{downtown tape giveaway!}

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We all know that washi tape is all the rage right now, and can be used in SO many fun projects! I'm excited for this giveaway by Downtown Tape, a new site that sells so many different color/pattern options of washi tape for less than $2 a roll!!!  LOVE!  The holidays are fast approaching, and there really are so many simple and inexpensive gifts and decor you can create with washi tape.  What about tucking the whole roll into a Christmas stocking? SO fun! How about as a teacher gift?  I'm sure there are many things they could use it for in their classroom. If you sign up for their newsletter, you'll receive $10 worth of downloadable tags, for free!!! AND...they are giving one very … [Read more...]

{a place for everything} organizing your medicine cabinet & first aid supplies

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We have a lot of medicine at our house, lol.  Between vitamins for everyone, children and adult medication, and basic first aid supplies, it really adds up.  I like to have it all in one place, where it can be found quickly when needed. The clear three-drawer system is my favorite way to organize it all.  There are several sizes to choose from, depending on the space you have, and how much room you need. They are perfect for separating medicine into categories, which is the most helpful aspect for me.  I like knowing I can go right to the pain relief drawer to find children's Ibuprofen, and that I don't have to search through bottles to get to it. You can also use plastic bins to … [Read more...]

{halloween silhouette cameo bundle WINNER}

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YAY!  Time to announce the winner of the Halloween Silhouette Cameo Bundle!  Wahoo! Carly Delise is the very lucky winner!  Look for my e-mail!  I need you to reply within 48 hours, or I will need to select another winner. SO happy for you! ..... You all still have until October 31st to take advantage of the Halloween promos... go HERE and use the code Kierste! {kierste} … [Read more...]

{reason #558 to ♥ command hooks}

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 Command hooks are seriously one of the best inventions! One of my most favorite ways to use them is as door hangers, for doors where nails and over the top hangers are not an option.  This has saved me so many times!!! Bedrooms and pantries are two of the places I use them the most, but it will work anywhere a command hook will work!  Do you have the windows that open "out", so you can clean them?  If so, you can also use these hooks on the inside of your windows to hang wreaths on the outside of your window! I had a chalkboard I wanted to hang on the front of my pantry, and this method worked perfectly. This is what I did: 1.  Tied ribbon onto the brackets on the back of the … [Read more...]

{front entry bench}

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I love an organized garage, so lockers for the area next to the back door were high on my priority list when we moved in.  While I was out of town for a few days, my cute hubby surprised me and built the cutest bench with a place for baskets, a planked back, and hooks for hanging coats and bags. He whitewashed it, which is one of my most favorite ways to refinish wood pieces.  I LOVE it, and it was so fun to come home and see it in my garage. Except...it was way too cute for the garage.  :)  However, I had been looking for just the perfect thing to go in my front entry.  My poor husband and dad had to move it again, so my mom and I could see what it looked like, and that was it...love at … [Read more...]

4×4 Post HalloweenLuminaries

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Who is excited for Halloween?  ME!!! I wanted to make some Halloween luminaries for our front walk, and I wanted them to last for more than one night. So...with a 4x4 post and a little paint, I came up with something that I absolutely love!  You will not believe how easy and inexpensive these are, so you can make as many or as few as you like. This would make a great Super Saturday project! In addition to lining a front walk or porch, they would be darling in a window, or lining a tablescape.  I used them for a church Christmas party one year, and put them down the center of long tables, along with other decorations.  They don't have to be for Halloween. Think Christmas---how about in … [Read more...]

{spooky silhouette giveaway & promo}

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It's Halloween, and Silhouette is offering some really great promos to celebrate!  What better time to try some of the really fun Halloween vinyl, heat transfer, and cardstock colors? I was able to try the black and orange vinyl, and I'm in love.  Black is a staple for me, but I'd never used the orange before.  I embellished my fabric handled pails with the orange vinyl, and I have another project in store for you tomorrow that I think you're going to love! This is the thing...Silhouette isn't offering just one promo, they're offering FOUR, which has never been done before!!! 1.  HALLOWEEN VINYL/CAMEO BUNDLE · 1 roll 9-inch x 10 feet black premium vinyl · 1 roll 9-inch x 10 feet orange … [Read more...]

{fit friday with erica} food frenzy


Food Frenzy Hello everyone - hope you are all enjoying the start of holiday season! This is my absolute favorite time of year but also the time of year I am most anxious when it comes to food. Parties are starting, food is everywhere and there are so many delicious recipes floating about - and I always want to try all of them!!! I think the best advice I have to prepare for all of the yummy treat ridden excitement ahead is to be prepared!    If there's no junk around (or less of it) then it's less likely you are going to be eating completely bad. If the pantry, fridge, and freezer are loaded with healthy items - you'll be less likely to fall off course. If they're loaded with … [Read more...]

An Organized Christmas: Getting Everything Done & Enjoying the Season!

Holiday Organization Free Printables | simplykierste.com

It's official.  The holiday season is here!  From now through December, there is so much going on, and so much to do, that it feels like it should fit into six months, and not three.  I so look forward to enjoying all of our favorite Christmas traditions, beliefs, and activities, and I really want them to be the highlight of the season--not feeling frantic, like I missed something, or haven't done something the way I wanted to.  I've discovered that the secret to being able to get everything done and still be  able to feel like I've got things under control, is to have a master plan and start early! When I say start early, I mean now!  Yes, I know it's October, but if you'll make your … [Read more...]

Halloween Paper Sack Gift Bags

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I adore paper sacks.  I love what they look like, how inexpensive they are, and their versatility. I just love being able to put them through my printer, adding fun text or graphics to create super cute invitations, gift bags, or party favor bags.  Last Christmas I used them for our neighbor treat bags, and I couldn't wait to use them again for Halloween!  You are going to LOVE that these Halloween Paper Sack Gift Bags! They are so incredibly easy to make, plus super inexpensive, which makes them perfect for classrooms, parties, and more--and customized for any holiday or party. When I was at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, I was thumbing through a Martha Stewart magazine … [Read more...]