{satin poppy hair clips}

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I’ve had the stuff to make these forever, but just never got to them. This morning (the first day of preschool), when I was looking for something for my girls’ hair , nothing I had was quite right. I decided it was time to get them made, and I’m so glad I did! It literally took me less than 10 minutes to make the pink poppies for this morning, and then I came home a finished off some more just as quickly.

So, if you’re like me, and haven’t tried them, make them soon! And if you haven’t seen them before, this is the time to try it. With the holidays coming up, these would look fabulous with holiday dresses and outfits. They are simple, inexpensive, and absolutely darling.

Satin Poppy Hair Clips


  • satin or silk fabric
  • matches
  • scrapbook brads
  • felt
  • alligator clips
  • hot glue gun


1. Cut out three different sized circles from the silk. These do not have to perfect–I just free handed them.

2. Light your match (or one of those hand held lighter things–I couldn’t find ours. but matches work just as well), and carefully put it right up the edge of your first circle. It doesn’t need to touch it, just get really close to it. The heat will melt the silk, and you will see the edges of your circle curl up. Go all the way around your circle, then repeat with the rest of your circles. I actually tried to get a picture of that part for you, but it didn’t work so well. :)

3. Stack your flowers, then take your scrapbook brad and poke it right through the middle of all your circles. It will go right through–I didn’t have to cut it first. Bend back the prongs on the bottom side of the flower.

4. Cut out a small piece of felt, and hot glue it to the bottom of the flower, covering up the brad.

5. Hot glue the alligator clip to the felt, and you’re good to go!

I told you! So, so cute!


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12 thoughts on “{satin poppy hair clips}

  1. your flowers turned out very cute! I haven't made them with silk before, usually I use a satin fabric so I am going to try silk next time, thx!

  2. Hello! Just wondering what happened to your Creative Chick Parade posts. I can't find them. It was such a wonderful idea. I hope you do it again in the future. Thanks.

  3. how cute! Thanks you so much for sharing, I've wanted to make them just wasn't sure how to! they look awesome

  4. I am totally going to make those for my daughter. She is all about fun clippies! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Those hair clips are simply adorable especially that pink hair clip, it looks so precious in your little model's hair. She looks pretty. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. LOVE IT!!! I'm totally doing this Kierste. I love this type of simple project that I can actually do and complete! Something that I can feel good about making, feel crafty and creative, but it is realistic! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  7. Hi! Found you through Di's The Girl Creative blog… I love this tutorial! I tried this before but over did my edges with the lighter. haha But I do want to try it again. And I never thought to use a brad (and I have some cute bling-looking ones). :D Oh- now a follower too!


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