead of a popsicle stick, I used a stick from my yard. I love the charm that it adds. Wrap in cellophane, and tie on ribbons. Voila! My kids loved taking them to their teachers. Happy First Day of School!! … [Read more...]

{seasonal wood blocks}

seasonal blocks close

LOVE this! These 7 wood blocks spell at least 16 different words (and you might be able to find more)that cover every season and almost every holiday. When I saw this idea, the biggest decision I had to make was what color to paint them! I did change it up a little bit--instead of pre-made blocks, I bought 4x4 posts at Home Depot and cut them into 4 inch squares. It was immensely less expensive to do it this way, and I like the larger size. Here are all the words they can spell: Harvest Welcome Friends Faith Family Spooky Winter Freedom Blessed Snow Home Hope Monster Mother Dream Easter ITEMS YOU NEED: -4x4 post, cut into 4 inch squares. A large hardware store should be … [Read more...]

{flower headbands}

I loved these when I saw them! My girls wear flowers in their hair often, but I haven't used headbands because they are so hard and pinchy (is that a word?). This is a brilliant idea, and totally adorable. So easy to make, and for $10, I made 8 pieces. I found the cutest harvest bunch of flowers at Walmart, and it had cream, red, orange, and yellow flowers in it for $5. When I saw that it had two of each, I was even happier!You can find the tutorial here. … [Read more...]

{art clip boards}

art clip boards red

Years ago I saw these in a Pottery Barn catalog, and loved them. Unfortunately, I did not love the price. A friend and I got together and made a set, and I used them forever. Over the years, I have wanted to re-do them, and make a few changes. I finally got the opportunity when we decided to finish our basement, and build a large family room (still in progress, I might add). These will hang on one of the larger walls, along with some other "stuff" (still deciding on that too), and once it's done I will add pics of the finished project. For now, here are the boards...one for each of my children. I have to add, that you don't have to use these to hold your children's artwork. They can also … [Read more...]

{chalkboard plate…menu style}

The very first question my son asks when he wakes up, and then again when he comes in the door from school (and every 30 minutes during the summer), is "What's for dinner?". After seeing this adorable plate on my friend Linsey's blog, I knew I had found the answer.It's the perfect thing for my kitchen, and Ryan can see it as soon as he comes in the door! ITEMS YOU'LL NEED:-a really cute plate. -chalkboard spray paint-painters' tapeDIRECTIONS:-Tape off the edges of your plate with painters' tape.-Following directions on can, spray first coat.-I waited 20 minutes, then sprayed another coat.-Let cure for 24 hours, remove tape. … [Read more...]