{calendar blocks}

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Who doesn't love countdown blocks? Well, I wanted to be able to use it all year long, and all it took was one simple change. For the bottom block, I made a removable tag for each month (just cardstock, distressed and matted on scrapbook paper--font Mr. Giggles), which makes it so easy to just change it out every month. I thought about making 6 bottom blocks, and putting vinyl on each side--then changing out a block every 2 months. You could still do that if you prefer, but I really wanted to go with simple, and reduce the amount I had to store. To stick on the month, I actually used a little bit of double stick tape--it comes off the mod podged surface pretty easily. (In the process of … [Read more...]

DIY Ballet Bags

Ballet Bag | simplykierste.com

My girls love their new ballet bags, and they're perfect for taking to their dance class. They've even used them other times, like small trips in the car, the library, or any other time they need to carry "their stuff". This is one of the first projects I ever made with my Silhouette, and it was a great first project. If you don't have a Silhouette, you can certainly use an iron on transfer design you like and fabric/heat 'n bond. ITEMS YOU NEED: canvas bag, or other fabric bag fabric, in two coordinating colors thread, notions Silhouette & heat transfer iron OR fabric, and heat 'n bond, and iron on transfer DIRECTIONS: First of all I want to say that … [Read more...]



For the past few weeks, the major project around here was a dollhouse and furniture for my 4 year old girls' Christmas present. They had been asking for one for awhile, and it was the perfect time. My husband's brother came into town at a crucial time, and also put his woodworking talents to work, creating fabulous furniture, and putting up with all my design requests.Some of my favorite aspects of the house are the maple wood floor, the planked wood on the beds, front door, table, and benches, the darling barn-style shutters,arched doorways and window, and the baseboards in the family room and kitchen.Their attention to detail really makes the house so wonderful, although it made me laugh … [Read more...]

{silhouette machine giveaway!!!!}

***THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED***Okay you guys, I am THRILLED about today's giveaway. I really could not be more excited about this! I have wanted some kind of cutting tool FOREVER. I debated, went back and forth, and came close quite a few times to purchasing one, but kept putting it off. There have been times when I've been in the middle of a project, painstakingly cutting out tiny letters, and wishing for something to make it easier and faster. How glad am I that I waited!I was impressed by the Silhouette as soon as I started to see them around...no cartridges to buy, you could use fonts you already had (of which I have at least a million), and it hooked right up to your own computer! So, … [Read more...]

{sleigh bells}

One of my most favorite parts of the Christmas season is music, and I loved being able to perform in community Christmas concert this year with a good friend. We weren't able to tape the actual performance, but here is one of our rehearsals. (you can hear cute little voices in the background!)You'll just have to imagine the jingle bells and whip that we had during the concert. :).....I will see you back here on the 26th---with a FABULOUS giveaway! You really won't want to miss this! I have been waiting a long time for this giveaway, waiting for the right moment, and it's finally here!I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas! … [Read more...]

{smooshy smooshy}

Don't you just love that title? My friend Emily shared this recipe with me, and that's her name for it. So much better than what I would have called it...Chewy Chex Mix. Lol.I made a gigantic batch to take around to friends and neighbors, and it was so easy...and yummy! I made so much, that it was on a super long piece of aluminum foil all the way down my island, and it was super hard to resist. SO good!I made just a few changes to the original recipe--I switched out the sliced almonds for honey roasted peanuts, and added original M&Ms for a little chocolate.Whether you wrap it up and take it to neighbors, share it at a party, or leave it out on your own countertop for snacking, it … [Read more...]

{monogrammed tea towel aprons}

apron folded on table copy

Need another gift idea? You're going to love this one...it's fast, easy, inexpensive, and adorable! ..... My super cute and talented friend Stephanie made the most darling tea towel aprons for a gift this year, and as soon as I saw them (I can't resist anything monogrammed!)I knew I had to share! They are easy enough for even the most beginning sewer, and make such fun, personalized gifts for teachers, friends, or family. I can't wait to make a matching set for my girls and me! These are her directions: Monogrammed Tea Towel Aprons ITEMS YOU NEED: tea towel ribbon/ric rac coordinating fabric heat 'n bond DIRECTIONS: 1. Iron the tea-towel and fold in the top … [Read more...]

{chocolate dipped candy canes}

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Hot chocolate is just about one of my favorite things ever, and when you add a chocolate dipped candy cane, it's perfection! These are delicious eaten on their own too--you just can't go wrong. I thought these would be so fun for our Christmas morning hot chocolate, but I might need to make another batch--these are way too tempting to sit for 9 more days! Chocolate Dipped Candy Canes ITEMS YOU NEED: candy canes chocolate chips or melting chocolate--white & milk/dark floral foam tinfoil or wax paper DIRECTIONS: 1. Starting at the crook, unwrap the candy canes halfway. 2. Melt your milk or dark chocolate in a large glass bowl. If you're using chocolate chips, make … [Read more...]

{ruffled flour sack dishtowels}

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I have been wanting to make these dishtowels since last Christmas, and I finally had time this afternoon! Thank goodness for napping babies, and girlies that are happy to watch a movie for a little bit. You may know that sewing is not my forte. I am always envious of all the fabulous sewing projects I see, and it's my goal next year to work on getting better. In the meantime, anything I sew is simple and easy, and takes less than an hour. These dishtowels are no exception! I love love love how they turned out! You can make these too---it really is easy (and I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it), and anyone can do it. You can make them anyway you like, which is the beauty of it. How … [Read more...]

{writings on the wall winner!}

Congratulations to...#89, Lynn!!I'm so excited for you!Please e-mail me within 48 hours, or I will need to choose another lucky reader. … [Read more...]