{three truths & a lie…the answers revealed}

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This was SO fun!! I loved reading all the guesses, and I’m excited to give you the answers, and all the juicy details.  :)  Here are the questions one more time…

three truths and a lie | simplykierste.com1.  TRUE!!!!

Nope–no kidnappings or criminal activity involved, lol. When I was 12 years old, I entered a statewide essay contest on why I loved my town that was sponsored by a group called Project 2000 and KUTV, a Utah television station. I was one of a group of winners, and that summer we went on a two week tour of the entire state of Utah.  We visited every corner of the state, several national and state parks, colleges, festivals, toured Hill Air Force Base and sat in an F-16,  an Indian reservation, a monastery (a very vivid memory for me), ranches, a fish hatchery, and even went camping.  We spent time at Jordanelle Dam and a coal mine where we talked politics and the economy with a Congressman and environmentalists, toured the Capitol, and went to Sundance where we even saw Robert Redford.  :)  We stayed in hotels, drove in a big bus, ate yummy food, and were followed around by a camera crew the entire time.  We kept a rigorous but really fun schedule, and had the time of our lives. We were on the news each night, in the newspaper frequently, and when the trip was over, a documentary was made of our trip and shown on television.  There is nothing like seeing your 12 year self immortalized for all the world to see, and watching it now totally cracks me up. We were required to keep journals, and as part of the documentary, they had actors read our words as part of the narration. Did I really talk like that?  Lol.  It was amazing and incredible trip, and one I won’t ever forget.

2.  TRUE!!!

I had the HARDEST pregnancy with my second set of twins–my boys, Jack & Henry.  I had terrible edema almost the whole time, which was worsened by a really hot summer. My legs did not look like legs, and I no longer had any ankles at all. I could barely walk, and going up and down stairs were painful. It wasn’t pretty.  The boys were born at exactly 35 weeks, and even at 5 weeks early they weighed 6 lb. 8 oz. and 6 lb. 0 oz. respectively. I’m SO glad I didn’t go any longer–they would have been huge!! (They were also healthy–no NICU time at all, and came home with me!)  I gained so much water weight that I did lose 59 pounds in 13 days.  It was CRAZY.

{this was at 30 weeks…five LONG weeks to go}

pregnancy swollen feet | simplykierste.com

{from three to five}

five kids | simplykierste.com

3.  FALSE!!!

Okay, so I should have made this more tricky.  :) I based this “lie” on a friend of mine who also has 6 children, and not only has she visited all 50 states, but a couple of her older children have as well. We do love to travel, and have taken many road trips, and I’m getting pretty close to that 50 state mark.  It’s definitely on our list of things we’d like to do, and we’re working on it! I’m thinking Hawaii about now…

4.  TRUE!!!

This is most definitely one of my most embarrassing moments.  EVER. It was a Friday night, and Easter was that coming Sunday.  The Easter Bunny comes to our house on Saturday morning, so my husband and I were at Target to get things for the kids’ baskets. I couldn’t help but stop in the women’s section, and I saw a stack of shirts that were really cute, but I was too lazy to take one into the fitting room to try on. So…I decided to just try it on on top of the shirt I was wearing.  That part went fine.  I took off the shirt I just tried on, and started walking around to look at other things in the store.  All of a sudden, I heard my husband yell “Kierste!!!”, and he literally threw me to the floor.  I had no idea what was going on, until he told me that I had no shirt on.  WHAAAAT?????  I looked down, and sure enough, no shirt.  I had to go grab my shirt from the shelf where I set it down, and then get it untangled from the new shirt.  All of this probably took 30 seconds, but it seemed like FOREVER.  There were totally people around, and when I looked up, there was a security camera directly above me.  Lovely.  I’m sure they got quite the show that night, lol.

I’m just glad my husband was with me, because I can just imagine myself to continue walking to the CHECKOUT, or up and down the aisles, which is where I was headed.  Seriously, so embarrassing.  Small town, only one Target, I had to go back, and I prayed the whole time no one would recognize me!!


Thanks for playing along!  It was fun for me, and hopefully for you too, to get to know me a little bit better.  Happy Friday, everyone!!!  XOXO

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Kierste is a blogger who shares her love of all things DIY. She is the mother of six, and focuses on simple ideas and projects to make a house a home! When she's not chasing around two sets of twins, a teenager, and a baby, she's working on a project, training for her next race, reading one of her favorite books, or baking something with chocolate in it.

22 thoughts on “{three truths & a lie…the answers revealed}

  1. I guessed wrong. I thought it was #1. 50 states would be a fun goal! Your kids are adorable. So glad the twins were healthy and you lost the weight.

  2. I love this post idea!! That last one made me laugh out loud…I could totally see myself doing something like that! And I thought #1 was going to be the lie.

    1. Well, now hopefully this story will be in your head when you’re tempted to try something on in the middle of the store. :) Thanks for playing along!!! xo

  3. I’ve done #4 before too…. at least I’m in good company, although I didn’t have my husband with me to point out that I was pretty much half naked pushing a cart along at target!

  4. I don’t think I lost that much when I had my twins. My feet looked like that also, but not until I came home from the hospital. My calves went straight down to my puffy feet, it was a long 4 weeks, I could barely walk, so I can feel your pain.

    1. Yes–you definitely get it!! I know I gained even more water weight in the hospital because of all the fluids they pumped into me for my c-section. Did you have one too?

      1. I was lucky and had a very smooth pregnancy and delivered them both naturally, but with a epidural just in case was had to do a c-section for the second one. They were born at 37 weeks 6lbs 1oz and 5lbs 6oz, we all got to come home together…

        1. Yay! That sounds like it went really well, and how fabulous is it when everyone gets to come home together!!!! xoxo

  5. I had picked #2, I don’t know much about having twins. This was fun and interesting and I love seeing pictures of your family !

    1. I can see why you picked two–it definitely sounds out there, and I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t done it, lol!!! xoxo

  6. I can completely empathize with you!! I took my shirt off in the middle of SAMs club! I was with my mom and we saw some dresses I want to try on, so I slipped it on over my clothes. Just like you, when I took the dress off my my shirt came off right along with it! I couldn’t get my shirt untangled for what seemed an eternity! I made my mom promise not to tell anyone about it, BUT since then I’ve learned to laugh about it and has become my favorite embarrassing story to tell. I love that you can share your story as well! Haha

    Michael Angela

    1. YES!!! Those 30 seconds were the longest of my life, lol!! I’m not sure whether to be glad or not glad that someone can relate. :) It is much easier to laugh about it now, for sure. :) Thanks for sharing your story too!!! xoxo

  7. I was laughing so hard when I read #4. That’s hysterical. I picked the right one though :) Loved this game :)

  8. This was the funnest blog entry ever! Thanks for spreading cheer. The Target story will ALWAYS be my favorite.

    1. Now that that experience is behind me, I like it much better. :) So glad you said hi…I’ve been thinking about you!!! xoxo

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