{baby food containers put to good use}

plastic container 2 copy

I just love finding ways to re-use and recycle. I also love containers, and finding new ways to keep organized. How adorable are these plastic baby food containers? They are such a perfect size, and be used for SO many things. For me, I have been wanting a way to keep all my girls' hair things neat and organized. Because they have short hair, they mostly wear bows and flowers that are on clips, but we do have a collection of elastic hair bands, bobby pins, and other paraphernalia that needed their own place. These containers are exactly right! I had considered using a plastic tackle box, or bead box, that have different compartments, but decided against it for several reasons. First of … [Read more...]

{burlap tic-tac-toe}

tic 9 finish copy

This burlap tic-tac-toe game is perfect for my girls' little table, or for on the floor. I used their initials instead of the traditional x's and o's, and they love having their own letters to play with. How FUN would this be for a personalized gift? It's also perfect for taking in the car, or tucking in a bag to take on errands to entertain little ones. BURLAP TIC-TAC-TOE ITEMS YOU NEED: burlap, cut in a square--mine is around 2 1/2 feet craft paint and foam brush painters tape foil ribbon--I used 7/8 inch heat 'n bond felt scissors DIRECTIONS: Tape off your burlap like this: Make sure you place aluminum foil or wax paper underneath your burlap, … [Read more...]

{valentine chain}

Each year my husband has decorated a room in the house for me for Valentine's Day. This year the tradition continued, but in addition to the balloons & crete paper, he got a little crafty (and he is not one to usually do something like this, so it's really saying something)!I thought he had a really clever idea for a Valentine chain, and wanted to pass it along. He actually used it as a card, and left messages on each heart. I think it would be darling strung across a mantel or doorway!ITEMS YOU NEED:red & pink construction paperdouble stick tapeDIRECTIONS:Draw out your heart shape template. At the bottom tip of the heart, leave a gap on either side, and make a "tail", about 4-5 … [Read more...]

{burlap curtains}

burlap curtains 2 copy

When we finished the basement, we also finished under the stairs to make the girls a playhouse. We framed in a couple of windows to match the rest of the windows in our house, which means I needed curtains! What could be cuter than curtains made out of burlap? I added a thick black & white polka dot ribbon at the bottom to add some oomph, and match the color scheme. Despite my lack of sewing skills (truly--this is not a forte of mine, although I keep trying), I am really pleased with the way they turned out. So...for all you seamstresses out there, please do not look too closely at the stitches. I am a work in progress. :) ITEMS YOU NEED: burlap heavy duty needle...it will … [Read more...]

{framed sheet metal decor}

ITEMS YOU NEED:frame of choice (We made this one, because I wanted something specific. You can either make one, or purchase one you love. I think a chunky frame looks best.)sheet metal, cut to to fit the frame E6000, craft adhesivevinyl letteringDIRECTIONS:If you bought the frame, remove the glass and cardboard.Cut sheet metal to fit the inside of where the glass was. (If I buy it at Home Depot, I use a sharpie marker and a ruler to mark the size, then use tin snips to cut the metal. I have also purchased sheet metal from a manufacturer, who cut it just the right size.)Using the E6000, carefully glue the sheet metal to the back inside of the frame. Let dry.Apply the vinyl … [Read more...]

{the “clean-out-your-closet” necklace}

I adore Lei's style over at My Many Colored Days, and this necklace is fabulous! I think I need to make this for myself for Valentine's Day.Her tutorial is HERE.P.S. I changed the look of my button...I've been trying to learn more about Photoshop, and my blog changed as a result. :) Please feel free to grab one! … [Read more...]

{a “heart”y lunch}

I love to sprinkle in a few fun "heart" lunches the week or so before Valentine's Day. Anything is cuter when cut into shapes, and I routinely use them to make lunch. Somehow when a sandwich looks like a star, or a gingerbread man, it's much more appealing. Well, this is no different! This week I made an easy, but darling meal, and it would not only be perfect for your little ones at home, but even for a party or other get together.MENU:mini heart pizzasxoxo veggies & dippie crust hearts with cinnamon & sugar cream cheese Mini Heart Pizzas---1 tube crescent rollspizza saucemozzarella cheesetoppings of choiceheart cookie cutterPlace two crescent rolls side-by-side, and pinch the … [Read more...]

{playroom…part 1}

Last year, after we discovered we were having another set of twins, we decided to make the upstairs playroom into the nursery, and finish the basement (on our own--definitely broaching unknown territory) so we would have a large playroom and family room down there.It has been quite a journey, and although we still have more to do (finish painting trim, put the ceiling in, add baseboards, and finish the bathroom), we are getting close, and the kids are enjoying their space. When our lovely tax return comes, it will go towards furniture and other accessories, and I can't wait to get it all up and functioning.However, over the past month, I have been busy decorating some of the empty walls, … [Read more...]