Easy Ticking Pillow Ornaments

I love to make new ornaments to add to my tree each year, so when Waverly asked me to be one of their 12 Bloggers of Christmas and create an ornament using their products, I jumped at the chance. Since I'm currently obsessed with ticking, I chose Waverly Fabric in both a classic red and an adorable chocolate brown ticking. I combined it with some of my other favorite things--burlap, twine, and paint to make darling ticking pillow ornaments.
Ticking Pillow Ornaments | simplykierste.com

Aren't they SO cute?  And super easy, seriously.  All straight stitches, and it goes so quickly. I was able to make all of these ornaments in an afternoon--just a couple of hours from start to finish! These would be darling gifts--personalized with an initial instead of a number, or the ampersand is always adorable, of course! I think these would be so fun for a teacher--you could add their name, or even room number!

Ticking Pillow Ornaments | simplykierste.com

Here's what you need:

  • your choice of fabric
  • matching thread
  • coordinating paint
  • batting
  • foam stamps
  • twine
  • burlap

Ticking Pillow Ornaments | simplykierste.com

 1. Cut out your fabric into 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch squares--you'll need two squares per ornament.

2. Take your foam stamp, and use your finger to add paint to the raised stamp.  I stamped it once on a piece of paper, so it would look a little more faded when I added it to the fabric.  If you don't have foam stamps, stencils would work too.  I chose numbers---1 through 7 for the members in our family.  For the red ticking pillows, I stamped the burlap square with an ampersand (love them), then sewed it onto the fabric.

3. Put the two squares together, with right sides facing out.  Sew around the sides and along the bottom, about a 1/2 inch from the edge of the fabric. Leave the top open.

 4. Stuff the fabric with batting--as puffy as you want to make it. Cut a piece of twine about 6 inches long (or longer/shorter--whatever you like).  Loop the twine, and place the ends in the top center of the ornament, inside the top and bottom pieces of fabric.  Sew along the top edge, making sure to sew down the twine loop.

That's it!

Ticking Pillow Ornaments | simplykierste.com


Ticking Pillow Ornaments | simplykierste.com

***Disclosure: I was remunerated for this post, and received product, but I was not paid for my opinion--which is 100% mine, and mine alone.

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