{celebrate dad with world market!}

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This post brought to you by World Market. All opinions are 100% mine. ----- Father's Day is coming up in just a couple of weeks, so I took my cute hubby shopping to find him a gift.  We stopped in at World Market--one of my most favorite stores--to have a look around.  They carry a lot of great items that guys will love--perfect for Father's Day Gifts! As we looked around, I had to keep focusing on the goal at hand--I was easily distracted by all the fabulous summer stuff they had there, lol. Too bad he didn't want those cute pillows I saw.  ☺ Rick's focus kept on coming back to everything BBQ & Grilling.  We grill a lot in the summer, and he is most definitely master of the grill.  … [Read more...]

Striped canvas art

My four littles share a bathroom, and until this week, other than a shower curtain and hooks for towels, it has been completely bare. I made a super cute piece of striped canvas art to hang on the wall, and I LOVE it.  Since boys and girls are sharing the space, I went for a yellow, white, and turquoise color palette, along with a whale theme.  I am slightly obsessed with stripes right now, and I love the way they look on the canvas! I loved it so much, that I made another one for our guest bathroom, which is decorated in denim, red, and white.  I actually used two canvases this time--one for the stars, and one for the stripes. This is also perfect for patriotic decor.  ☺  You could … [Read more...]

{spring fling must haves: gardening} + a giveaway!!!

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Disclosure: Post and giveaway sponsored by Central Garden & Pet, but all opinions are 100% my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.----My husband is the true gardener in the family. He loves it so much, that it's his first stop when he gets home from work...to check on the progress of the vegetables, and I think, to have a little conversation with them. ☺ I love having fresh fruits and vegetables, so I'm along for the ride!Our yard isn't as big as it was in Michigan, so we had to re-think our space just a little bit differently here. Our box garden fits perfectly on the side of our house,  and we planted some of our very favorites. To help keep our garden growing and healthy, … [Read more...]


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 We are a campfire family...in fact, a fire pit was one of the very first things we built when we moved in to our new house last summer. And where there is a campfire, there are s'mores!  We have had them lots of different ways, but the good old fashioned s'more is still our favorite.  We're having a BBQ tonight with friends...an early Memorial Day celebration, and guess what's on the menu??!! Sometimes you just want a fun and simple way to make something extra special for a party or gathering, and that's what I was feeling today with the s'mores.  I also wanted to make it easier for everyone (and myself) when it came time to putting them together--and lessen the impatience of my … [Read more...]

{fireplace makeover using airstone: before & after}

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This post was sponsored by AirStone.  All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone. Please see full disclosure below. ----- When we bought our house the end of last summer, I knew right away that I wanted to re-do our fireplace.  I did not like the small tiles--they just weren't my style at all.. However, it's awfully hard to justify spending money to change something in a brand new house, and I wasn't sure when we would be able to do it.  So...when I was given the opportunity to try a new product called AirStone, I JUMPED at the chance. The results are amazing...I LOVE LOVE how it turned out!!   What is AirStone?AirStone is an innovative, ultra-light product that transforms a … [Read more...]

{silhouette promo & GIVEAWAY!!!}

silhouette promo may 23

I have an affiliation with Silhouette America, purchasing an item with the code KIERSTE helps support Simply Kierste. See full disclosure below.-----Seriously...I LOVE giving Silhouette Portraits away!!!  Wahoo!!! You'll find all the details at the end of the post...This month's promo is featuring fabric interfacing, which opens up a whole new world of fabric projects.  I was so excited when this product was first introduced, because it made my life SO much easier.  No longer was I painstakingly cutting things out by hand, nor was I limited to large, single letters that were easier to cut out.  I could actually cut out a whole name, in any font I wanted!  That's just the beginning...check … [Read more...]

Burlap Flag Pillow

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With Memorial Day the end of May, then Flag Day on June 14th, and the 4th of July,  flag & patriotic decor can be up for awhile, which I LOVE.  Independence Day has long been my favorite holiday (next to Christmas ☺), and I get so excited when I can start decorating.  I made this darling burlap flag pillow for my front entry bench, and it's perfect! It's really easy to make, and I used the same method as my burlap flag bunting.  I already had a burlap pillow cover that's been sitting in my closet, but I would have made one otherwise. I actually need to make a couple for my boys' beds, so hopefully I'll be able to post a tutorial on those soon. In addition to the pillow cover, all you … [Read more...]

{design your own business cards} an easy tutorial

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Want to see my new business cards? I {LOVE} how they turned out, and they were so easy to make.  I used PicMonkey--one of my favorite places to edit pictures and fancy them up a little for posts.  If you don't have access to Photoshop or something similar, and want an easy option to make your own cards, you'll definitely want to try this. {1}  Go to www.picmonkey.com, and select "edit a photo.  You'll need to upload a high resolution white paper, and I've shared one HERE.   {2} Re-size to a business card size, 1062 x 615 pixels.     {3} Click the "overlays" icon (the group of three--with the heart) on the far left hand side of your page.  It will open up a … [Read more...]

{o henry bars}

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I love this yummy spin on Rice Krispie treats!  O Henry Bars are a family favorite, and they incorporate a delightful mix of peanut butter, chocolate, and a hint of butterscotch. I have a little boy named Henry, and he is especially excited that there is a treat named after him.  :) I love bars--they wrap up so easily and are perfect for school lunches, picnics, trips to the park, and BBQ's.  They're popular with kids and adults alike, so you know they're sure to please!  Rice Krispies are combined with peanut butter and a few other ingredients to create a delicious base for the chocolate & butterscotch topping.  If you've never had butterscotch and chocolate together, it's … [Read more...]

{silhouette portrait winner!!!}

may 2013 promo

A HUGE  congrats to Mandy Sample-Pierce, winner of the Silhouette Portrait!  (Check your e-mail for details, Mandy!)I also want to remind you that the Silhouette promo ends tomorrow, and you still have time to grab up the awesome chipboard, super low-priced Portrait, or the amazing Cameo!!! You'll need to go HERE to take advantage of these awesome deals!!!  … [Read more...]