{rag garland}

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It’s been so fun to see these around again… I have been making rag garland for years (in fact, it was Angela who first introduced it to me when we were both first married), and love it!
I think it’s the perfect addition to my Christmas tree, and this year I was excited to make one with longer pieces and different fabrics.


-choice of fabric or ribbon, cut (or ripped) into 2×8-10 inch pieces.
-jute, however many feet you need

Now, make yourself comfy, turn on a Christmas movie and tie, tie, tie! When you have the length you want, cut the jute, and tie a double knot at each end.

You can also make these much shorter, and hang on a mantel, or a piece of furniture. My next rag garland project? For my girls’ room…I am re-finishing shutters to hang on their wall, then hanging the garland across it. Can’t wait!!

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10 thoughts on “{rag garland}

  1. I made one for my mirror in my guest bathroom and so many have said how they loved this…
    just the simple things in life are the wonderful things we have.

    Love yours on your tree…gotta make one for mine now….oh and the burlap ornaments…just loving all the things you are sharing!

  2. Love the idea of the rag garland on a tree. Next year I am doing rag balls!

  3. Oh good Lord, I have so much to do this week but I'd LOVE to have this ready for my party this weekend!! lol It looks great! :)

  4. I'm working on mine right now, I am loving it. You know, you see something someone else has made, you get directions and you're somewhat nervous because you don't want to botch it up, or simply because you want it to be exactly like the original you saw. But this project is awesome because uncoordinating fabrics look fantastic still and severa different lengths look awesome too! There's not a way to botch this up ;) My fabrics sure as heck don't match, but I am totally diggin it and it will look fantastic on my Charlie Brown Tree :)

    So you say you've been making these for years…what else have you made using this technique? If you have others, please share if you have the time, I'd love to see whatyou've come up with for other seasons or just normal decor.

  5. I made one of these several years ago with my mom. It's one of my favorite things to pull out when I get my Christmas decor out!

  6. I did this for Christmas this year. I got the idea from a crafty store here in town. I used multi-colored Christmas lights instead of jute and tied away til my fingers wanted to bleed! But I like the result! (I wasn't sure if I would like it with the colored lights since I prefer clear, but I didn't have clear at the time and didn't want to wait to make it!)These are cute either way! I will be making more of these in the future!


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