{stained glass heart cookies}

Sugar cookies are my absolute favorite--especially when they are topped with lots of yummy frosting. These cookies are so cute, and so much fun to make, that I'm glad I deviated from the frosting--at least this once. :)
My kids LOVED helping to make these--everything from the rolling to the cutting, to the smashing of the candy for the middle.  We had such a fun time--it was a perfect snowy afternoon activity. These would be darling to give as a gift, or for a class party.
For ease and to cut down on time, I used a packaged sugar cookie mix by Betty Crocker---super easy to make, and really yummy too.  You can definitely use your own sugar cookie recipe--as long as it will work for rolling out cookies, you'll be good! By the way--I'm still searching for the perfect sugar cookie recipe, so if you have a favorite, PLEASE share.  I'd love to try it! I also made a gluten-free batch, using Cherrybrook Farms sugar cookie mix, and they turned out beautifully.
  • sugar cookie dough--ready to roll out
  •  2 heart cookie cutters--one large, one smaller
  • red lifesavers, or other hard candy
1. Roll out your dough, and cut out the large hearts first. I found out that it's easiest to transport the large heart to your cookie sheet first, then cut out a smaller heart from the center once it has been moved.  The heart will keep it's shape much better this way. The small hearts that you cut out of the middle go on a different sheet for baking, and these can be frosted.  :)
2.  Smash your hard candy in a sandwich or quart bag, using a rolling pin (this is my method!).  My sugar cookie mix didn't call for the cookie sheet to be greased, but I was worried about the candy sticking, so I used my finger to add a little butter to the center of the heart, where the candy would go. I would definitely recommend it.  Once the centers of your hearts are greased, fill that area with the crushed candies--but not overflowing.  Make sure that no little pieces are on the actual cookie before you bake!
3. Bake according to your sugar cookie directions.  I made two different batches, using two different recipes, both having different temperatures, and they all turned out really well.
Even the backs of the cookies are cute!

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