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{DIY easy & adorable ruffled burp rags}

Yesterday I promised that I would post about the Silhouette project I was working on, and I'm excited to share it.  You all know that I'm about simple  details that can totally change the look of a project.  Well, today is a perfect example of that!  I purchased some plain white burp cloths, and wanted to "fancy them up" a little.  Using my Silhouette and sewing machine, and about an hour of time, I ended up with adorable ruffled burp rags!

ruffled burp rags |


{silhouette promo and PORTRAIT giveaway!!!}

This is a great day, because I get to giveaway one of my favorite and most used products ever!!!  I seriously get so excited about it!

There is also a really fabulous promotion going on starting today, through March 8th.  It's featuring one of the products that I love the most--the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software.  One of the biggest differences between the regular Silhouette software and the Designer Edition is also my most favorite--the built-in ruler and guidelines for precise alignment and sizing.

silhouette promo feb-march


cake mix cookies |

Cake Mix Cookies

There are certain "mom" moments in life, ones that we all experience at point or another.  Moments like... "I need to take 4 dozen cookies to school tomorrow morning" (said at 9pm), or "What's for our Family Night treat?" (asked at 4pm, while you're trying to help with homework, make dinner, supervise piano practice, all with little ones hanging from your leg and most likely to occur when you're a few weeks from having a baby and you waddle more than you walk.) Well, we're moms, and we find a way to figure it out.  Sometimes it means a late trip to the store to buy cookies, or staying up late to make them (which is what I usually do).

When that happens, or any other time you want a yummy and easy cookie, I have something for you to try!

We love cake mix cookies at our house.  They have only three ingredients, take about 5 minutes to mix together, and are super delicious and soft!  I also love that there are so many potential varieties and options, depending on which flavor cake mix you use, and what you mix in with it.

I was feeling spring-y today, so I decided to use a lemon cake mix--my personal favorite.  I rolled the balls in sugar first, which adds a little crunch to the outside of the cookie, leaving the inside soft.  I was going to add white chocolate chips, but realized I was out when I went up to our storage room to get them. :(  However, they remain delicious anyway, and are always a popular item!

cake mix cookies 4 final copy


Mint Pretzel Bites |

{mint pretzel bites}

One of my favorite treats to make around the holidays are Rolo Pretzel Bites. They are just about the easiest things EVER to make--seriously 4 minutes, people!!!  I love to experiment with the same basic recipe, and I've tried quite a few different variations.  I first made them using Mint M&M's during the Christmas holiday, and I fell in {love} with them.  I knew then that they would be perfect for St. Patrick's Day!  Mint Pretzel Bites are my new favorite treat. :)

Mint Pretzel Bites |


DIY Shutters Clipboard

We have lived in this house for a little more than 6 months, and I FINALLY put something up on my girls' wall!  When we found out we were expecting this baby, it put all of my decorating on hold, as we tried to decide where kids would go, and if rooms or bedrooms would be switched around.  I didn't want to do anything to any room, until I knew it was staying put!  Just this past week we made final decisions, and I was able to start with some darling shutters that I refinished, and turned into a clipboard for my girls' bedroom wall.  It turned out to be the perfect thing for that wall, and they are so excited to be able to clip up their favorite pictures and artwork.

       DIY shutters clipboard


{fit friday with erica} healthy reads!

I don't know about you and where you live but here in Michigan we are in the dead of winter. I've been bombarded lately with freezing temperatures, piles of snow, and absolutely no desire to leave the house. Instead of giving in to my oh so strong desires to bake up warm cookies everyday and not dare venture outside to go for a run - I'm trying to beat the odds and remain healthy till spring arrives and it gets easier - hopefully sooner rather than later!

 One of my favorite things to do - especially in the winter time - is curl up on the couch with a huge fuzzy blanket and a good book. My favorite books to read are those that are recommended  by friends - so here are a few that some close girlfriends have recommended to me that just might interest you as well!

