{favorite fonts} third edition


I'm addicted to fonts, lol.  Here are a few more of my favorites........ Click on the links below to download! Champagne & Limousines CK Cursive Cinnamon Cake King Cool KC Skinny Latte MTF Jotted Rebekah's Birthday … [Read more...]

{pantry chalkboard}

I like to keep lists of just about everything. Okay, everything.☺ The majority of my lists are kept only by me, but the grocery list is one that my husband contributes to, and even my oldest son.  The problem was that I usually kept it near my desk,  but somehow the items that they wanted or needed  to be replaced never got on the list.  I decided that it needed to be moved to a spot much closer to the food.  What better place than the pantry door? I knew I wanted a chalkboard, and I wanted it to be framed, but I didn't want anything hanging on the door. Our doors have a square cutout at the top of the door, so I decided to put the chalkboard inside the square, and … [Read more...]

{charmed, i’m sure}

charmed single copy

 I love homemade valentines, especially when they're simple to put together and cute too! These are Charm's Blow Pops, with a tag that reads, "charmed, i'm sure". How charming.  :) These are easy peasy--just tie your tag on to a single sucker, or a bunch!  They would also look cute in a jar, with the tag tied around the rim, or even in a treat bag with the tag attached. You can download the text image HERE (one heart), and HERE (two hearts). There are two different files because I decided I wasn't sure about the two hearts, and created another file with just one.  Now you can choose which one you like best! To use:  Download the image, and save to your hard drive.  … [Read more...]

{photography with lei} valentine ideas + free printables

Love is in the air, and there are many fun ways to capture that in your photos.  I've found a few great ideas I've spotlighted here, as well as one of my own.  AND I've got a link to some fun *free* downloads from I Heart Faces, too.If you've been on Pinterest lately then surely you've seen this great idea:Well I happen to know the originator of such creative genius, and her name is Alissa.  Alissa blogs at 24-7-365, and is a great photographer, so go check her out!My other photographer friend Sunny sells these fabulous photos, custom designed with your choice of initials:If interested, you can contact her at edustin@gmail.com.A couple Valentine's Days ago I created this fun … [Read more...]

{sweets for the sweet} layered candy mason jars

sweet tops copy

Do you have someone sweet in your life you'd like to give a little something sweet to? ITEMS YOU NEED: mason jars spray paint Valentine peanut M&Ms (or other red, pink and; white candy) carsdstock letter stamps (see below for options) Distress Ink baker's twine/jute/ribbon  DIRECTIONS: 1. Fill the jar with M&Ms/candy, layering the colors as you go. Two bags of M&Ms filled these three jars, with a few leftover. 2.  Spray paint the lids and let dry completely. If you're doing more than one jar, it's fun to spray the lids different colors, then mix and match. 3.   Cut out a scalloped heart, distress the edges, and stamp … [Read more...]

{tutorial} board & batten

Our home was new when we moved into it almost 4 years ago, and as wonderful as a new house is (totally not complaining), I have found myself having feelings of jealousy when I would see really great makeover projects.Well, the time finally came when I was ready to change my red music room into an office and library. I wanted to lighten things up a little! Board & batten was one of those things I had been wanting to do forever, but I just hadn't been able to justify it on a new house--until now.  I absolutely love it, and I can't believe HOW MUCH bigger it looks!There are a million bloggy tutorials out there (maybe not a million, but close), but I've found that there are always … [Read more...]

{stained glass heart cookies}

heart cookies back copy

Sugar cookies are my absolute favorite--especially when they are topped with lots of yummy frosting. These cookies are so cute, and so much fun to make, that I'm glad I deviated from the frosting--at least this once. :) My kids LOVED helping to make these--everything from the rolling to the cutting, to the smashing of the candy for the middle.  We had such a fun time--it was a perfect snowy afternoon activity. These would be darling to give as a gift, or for a class party. For ease and to cut down on time, I used a packaged sugar cookie mix by Betty Crocker---super easy to make, and really yummy too.  You can definitely use your own sugar cookie recipe--as long as it will … [Read more...]

{simple valentine’s day front door decor}

valentine door 2 copy

I love a cute front door.  It welcomes everyone to your home, even the people that are just driving by! One of my favorite things to do for each holiday or season that comes along, is to change the vinyl greeting. It's such a simple thing, but really adds such a fun touch. The wreath I used is one I made from a canvas dropcloth, and I love it. (Click HERE for tutorial.) It's a fantastic neutral color, which means it's also very versatile, and can be used time and time again. I added a thick piece of red & white gingham (I'm addicted to gingham!!)  fabric to tie it in place, and it's the perfect way to add in a pop of color. Inexpensive? Check. Super easy?  Check.  … [Read more...]

{friday freebie} valentine’s day bingo

The ever talented Heather from Simply Fresh Designs created the most darling Valentine's Day bingo game...and it's free!  It's perfect for home or for school...great for classroom parties. Love it! 5×7 Valentine’s BINGO(includes 6 .jpg playing boards, 1 .jpg game piece sheet,plus all 5×7 images formatted in a 8.5×11 pdf document for easy home-printing)kierste … [Read more...]

{photography with lei} working in photoshop: brightening eyes

Hello friends... hope everyone had fabulous holidays, and took lots of great photos.  If you've emailed me and I haven't had a chance to respond yet, please forgive me!  I took a few weeks off and am still playing catch-up!Today we're going to delve a bit into photoshop.  For those of you who don't have photoshop, you might try GIMP.  I haven't ever used it but I hear it is pretty dang good, similar to photoshop and FREE.  Check it out HERE.We're going to be brightening the eyes today, so find yourself a nice headshot to work with.  Here's mine:Next you want to open an adjustment layer, like so:*Click on Layer > Adjustment layer> Curves and click … [Read more...]