{using a curtain rod to hang a bunting}

I love curtain rods. They are good for so many things in addition to actually hanging curtains! I use them along with curtain ring clips for all of kids' artwork in our reading room, I use one to hang Christmas stockings on the mantel, and I use them in my decor. It's the perfect and simple solution to hanging a bunting...just about anywhere! In the nursery, and in my girls' room, it looks adorable and is a darling focal point of the entire room. {LOVE}

curtain rod bunting | simplykierste.com

It's SO cute over Miss Caroline's crib!   The awesome thing about using a curtain rod is that you can adjust it to whatever size you need--short, long, or extra long. I was able to fit it to the exact size I needed over the crib.

curtain rod bunting | simplykierste.com

 About 6 weeks ago, we had "the great room swap" to make room for the baby to have her own space, and she moved into what had been my girls' room. They had the bunting over their beds, and the rod just happened to work perfectly with the crib, so I kept it and made a new bunting to match her room.

My girls' "new" room is big, with super high ceilings and a really long wall where their beds are, and a curtain rod was the perfect way to hang a bunting in this room too. I didn't want to make one to cover the entire large wall, or have to start so high up in the corners, so this was a great solution.

curtain rod bunting | simplykierste.com

If you're looking for a way to hang your favorite bunting for small space or a large space, consider using a curtain rod--it's a really adorable and convenient option! You can use it to hang a bunting just about anywhere! If you don't have a mantel, and really want to hang a cute bunting for a holiday, season, or birthday, you can always find a good spot on a wall in the room of your choice.  As you can see, it works well as decor in a bedroom, but also for a playroom or any other room you want!

Here is a tutorial on how I made the bunting!

Simply Kierste

Simply Kierste

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Simply Kierste


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Simply Kierste
Simply Kierste

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  1. Nikole says:

    Can we please see pictures of the reading room with the kid’s artwork?;)

  2. Looks very nice, I would have never thought of something like tis!

  3. Mary D. says:

    I used your idea for Christmas stockings a couple of years ago!
    It’s great because our mantel is all brick and we’ve always
    Had trouble hanging our stockings. The rest of the year I use the curtsin
    Rod to hang a quilt over the fireplace opening( we currently never use the
    Fireplace for burning wood). I love it! Thanks!

    • simply {kierste} says:

      Yay! I’m so glad it works for you too! I love the idea of keeping a quilt there all year…so fun! Thanks for dropping by! xoxo

  4. Ginni says:

    Super cute of course! Do you sew or glue your bunting?

  5. Kristie says:

    So darling ! Great idea! I have some hanging clips that would be perfect for hanging art…. Thanks!

  6. Crystal says:

    Great idea!! I love both the buntings!! Thanks so much!!

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