{three truths and a lie…about me!}

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Okay, so I totally had something I was going to post today, but it just didn’t happen.  The whole week and weekend it didn’t happen. You know…craziness of life and all that, which I know all of you understand.  Yesterday my kids had the day off of school, and we had a great day playing with friends at the zoo, which was exactly what we all needed, so it still didn’t happen.  So, instead I decided to do something that I’ve wanted to do for awhile now–to play a little game most of you are probably familiar with, called Three Truths and a Lie. I thought it would be fun for you to get to know me a little better–after all, we’re friends.  :)

 I’m going to post four statements…three will be true, and one won’t. Leave your vote for which one is the lie in the comments section, and at the end of the week I’ll give you the answer, along with the back stories.  Are you excited???!!!  :) See if you can guess!!! I can’t wait to see what you think…

P.S.  If you are my friend in real life, and know the answer, don’t give it away!!!

three truths | simplykierste.comthree truths and a lie | simplykierste.com****UPDATE****

The answers have been posted, come on over and see if you were right!!!

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About Simply Kierste Design Co.

Kierste is a blogger who shares her love of all things DIY. She is the mother of six, and focuses on simple ideas and projects to make a house a home! When she's not chasing around two sets of twins, a teenager, and a baby, she's working on a project, training for her next race, reading one of her favorite books, or baking something with chocolate in it.

49 thoughts on “{three truths and a lie…about me!}

  1. I’m going with #3 as the lie. It took my grandma til she was 85 to that one & I don’t think I’ll ever achieve that! I can see me easily doing the Target one though :)

  2. I’m going with having visited all 50 states. Good for you for the weight loss and I would love the her the Target story–LOL.

  3. I will say # 1. You had twins so maybe you could lose that much weight that quick, maybe you travel a lot and I bet the target thing has happened before!

  4. I am going to go with #3…I have been on MANY road trips and I still have not been to all the states…Keeping my fingers crossed that I am right!

  5. #1 is very specific in some ways without really giving anything away – curious!

    #2 I didn’t think was humanly possible then I remembered you’d had twins!

    #3 I’m from the UK and have visited 20 states in just 2 separate road trips so I think that’s definitely doable, but the with kids?!

    #4 hasn’t everyone almoat done that lol.

    This is a great list, #3’s my vote. Preparing to be totally wrong lol.

    So #1 gets my vote. If it’s true, I’m definitely intrigued as to what it was about!

    1. Oh no as you can see I changed my mind and thought I’d deleted the old one – oops! #3 is my final answer

  6. I am going to say that #3 is a lie!! Very curious to read the background stories on all the truths!!

  7. I would totally think #1 would be the lie. However, itis so out there that it would be hard to make up. lol, So maybe it’s true. I would love to know the story……did you run for office?, were you kidnapped?, win the lottery?, did you do something illegal?????? hahahaha, please do tell SOON:). And I’d say you probably lost that much weight for #2 immediately after delivering twins. And #3 would be doable if you’re a big traveler….but how do you do that with 6 kids???? lol and #4 sounds like something I would do and never ever go back to Target AGAIN! LOL. So I’m going with #3 being a lie!

  8. TOUGH ONE! I can easily see taking your shirt off (pull that sweatshirt off and the T comes with it – I did a similar one in a swim shop at the beach – took my bag off my shoulder and my swim suit strap came with it – major flash!). I lost way more weight than that after I delivered twins (and I won’t tell you how many trips to the bathroom! LOTS of water weight was shed in short order!) And so, like everyone else, I’m torn between 1 and 3. Tic Toc Tic Toc….sheesh – I’m going with 1, no, 3, no 1……argh! I give up.

  9. I’d vote for #3. 50 is a lot of places to visit… and let’s be honest, some of those states are not terribly exciting so you wouldn’t go without a good reason.

  10. I am your friend in real life, but I only think I know the answer. I wont give it away, but excited to see if I am right!

  11. I’m going to guess #3. Sounds like some good stories!
    The last time I played this game was at a church retreat. I had just had my 3rd baby. My “lie” was that I was pregnant. But I guess the joke was on me, b/c I found out shortly after the retreat that I WAS pregnant with #4! (and then later with #5). :)

    1. Okay, so I’m REALLY glad that I didn’t put that down as one of my options, lol!!! Love it!!

  12. Unless this one is a trick statement and you’re referring to childbirth :) I will go with #2. That much weight loss in such short time should have put you in the hospital!

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