{friday favorites}

Okay guys, still no projects. However, I've been getting other things done that really needed to be done, and I've had time with my kids enjoying the summer...which is what I love!Today is a good day, for several reasons. First of all, it's Friday, and who doesn't love Friday? Yay! for a husband coming home early, and a fun weekend to look forward to. Secondly, I scored an absolutely fabulous find today. I spontaneously stopped at a garage sale, and found something that I have always wanted...for cheap!These vintage Ball canning jars were calling my name in a major way, and I was able to get all of them for only $10. My mind is already spinning with the possibilities...LOVE … [Read more...]

{what a week!}

It is most definitely one of those weeks. I have several major commitments and responsibilities this week, so there hasn't been much creating going on. I'm itching to get to one particular project, because it will hopefully make my life a little easier. It involves this:So...maybe tonight I can get a few minutes to start it. If I'm lucky. P.S. I'm also looking for adhesive ideas that will dry absolutely clear. Any suggestions? … [Read more...]

{poor man s’mores}

I don't know about your house, but we love, love, love S'mores! Almost every weekend we have a campfire in our backyard, and many times we'll roast marshmallows to make them. We have tried several variations, including our favorite--using Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in place of the chocolate bars.I love this idea of making them, too. They are super yummy, and only require two ingredients. If you don't have chocolate in the house, or if you're looking for a simpler, less expensive way to make them, this is the ticket! Going camping? Think about these instead--they would be perfect!The only ingredients you need? Fudge striped cookies (I used generic brand), and marshmallows! Just use the … [Read more...]

{foyer ledge inspiration}

I need help. And some inspiration. We have lived in our house for over 2 years, and the ledge in our two-story foyer is still completely empty. It's a space that I have found daunting to fill, and so have just avoided doing anything with it.I did find an old, big window at Habitat this weekend for only $3 (thanks to my bff who let me know they were there), and I think it's a possibility. But what else, if anything?So, I'm coming to you, my fabulous readers, to give me some ideas! I'd love to hear what you've done, or what you've seen, and if I end up using one of your suggestions, you will win a special prize. (I'm not sure what yet, but I'll think of something good!)P.S. I'm not a … [Read more...]

{his & hers key holder}

This project was made out of desperation. We had another one hanging by the door, but it just wasn't strong enough for the weight of keys, which resulted in the nails pulling out of the drywall and looking terrible.We don't have a lot of keys--just one set for each of us--so I thought "his" and "hers" would be perfect.His & Hers Key HolderITEMS YOU NEED:frame OR piece of woodbeadboard, cut to fit frame, or slightly smaller than wood piecesheet metal, cut to fit desired space4 metal carpet tackssubflooring adhesive or Gorilla Glueold-fashioned nailsvinylDIRECTIONS:I decided to use a frame, but you could definitely use a piece of wood (pine boards come in many different widths, and they … [Read more...]

{laundry shelves}

laundry shelves close

Finally. Organized shelves for my laundry tubs. I feel like singing! I have been wanting to do this forever, and after seeing THESEshelves over at Show and Tell, I bumped them up on the priority list. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner, because I'm in love.They're not only practical, but pretty darn cute! I didn't want them underneath my washer and dryer--not only do we already have the pedestals, I wanted to fit more tubs than could go under there. But...we had the perfect space where my cloth hamper was, so we just made it to fit that space. Perfect for four tubs!!They were built out of MDF and particle board. Since the box would be hidden under the counter, we could get away with … [Read more...]

{broken chair = darling nightstand}

I am in the very slow process of decorating my guest room/craft room. I think I have finally decided on colors, which is major progress, let me tell you! The vintage sewing machine I found a month ago was the inspiration for the color palette, and I've finally been able to start on a few projects in there.The first item of business was a nightstand, but I wanted to do something a little different than the usual. This broken chair from our old dining set was the perfect answer. I am so pleased with the way it turned out. It was super easy, and the cost was less than $10 to complete. Let me show you how I did it!BEFORE:DIRECTIONS:1. It actually started out with only one broken spindle, so … [Read more...]

{rolled fabric flower tutorial}

flower 10--super close up copy

After posting my ruffled headbands a few days ago, I received several requests for a fabric flower tutorial. So, I was happy to take the opportunity to make a couple for one of my girls' dresses--they were in need of a little something, and I thought this would be perfect. This particular technique is simple, and using only your fabric and a hot glue gun, takes less than 5 minutes to finish. There are many types of fabric flowers out there, but this one is more of a rosette style that you can make as big or as small as you'd like--just keep rolling! I especially like that each one turns out so different...it only adds to their charm. Rolled Fabric Flower ITEMS YOU NEED: fabric … [Read more...]

{10 minute curtains}

Laundry room curtains have been on my list for awhile, and even though I had a piece of fabric already sitting up in my closet, I just kept putting it off. After posting about Linda's drop cloth curtains, I had an idea...and using my trusty glue gun, I knew it would be fast and easy.It proved to be just that. I made these curtains in about 10 minutes (which is good, because that's literally all the time I had!), and I think they turned out cuter than what I had previously planned!ITEMS YOU NEED:canvas dropcloth (I used a remnant of one I already had)hot glue gunfabric, or ribbonThis is seriously the easiest thing you will ever do. Canvas is perfect for hot glue--it's thick enough to not … [Read more...]

{project highlight…burlap+blue}

It's been one of those days. Two sick kids, a mountain of laundry, and a million other things to be done. I'm itching to get to several projects I have in the works, but today I'm hanging out in the nice, cool basement, hoping to get my sick ones feeling better.However, I am excited to introduce you to Linda, from burlap+blue. She made these fabulous dropcloth curtains, accented with a clearance tablecloth she found at Target.So, go on over to burlap+blue and say hi...she has great style, and lots of vintage inspired projects to share.Have a great day everyone! … [Read more...]