 {Naturally Thin:  Unleash Your Skinny Girl and Free Yourself From a Lifetime of Dieting}

by Bethenny Frankel

I read this a couple of years ago when I was struggling to break free of eating from a “plan”.  Frankly, I really didn’t know what to do with myself.  I was so used to structure that I feared gaining weight if I wasn’t following something specific in regards to eating (tracking calories, tracking points, etc.).  This book opened my eyes to my body and eating intuitively.   I learned to trust myself and my own knowledge.



Glitter Shamrock Sign |

Glitter Shamrock Sign {St. Patrick’s Day Decor}

With the current Silhouette promo going on right now, I was sent some double-sided adhesive to try. I haven't worked a lot with glitter, and I'd never used the double-side adhesive, so I was excited to use it. With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, and Valentine's Day decor coming down soon, I decided something with a shamrock would be fun.  :)

I've seen quite a few projects using the adhesive with paper, and other decor, such as candles, but since I love working with wood so much, I was curious to see how it would work.  I LOVE the end result!

lucky block title


10+ Creative Valentine Boxes

10+ Fun & creative valentine boxes

If you are making classroom valentines at your house, odds are that you probably have to create a valentine box to go with them.  I've gathered a few really creative and fun ideas that range from a little more detailed to some that are easier and a little faster to put together.  I love that Valentine boxes can really be an expression of your child, depending on what you make, and how it's decorated. It's also just a fun thing that can be done together!!!

10+ Creative Valentine Boxes


20 Valentine Ideas |

20 Simple & Adorable Valentine Ideas

I love making homemade valentines for my kids' classes, teachers, my husband, and for friends, and I really wanted to share some of the darling ideas I've found.  It seems like I'm always in a hurry--always something on the back burner wanting to push its way to the front burner, so I was intent on finding ideas that were super cute, but simple to make or put together.  Each of these darling Valentine ideas fit the bill--quite a few of them even include a free printable, which I love, and definitely saves time!

20 Valentine Ideas |


{february ♥ silhouette promo}

Happy February!!! 

It's Silhouette promo time, which means it's time for a great deal!

This month it's all about the Silhouette Portrait, which is a compact version of the Cameo, but still with all of the same fantastic features. It weighs only 3.5 pounds, which makes it super easy to transport and store. It plugs into your computer (compatible with both Windows and Mac), and then you can make an infinite amount of projects using any font on your computer, designs from the Silhouette store, or even draw your own designs!  It can cut vinyl, heat transfer, fabric, rhinestone template material, paper, cardstock, and so much more!


kitchen organization

{mini kitchen command center}

The proverbial "the kitchen is the heart of the home" is definitely true at our house. It's basically one big open space connected to our family room and dining room, and it's where I spend the majority of my time...along with the rest of my family. Because of this, I like having a space set aside as a mini command center, where I can keep my calendar, papers, files, mail, coupons, and all those other things that come along with the busy-ness of life. It's where kids bring their school papers, my husband drops off receipts, where I open the mail, and make my lists. I do have an office, but it's far from the kitchen, and I like having it at my fingertips.

All the openness is lovely, but with the 11 large windows alone (I'm not complaining about the's wonderful), it provides no wall space at all for me to hang anything.  There are a lot of great ideas out there for command centers, and I know how I would love to do it if I could, but none of those options are available to me.  Even the side of my fridge won't work! Finding something that will work for your space is the key, and I did!  So, if you're in my position, with not a lot of wall space, this might work for you too.

So...I designated a small corner on my kitchen counter, right next to a walled off space where I could hang my calendar. I used a clear file box, hanging folders, file folders, and printed labels to create a space that's perfect for my own mini command center!


{♥ is for…love blocks}

I just {love} Valentine's Day!  It's one of my favorite holidays to decorate for, and I can never resist making a few new things each year.

I made these cutey cute love blocks this week while I was home bound with all my sick kiddos and rainy weather, and I think they are now one of my favorite things!  You all know I love simple, and this definitely fit the bill. I wanted them a bit more substantial, and able to hold their own on a mantel, so I used 2x8 blocks--perfect!