{frosted vinyl mirrors + silhouette faq}

I know you've all heard about the Silhouette. If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I have one, use it often, and love it. After receiving several e-mails and questions about it, today I'm going to give you my take on it, and go through some of the questions I've received...a Silhouette FAQ.First of all, I crafted and made projects for a really long time without a Silhouette, and I was able to make everything that I wanted to. Having one might make things a lot easier and faster, but not having one certainly doesn't limit you. If I didn't have one now, I would still be doing all the same projects--and you can too!The vast majority of my Silhouette projects can still be made using … [Read more...]

{ a place for everything…with House of Smiths}

I LOVE an organized pretty space, it makes life SO much easier, and to me, there's nothing better then being able to know that everything has a "proper place" :)This past year, my hubby and I decided to tackle one of the messiest spaces in our house... by FAR! The Pantry!Believe ME... we were thrilled to even HAVE a pantry (being that the last 3 houses we had lived in didn't even have one) but overtime we had let it get really out of control. Case and Point...lol So with a little creativity, and a LOT of help from IKEA and our local thrift stores, we finally got this space in tip-top, extraordinarily organized condition... and here's how we did it! :) So... here's how we went about … [Read more...]

{sewn coloring books}

book henry and jack copy

Running errands, traveling, and going places with little ones is a part of my life, and many of you can relate to that. I'm always looking for anything that I can do to help things go more smoothly, and make it easier when patience starts to wain. I've discovered that bringing special treats and activities is a huge contribution to any successful trip (and I use the term "successful" very loosely, lol). Having fun items that I can pull out of my purse or diaper bag is always a plus, and when I saw these books, I knew they would be the perfect thing, and decided to try my own version. They're not just for younger children, though. Do you have a child that loves to write? How fun to make … [Read more...]

{church quiet book printables}

I am always on the lookout for really cute--but simple--ideas for church quiet books. Thanks to a friend that shared a link with me, I have found probably the cutest ones I've ever seen! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Simply Fresh Designs has simply outdone themselves! So, if you're a Mormon like I am, I think you'll like them too! I realize that many of you are not, but it might give you some ideas to create some of your own, or something similar. I think Bible stories would be so fun to have too---if anyone knows where some are, let me know!!In fact, I was so excited, that I downloaded them right then and there, got them uploaded and ordered, and picked them up--all within a couple of hours. I … [Read more...]

{strawberries on a stick}

Chocolate dipped strawberries were part of our Valentine's dinner this past week, and my kids had so much fun helping me make them.To make it easier for them to dip and to eat, I cut off the stem, then slid a sucker stick right into the hole on the bottom of the strawberry. Perfect! This simple idea is a new way to enjoy an old favorite.I also love the presentation of it...they look SO cute on a plate for any kind of party.YUM!..... … [Read more...]

{a place for everything…art supplies}

I've been on the hunt for some ways to store all of our art supplies, so I thought I would share some of the fun ideas I've found!.....Art PailsI adore these art pails by Scissors and Spatulas!!! Her idea to hang them is so clever, I just love it!.....Hanging Fabric BasketsFabulous. There's no other word for these baskets by The Mother Huddle. How cute would these be, on a smaller scale--maybe 5 or 6 in a row--filled with art supplies? Love it!.....Ballard Inspired Paper HolderI know my kids would LOVE this. Infarrantly Creative shares this fun and super cute way to store art paper!.....Magnetic Art BoardI love this idea by Sweet Serendipity--how fun for a kids' room, or for a playroom … [Read more...]

{a place for everything…featuring My Many Colored Days}

Hello Brown Paper Packages readers! I'm Lei from My Many Colored Days, and I'm thrilled to be here at Kierste's blog today. I gotta say though, when Kierste asked me to join in the "A Place For Everything" fun, I panicked for a moment... because I am not all that organized. My craftiness doth deceive you all! Lol. But I try. Don't we all?Anyway, I do have a great idea for you today, one that was shared with me years ago and has saved me a lot of time on those hectic school mornings.I don't want to have to get up any earlier in the morning than I already do. As it is I have to be out the door by 6am if I'm going to get in my run for the day. So I do what I can to expedite the time it … [Read more...]

{shabby burlap flowers}

I discovered these darling shabby burlap flowers on accident. Don't you love when that happens? I had some red burlap, and thought it would be fun to make flowers and attach them to an old frame I had.When I finished rolling up the first flower, the top side looked beautiful and smooth--just like I had imagined. But then...I turned it over, and all this fabulous shabbiness showed through on the other side! I tried it again and again, and sure enough, it worked every time. LOVE.You can add these flowers to anything--the possibilities are endless. They're a little different than your typical rosette or flower, which makes me love them even more.HOW cute would they be in regular burlap? … [Read more...]

{FABULOUS layered brownies}

Could this weekend have been any busier? I don't think so. I have a pile of unfinished projects I'm working on, but wasn't able to touch one of them the entire weekend. I should have them to you soon, but in the meantime, I'm going to leave you with THE BEST brownie recipe I've tried in very long time.I tore it out of a Wonder Time magazine almost a year ago, stuck it in my recipe binder, then haven't had the occasion to try it. It's definitely not your average, everyday brownie, and even the girl who shared the recipe said it turns regular brownies into wheat toast. I believe it. It's the browned butter, I'm telling you!!So, for the big game (sniff, sniff--our team lost), I decided to … [Read more...]

“Thumbody” loves you: thumbprint valentines

Thumbprint valentine | simplykierste.com

I love homemade valentines, especially when they're easy to do and allow for kids to help---and personalizing for the person that will be receiving them. These darling thumbprint valentines are SUPER cute, and are sure to get rave reviews from any recipient! (2015) I originally made these in 2011 (original below), but since having another baby, wanted to update it with another cute fingerprint!  (above) You can use just one thumbprint that's perfect for friends, neighbors, teachers, and visiting teachers, especially attached to a fun treat--in a bag, box, or wrapped around a bar of chocolate or other candy. You can always change the wording for school valentines...{thumb} body likes … [Read more...]