{summer beauty favorites}

 I am loving a few summer beauty items right now, and I thought I would share!1.   Ion Repair Solutions--Effective Care Treatment  Summertime means lots of sun and chlorine, and it's easy for hair to become really dry and damaged.  I have also been bleaching highlighting my hair for a long time, and it also adds to the overall dryness.  This repair solution is fabulous!!!  Each packet is only $1.79, and can be found at Sally Beauty Supply--both b&m and online.  I use it once a week, and it really does make a huge difference in how my hair looks and feels.2.  Loreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner I cannot tell you how long I've … [Read more...]

{ruffle flag pillow}

Combine two of my favorite things...ruffles and flags...and what do you get?  This ADORABLE pillow by Jedda from This Little Project!   Head on over to My Little Project to see how she did it.  {LOVE} it. … [Read more...]

{weekend recipe edition} fruit & vegetable dips

I'm a dipper. I love dipping anything and everything, so yummy dips are important.  :)In the summer, it's all about the fruits and vegetables, and adding a fun dip can dress them up and your table for family, friends, parties, and BBQ's.   Here are a few of my favorites...Scallion Dip4 c. sour cream2 tsp. ground cumin2 tsp. chili powder1 lime, juiced6 chopped green onions Salt, and freshly ground pepperIn a large bowl, mix ingredients together.  Top with green onions, sprinkle with chili powder and serve with tortilla chips or vegetables.  **I use A LOT more cumin and chili powder than 2 tsp.  I suggest starting there, then add more to taste if you like a … [Read more...]

{photography with lei} shutter & ISO speed

Hi friends! How is everyone?  How many of you played around with the aperture settings on your cameras the last 2 weeks?  I'd love to hear about your discoveries and questions, if you have them.:)  You know where to find me!So this week we are going to discuss shutter speed and ISO.  While aperture controls the AMOUNT of light coming through your lens, shutter speed controls HOW LONG the light coming through the lens gets to hit the sensor (or film) inside the camera.  The amount of time is annotated like a fraction... fractions of a second as a matter of fact.  If you're out shooting a ball game you're going to be shooting with higher shutter speeds than, say, … [Read more...]

{silhouette craziness + a fabulous promo}

My kids and husband love to ask me two things:  "Are you going to blog about this?", and "Are you going put vinyl on that?".  Usually, the answer is yes.  :)I just love adding monograms/names to just about anything--it might be classified as an obsession, lol. Not only do I think it makes just about anything cuter, but with five kids and two sets of twins, it makes it so much easier to determine what belongs to whom!I also use words to decorate my home--it adds the little touches that I just love. Surrounding myself with my favorite quotes from books, authors, and religious works really makes our house a home. So...I've been going a little crazy lately with my … [Read more...]

{custom family blocks}

family blocks 2-logo

My poor friend Angie. I don't think she's ever going to have a present from me that she hasn't seen online first, lol! Her birthday was this week, and I wanted to make her something fun.I {love} these blocks! They are really simple to make, and can be customized for any family.  How fun would these be for a Super Saturday project? I thought about using a picture on one of the blocks, but I was trying to be sneaky, and I couldn't find one of her family to use ahead of time. I think it would be really cute though--either on one of the blocks in the front, or even on the backs of the blocks, so they are reversible! Custom Family Blocks ITEMS YOU NEED: 4x4 post, cut into … [Read more...]

{makeover time! looking for ideas…}

We moved into our home three years ago when it was brand new, and it's remained basically the same since then.  Well, I'm ready for a change.  Not a huge one, but there is one room in particular that needs a little bit of a makeover.The music room is a beautiful red color, and I love it.  I have loved red for years--far before it was trendy--and I will love it long after it's not.  I will probably always decorate with red in some way--it's my color. However, it's feeling a little dark in there, and it's spilling over into the kitchen, dining area, and even into the family room.So...it's time for a makeover!  I know I want to do faux wainscotting, as wonderfully … [Read more...]

{happy flag day}

To celebrate Flag Day, I want to share with you some past favorites...Flag BlocksBeadboard FlagPainted Glass Window Flag I {love} this one by Stacie, over at The Creative Crate!   .....I LOVE flag decor, and I'm actually working on another one right now, and I might even have it done tonight!  … [Read more...]

{weekend recipe} salsa and black bean tacos

One of my family's favorite meals is Salsa and Black Bean Pasta.  It is so yummy, and super easy, so we have it pretty often.  This week though, we had already had a lot of pasta, and the kids were wanting something a little different.  I already had this planned for the menu, so I switched it up and turned it into a taco.  The kids loved it, and it's perfect for summer! With only 4 ingredients, it's super easy and takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish.  Fresh Salsa and Black Bean Tacos1 lb. ground beef1 lb. fresh salsa 1 can black beans, drained and rinsedsalt and pepper to taste corn tortillas OR taco shellsIn a large skillet, brown the ground beef, … [Read more...]

{photography with lei} getting out of auto mode!

So here we are taking the big plunge into switching that dial from auto mode to manual.  Are you excited?!!!!!  I can hear you squealing!!!We've talked about lighting.  That's the first step in understanding exposure.  The mechanism in your camera that measures light is called aperture, and the process that occurs as light hits your lens your lens is that it passes through the shutter, arriving at a sensor (or film if you're old school!).  The camera's lens and shutter control the amount of light that hits that sensor, and that is why we set an aperture and a shutter speed.Aperture is referred to in f/stops.  A large opening signifies more light, while a … [Read more...]