{4×4 block pencil holder} teacher appreciation gift

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You all know how much I love a 4×4 post! I cut one into blocks, and created this really fun, really simple idea that’s just perfect for teacher appreciation gift.

* 4×4 post, cut into perfectly square blocks (measure first)
*spray paint
* scrapbook paper
* mod podge
* cardstock
* ribbon
* #2 pencils
* distress ink
1. Cut your post into however many blocks you need. MEASURE first. Even though it’s called a 4×4 post, the sides aren’t exactly 4 inches–they are usually about a half an inch smaller. Home Depot will always cut these for you, and other stores might also offer this service.
2. Spray paint your blocks. Let dry completely.
3.  Drill six holes (two rows of three) in the top of your block–one of the rough sides.  If you have a drill press, use it.  Otherwise, use your normal drill fit with a bit to make the size of holes you need.
4. Cut desired scrapbook paper to fit four sides of your block–the smooth sides.  Mod podge the paper to the block.  I always use a foam brush, and apply the mod podge to the wood first–then lay the dry paper on top and add another light coat of mod podge.  Let dry completely.
4.  Sand all the edges of the block, and really smooth out the top where the holes are.  Wipe off the extra dust.
5.  Print desired text, distress all the edges, mat onto cardstock, then use double stick tape to adhere to the block.  Tie ribbon around the bottom of the block, and insert your pencils!
Another fun idea?  How about for Father’s Day?  You could use pictures on some or all of the sides, using the scrapbook paper to mat them.  It would be perfect for a home or work office!
(Just right click on the image, select save as, then browse for desired folder.  Insert into Word (or similar), re-size, and print onto cardstock!) Fonts are:  century gothic, gentle redhead, and ms to try a bon?)

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21 thoughts on “{4×4 block pencil holder} teacher appreciation gift

  1. This is great, my boys aren't at school yet but I might just make one for the home, it's ridiculous that there is never a pen or pencil around when you need one, with this cutie I'll know exactly where to to find 'em!

    Thanks for sharing another great tutorial.

  2. What a great idea! And as a teacher i would be more than happy to receive this :)

  3. Wow..what a simple but awesome project. I'm saving to make later!!! And THANK YOU for the print out!!!! That makes easier too! Thank you so much for sharing, love your project!!! :)

  4. The blog looks wonderful! And I love this idea with the pencils. Super cute.

  5. What a great idea…. and a super way to end teacher appreciation week! So creative :o)

  6. So cute!! I homeschool, but my bff is a federal probation officer who LOVEs pencils…. I could right # 1 friend. :)

  7. I LOVE this!! At school yesterday one of my first graders gave me an open tea bag and shoved it into my nose for me to smell it (which he probably did with everyone he walked by in the hall) AND . . . this is a good one . . . a DEAD ladybug!! I think this would be a much better gift!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  8. What a beautiful idea for a gift! I can't believe I am just now finding your wonderful blog, I am so happy to be your newest follower!


  9. Thanks so much for the wonderful idea! My hubby is about to deploy again and I made one with my two boys that says "Letters for Daddy". Now on to make ones for the teachers this coming year.

  10. Love this idea Kierste! I included it in my top 23 Fav Teacher Gift Tutorials round-up!

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