Love buckets: a simple & meaningful Valentine’s Day family tradition

I really love Valentine's Day, but maybe not for the typical reasons.  I do love my husband, and I'm always grateful for a date night that evening. A box of my favorite chocolate doesn't hurt, either. :) But my favorite tradition of all is one that includes our kids-- Love Buckets.  It's simple, but a very meaningful way we celebrate each other. It can be done anytime, but we love to do it as a special Valentine's Day countdown.

As parents, we're always looking for ways to strengthen the relationships we have with our kids, but also the ones that they have with each other.  Knowing that they're loved and appreciated by every member of the family contributes to that feeling of safety and security.  It's easy, it's fun, and it's really special.

Love Buckets |

How does it work?  

 Everyone has their own love bucket (we use pails), and starting February 1st, we leave a special note or drawing in each one. Even the smallest children can participate, and can draw pictures.  My kids really get excited about this-not only about leaving them for others, but seeing them pile up in their own bucket. My husband and I add our notes, plus I like to drop a piece of candy or two in a couple of times. On Valentine's Day, we all sit down together and read our notes and look at the special pictures that were drawn.  It's probably one of the best days of the entire year!

 I used cute pails I found at Michael's, then used my Silhouette to cut out vinyl (font = century gothic) to add names.  I also used it to cut out a stack of red, pink, and white cardstock hearts. However, the beauty of this tradition is that it does not have to be fancy.  You can use bowls, cups, boxes--whatever you have on hand--and plain white paper.  What counts is what all go in the inside!

 It really is the perfect countdown, and best way to celebrate Valentine's Day!

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  1. i love this idea! my little girl (3) has just gotten into writing notes….or what looks like notes. she will LOVE this. and i work so she writes me notes and draws pictures for me while i am away. i think she will get a kick out of having a bucket full of goodies for mommy:)))

  2. Very cute idea. :) I did this with mailboxes a few years ago and the girls never forgot. They keep asking me when it's going to start again. :)

  3. darling! i love the candy hearts bracelets too///! :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Precious!!! Now I must get a Silhouette!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a fun project! I love it….:)

  6. Anonymous says:

    That is such a cute idea! I'm going to have to steal it ;)

  7. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely ADORE that idea … and my kids would love to get some love notes. Hope you don't mind if I steal the idea!

  8. Anonymous says:

    We do this and I always look forward to it. It's a tradition that will be very meaningful to your family.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What a cute idea–I love that you are making Valentine's special!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I love your site! It is chalk full of great ideas for just about everything. My most favorite is for todays post when you say you will leave your kids notes about fun activites you will do. Im like, "oh..great idea, but what kind of activities." And then you list a bunch too. Its great. Thanks :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love this idea and may have to copy you! I think my children and husband would love to do this. Maybe all 5 of us! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    What a cute/fun/simple idea!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    These are so sweet.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I found a link to your blog at Scissors & Spatulas, I'm now following, and am glad I found your blog.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is a very sweet idea! I would love to make this a tradition with my babygirl :)

  16. So very cute–as always.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am anxious to try cutting vinyl with my cricut! Love the ideas…thanks for sharing :)

  18. Anonymous says:

    I haven't even had time to *start* Valentine's Day crafts! LOVE the buckets! Wanted to let you know that I have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award. You can read about it here.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I just discovered your great blog & loved it. I'm just new into blogging & have just finished off my own blog on fashion & interior design.
    I had a lot of fun putting it together. I would love your feedback on it if you've got a spare minute.

  20. Anonymous says:

    LOVE it! I'd also love to know what font you used for the names! :) Thanks!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    MJ–The font is century gothic, my favorite plain font!

  22. Anonymous says:

    love this and plan to make these for my 2 little girls….what a fun idea. thank you!

  23. Love these! What a great idea!

  24. Anonymous says:

    This is fabulous! My kiddos are going to be thrilled to bits. Thanks for making my job that much better. ;)

  25. Anonymous says:

    Love this idea! I linked to this craft on my new blog!
    THANKS for your ideas and tutorials!

  26. Anonymous says:

    The Love Buckets are such a cute have inspired me to make some!!
    Wend, Sydney Australia