{queen bee market giveaway!!!}

Happy Monday!!  What a FUN giveaway I have for you today, to start the week off right!

If you follow craft bloggers on social media, you may have heard about a bloggers' conference called SNAP that happened last weekend.  I REALLY wanted to go, but I was home...having a baby.  :) One of the fabulous things they have there is called the Queen Bee Market, which is full of handmade goodness. This gathering is fun to browse through... and even more fun to shop at! I partnered with BlogPrizes.com and some of my awesome blogging friends to give YOU a chance to win some of the hottest items at the Queen Bee Market. And I really mean HOTTEST. Several of these items were sold out before the show was over, and a couple sold out very shortly after it started!

win 200 of handmade awesome from the queen bee market



{simple DIY numbered labels}

I number everything.  It's true.  I do number things just to make them cute, but I also use numbers quite a bit for organizational purposes.  With six kids, numbers really come in handy, although I do feel a little like Captain Von Trapp. ☺ Each of my children have a number, and they have their own kitchen stool, coat hook, and more.  We have a front entry bench with baskets underneath it, where each child has their own basket for shoes. We used to have the whole family's shoes there, and the kids shared baskets, but they were quickly running out of room.  Now it's one child per basket, and it was time for numbered labels!

DIY Numbered Labels | simplykierste.com




Paper Sack Mother’s Day Card: a Child’s Q&A

At my church, I get to work with the Primary children (kids aged 3-11), and I LOVE it. Mother's Day is just a few short weeks away, and this week I designed a super fun card that I think all their moms are going to love! I wanted to make a card where they could each express some favorite things about their mom.  I was talking to one of my best friends this week, and she reminded me of an idea that I have actually loved for a long time...in fact, my oldest son wrote a card like it for me when he was in preschool, and it's one of my most treasured possessions.  Asking a child questions about their mom--some funny, others serious--and putting it all together in a cute package was just what I was looking for! .

paper sack mother's day cards | simplykierste.com


2013 Summer Schedule

Yes, I know it's only April, but summer is soon upon us, and I've already started penciling summer activities.  Summer camps, swimming lessons, and vacations have made their way onto my calendar, and there is more to come. I'm constantly learning about other fun summer activities, and I love having a place to keep them all straight, and reduce overbooking or overlapping.  I created this summer schedule several years ago, and I live by it the whole summer!

2013 summer schedule | simplykierste.com


nursery in a small space | simplykierste.com

{nursery in a small space}

Hello everyone!  How I've missed you!  I've spent the last three weeks snuggling this darling baby girl...

chubbers!Isn't she scrumptious? I seriously cannot stop kissing those chubby cheeks!

I'm slowly adjusting a new "normal", and life as mom of six kids.  SIX.  Yikes.  Doesn't that sound like a lot, lol?  My parents left last week, and my husband is back to work this week, so I'm on my own!  It's actually going pretty well, and I have A LOT of helpers at home to hold the baby and run to get things when I need them.

My project list is literally a mile long, and I've kind of gone crazy over the last week.  I really haven't been able to do much to our house since moving in 9 months ago, thanks to yucky morning sickness and being huge.  :)  Now we're getting ready to demolish the tile in our fireplace (yay!!!) and start on about five pieces of furniture.  I need another six hours in the day. Please???

Okay...on to today's post!

We bought this house just a month before we found we were expecting another baby, and had we known, we would have added just one more bedroom to the requirement list.   With all the bedrooms full, we needed to come up with a short term plan for the baby, until we could figure out a long term plan.  Fortunately we have a small sitting room off of our master bedroom, and after measuring it out, thought I could make it work.  Here's how I did it!

nursery in a small space | simplykierste.com


{it’s baby time} featuring every creative endeavor

I am so excited to be here today sharing a fun little idea for our little ones! My name is Amanda and I blog over at Every Creative Endeavor. We added a new little one to our family last fall – so babies and baby projects have been on my mind a lot lately. One of my favorite times of the day is when I pull my nice, clean baby from the tub and snuggle his tiny little body up in a big white fluffy towel. I love white towels – there is something so clean and refreshing about white – and a fun way to make it your own is to personalize it with their name.

embroidered bath towels (12)


{it’s baby time} featuring capturing joy with kristen duke

I'm so happy to be guest posting today, and share some fun tips on photographing newborns! I met Kierste last month when she attended my Say NO to Auto photography workshop in Houston, she is SO sweet. I always love to see my friends expand their families with a new little one!

To introduce myself, my name is Kristen Duke and I blog over at Capturing Joy. I started blogging by sharing sneak peeks of my portrait sessions, but now share so much more: home projects, recipes, parties, and fashion!

Kristen Duke

Today, I'm chatting about photographing a newborn! Whether you hire a photographer or take them yourself, here are some tips to think about.

1. To get PRIME newborn pictures, take them within the first 2 weeks of life, if possible. Babies are more sleepy and easier to pose.


{it’s baby time} featuring sumo’s sweet stuff

Today I’m going to show you how to make these ridiculously cute, and ridiculously easy upcycled baby shoes.
gilded shoes cover
We have three girls at our house, so you can imagine that along with the fun of shopping for girls, there is also a lot of hand me down action going on. Most of the time, shoes are something that don’t really last. My girls are hard on shoes, and we generally have to buy new ones with each season. But sometimes baby shoes don’t get quite as much use, and we’re able to use them again.
These brown shoes below are super cute, but with the upcoming warmer weather months, there’s not a lot of brown in my one year old’s wardrobe. We’ve got lots of bright colors – including some trendy neon – so I decided to turn these shoes into something more wearable for her.

{it’s baby time} featuring tater tots & jello

When Kierste told me about the series I immediately thought of the older sisters and brothers of the new baby. Sometimes the older siblings feel left out when a new baby is born. I think it is fun to be able to give the older brothers and sisters a little gift too when celebrating the new baby.

Here's an idea and FREE printable that I've made for those cute older siblings.


{it’s baby time} featuring lolly jane

Hi there fans of cute Kierste! We are so happy to be here during her babymoon (maternity leave) while she snuggles with her sweet Caroline (:

I'm sure she has already sung the words to "You Are My Sunshine" to her new bundle as a lot of us mommy's do. That song is so tender to each of us as it reminds us of those first precious years with our littles... whether rocking in our glider, holding a sick babe or kneeling by their bed helping The Sandman come, it is a popular lullaby that is perfect to display in a nursery.

Free You are My Sunshine printable #freeprintable #sunshine