{“go team!” bunting}

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Well, I’ve now combined sports with crafting. My husband is so excited. :)
We love football at our house. (Okay, so we love basketball, too.) Nothing beats a great game day, with food, football, and friends. We’ve all seen so many cute bunting variations, but I thought it would really fun to have one for our favorite teams. Just one more great way to celebrate a big game!

You’re not limited to colleges, though. What about your kids’ high school or middle school? If you have a child that participates in a sport or other activity, this would be a really fun way to support them on their big day. What about a national team? My next one will be black and gold…Go, Steelers!

This method is super easy, and doesn’t require a sewing machine, although you could sew it if you wanted to. I apologize I have no pictures of the process–my camera battery died just as I was working on it. I love using felt for buntings–it’s so easy to work with, holds it’s shape, and the iron-on adhesive works really well. It would also be fun to mix in felt with fabrics, or you could even use scrapbook paper. If you could find these textiles with your specific school on them, you could implement them as well.

“Go Team!” Bunting


  • felt
  • iron on adhesive
  • grosgrain ribbon, 7/8 inch
  • fabric strips, or ribbon


1. Cut your bunting triangles out of desired felt. I used felt rectangles that I bought at JoAnn’s for .29, and got 2 triangles from each piece. I folded the rectangle in half, marked lines in white pencil, and then was able to cut two out at a time.

2. Print out desired text, making sure each letter will fit on the triangles, then cut them out. Following the directions, apply the iron on adhesive to the felt you are using for your letters. Trace (backwards!) your letters on to the paper backing, using the stencils you cut out. Cut out each letter, peel off the paper, then iron on to the center of your felt triangles. All of these steps will be outlined in the directions the brand you choose (heat ‘n bond, wonder under).

3. Measure out how much ribbon you will need for your mantel, making sure to consider the bow, knot, etc., on the ends. Fold it in half, and make small mark with a chalk, so you’ll remember the mid-point.

4. For this next part, I highly suggest using a rolled iron on adhesive. I purchased a roll of Heat ‘n Bond, that was 3/8 inch thick, and perfect for applying to ribbon, or other areas where I needed a straight line. Following the package directions, you’ll apply a strip of adhesive to the FRONT TOP of each triangle. Trim the ends. Remove the paper, then iron your ribbon on to the top of each triangle, forming your text. Leave a small space between each triangle, so you can add any desired ribbon or fabric.

5. Tie on your fabric strips, or ribbon.


Go, team!


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8 thoughts on “{“go team!” bunting}

  1. Are you from Michigan??? I am but just recently had to move to Chicagoland for hubby's job. Great bunting! GO STATE!

  2. Very cute–Unfortunately we don't get BYU games here very often. Love the idea though.

  3. I'll be excited to see the Steelers one! My husband is a huge Steelers fan!

  4. I love your bunting it is adorable but we are OSU fans I may get kicked out the house for a week if I made a Michigan one. That may not be such a bad thing though…peace and quiet….ahhh. Yeah right the kids would call me back after 20 mins. that they are hungry and daddy doesn't cook. LOL
    Super cute family and great project. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Go State! (my husband and I are alumni) Wow..I haven't found many michigan based bloggers…..are you still in MI? Have a great day!

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