{rolled fabric flower tutorial}

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After posting my ruffled headbands a few days ago, I received several requests for a fabric flower tutorial. So, I was happy to take the opportunity to make a couple for one of my girls’ dresses–they were in need of a little something, and I thought this would be perfect.

This particular technique is simple, and using only your fabric and a hot glue gun, takes less than 5 minutes to finish. There are many types of fabric flowers out there, but this one is more of a rosette style that you can make as big or as small as you’d like–just keep rolling! I especially like that each one turns out so different…it only adds to their charm.

Rolled Fabric Flower


  • fabric of choice, cut into a strip about 1 1/2 inches wide, and as long as you want it
  • hot glue
  • felt

1. Lay out your piece of fabric, then roll it up so it looks like a tube.

2. I put my foot on one end of the tube to hold it still, then I pick up the other end, and start winding it around itself, using my fingers to hold it from falling apart.

3. Every so often, apply a little hot glue before laying down the piece you’re winding.

4. When you get to the end, glue your final piece of fabric, but leave a little “tail”.

5. Fold this tail to the bottom of the flower, and glue in place.

6. Adding a circle of felt to the bottom of the flower will not only give it a more finished look, but will make it much easier to apply it to wherever you are placing it…on a piece of clothing, headband, hair clip, craft project, etc.

And you’re finished! You’ve got a darling fabric flower!

I loved this red and cream ticking against the denim dresses.

Happy flower-ing, and have a great weekend!


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15 thoughts on “{rolled fabric flower tutorial}

  1. Very cute flower! You have so many great ideas. Love how your picnic table turned out!

  2. You've just made my day. I've been wanting to learn how to make these for months now. Wonderful tutorial. I'm gonna give it a try.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! I have been wanting to know how to do those for an absolute age!! xxx

  4. Kyla–The dresses came from the Gap Outlet. I loved them so much, I bought them big, so they could wear them for longer!

  5. Love it! I'll be near a Gap outlet in a couple weeks – I'll certainly be looking for it! There's something so darling about denim! Oh dear…just had a flashback to pictures you and I had taken together probably 17 – 18 years ago (yikes) decked out in denim head to toe! Poofy hair and all! Ha!

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