{DIY army tanks}

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I just had to laugh a little when I re-read the title of this post, lol. Don’t see that everyday!
If you have boys at your house, you might very well have some army men lying around. Well, we have a bin full, and my son really wanted some army tanks to go with his collection.

My husband took him down to his workshop, and they made these together. This is a very simple project that’s perfect for little helpers. Depending on how old your boys are, they can help with different aspects of it. My son Ryan loved the time with his dad, being able to learn about tools, and the finished product! You could also make them more detailed as well–this is just the basic idea.

I don’t have any of the process pictures, since I didn’t see them until after they were made, but this is how they did it…

DIY Army Tanks


  • 3/4 inch MDF
  • 1/2 inch dowel
  • staple gun, and 1 inch staples
  • wood glue
  • spray paint


1. Cut the MDF into the size of tank you would like–a bigger piece for the bottom, and a smaller piece (about 2/3 the size of the bottom piece).

2. Using a 1/2 inch drill bit, drill a hole in the front side of the smaller piece–that piece that will go on top. Cut your dowel long enough to fit inside the drilled hole, and as far out as you want it to go. Use wood glue to secure it in place.

3. Use wood glue to adhere your two pieces (top and bottom) together. Wood glue would probably be enough, but they also stapled the pieces together, using 1 inch staples, just to be safe. (I think it’s really because they wanted to use the staple gun, lol.)

4. Once all the glue is dry, you’re ready to paint! I found this spray paint by Rustoleum:

I wasn’t allowed to distress the wood or add any vinyl to this project, lol. Even thought I was REALLY tempted.

This is a great gift idea for any boy in your life…handmade gifts are always so fun to give and receive.

Now sit back and let their imaginations go wild!


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8 thoughts on “{DIY army tanks}

  1. These are fabulous!!! I think my son AND my husband would LOVE these!! Good project to do together!

  2. Heeeeey, not very oftern I come across a boy friendly post! Love these and just today asked #1 son if he would like to guest post on my blog! Might suggest he makes these as a 'show and tell'!
    (was worried about what he might post about if left to own devices…11 is a funny age!)
    thanks for sharing…fee x

  3. I still have a MEGA bucket of Army men in my attic….yup…all the boys … now young men are out on their own …BUT …if they were home…I would totally kiss you! Army tanks were ALWAYS fought over! lol

  4. Cute! My son would love these! So would my brother, who is currently serving in the Army and works on tanks! I'm going to make him a set!

  5. SO FUN!! My little guys would love these tanks! I love that they are made of wood and not plastic, like most of the toys in the store! I think these could hold up in a war! :) I'm going to have to make some!! Thanks for sharing!

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