You’ve Been Boo’ed!! {FREE printables!}

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 One of our most favorite family traditions is to “boo” our neighbors and friends a few weeks before Halloween.  We make up two or three plates of yummy treats, print off cute boo signs and instructions, and then sneak out into the night dressed in black clothing (okay…it’s usually our pajamas, but we pretend we’re totally undercover), and secretly deliver them.

you've been boo'ed |

My kids LOVE putting the treats on the porch, ringing the doorbell, and then taking off running, trying not to get caught.  We leave the car running, a door slightly ajar, and ready to leave as fast as we can by our already planned escape route.  We always end up in gales of laughter, and we talk about it for weeks.  It is just so fun to do together, and then to watch as the fun spreads around the neighborhood!!

Here’s how you can start the “boo” tradition in your own neighborhood!


-boo tags, letter, and sign for each house you’re delivering to


you’ve been boo’ed tag

boo tags 4 inch editable

size boo tags 4 inch (larger)

you’ve been boo’ed letter

we’ve been boo’ed window sign


i’ve been boo’ed sign

-treats for each house ( I used take out boxes)

-washi tape or double stick tape



1. Print out the boo tags on cardstock.

2.  Make yummy treats and package them! I love using these cute takeout boxes to deliver the treats, so I used washi tape to adhere it to the side.  If you’re using a plate. clear bag, or mason jar, you can use punch a hole in the corner of the tag and attach it with ribbon instead.

3.  Print out a boo letter and boo sign to go with each plate of treats

4.  Deliver them all secretly to a friend or neighbor…be careful, don’t get caught! ☺

you've been boo'ed |

{Boo Sign}

you've been boo'ed |

{Boo Letter}

you've been boo'ed |

Happy Halloween!!

*I had several reader comments about wanting to do this at their school or university for teachers and/or faculty, which is a fabulous idea! I created a “I’ve Been Boo’ed” sign, in case you want to use it for individuals, as opposed to whole families.

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21 thoughts on “You’ve Been Boo’ed!! {FREE printables!}

  1. I remember this from my childhood. What a fun tradition to do every year. I think I may have to start. Thanks for the printables. Pinning.

  2. Kierste,
    Thank you so much for the cutesie. Looking for a way to perk up our teaching staff. Is there anyway possible that you could make hte one tag say, “I’ve been booed.” Things will be going to individual teacher’s mailboxes as opposed to someone’s home. Hoping for your help, but either way, Thanks for the great idea!


    1. Sara,

      I made one for you. :) Check your e-mail—I sent it there! Love the idea for using it for teachers!!! xoxo

      1. May I have that too? I was booed at schooled by another teacher and I’ve would work better. Thanks

  3. I was thinking the same as Sara for the staff here at my University, just a little holiday cheer! Thank you for posting this. I love your blog.

  4. Hi I have a question. I’m starting the boo at work and as for me starting it… do I not.get booed back? B/c if I got booed back that’d mean I need to boo someone again. Just curious to see if the person who starts it doesn’t get to be booed.back.

    1. You can totally get boo’ed back! When you “boo” someone, you give them something (it’s included in the printables) to hang up in their window or on their desk, so others know they’ve already been boo’ed. If you don’t have that hung up, then everyone will know that they can boo you!!

  5. Hi Kierste,
    I love your format of the halloween boo’ed pages. Just one thing is in your boo letter between boo and know is “who”. I think it’s an error. Just letting you know. Your boo’ed items are the best on Pinterest and I can’t use the letter. Dang it. Thanks for all of the other printables though.

    Happy Halloween!

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