A couple of years ago I was looking for a cute little play kitchen table in our playroom, and realized that I had just the thing...an old end table that we weren't using anymore was just sitting gathering dust, and needed to be put to good use.  So, I sprayed it white, and called it good.  Fast forward those couple of years, and this poor table had been through the wringer.  It desperately needed a fresh coat of paint, and a little pep put back into it. I'm also finally starting to decorate the playroom, so this would be one of the first projects to get me up and running.  I LOVE how it turned out!

Play Kitchen Table...From Drab to Fab | simplykierste.com

The top of the table had a groove around the edges, creating a big square directly in the middle of it.  Since I'm totally obsessed with polka dots, and think it's super fun for a playroom, I used that square to create something that would really add some charm and detail.  The color theme for the whole room is red, white, and navy/denim, and since the chairs were already red, I went with red on top to tie it all in together.


Best of all? This little makeover only took one day, and the vast majority of that was drying time.  I thought about using chalk paint, but honestly, I didn't want to spend a lot of time or effort or money on this piece. I can guarantee you I will have to re-do it again in another couple of years, due to six very active children that love to play...and play hard.  ☺  I went with my old favorite stand-by--Rustoleum spray paint.


See how nicked and marked up it was?  A quick sand across solves some of the unevenness.  I used Rustoleum white--paint + primer on the entire table, and let it dry completely.  I love using the paint and primer--it saves an extra step!

Play Kitchen Table...From Drab to Fab | simplykierste.com

While the paint was drying, I used my Silhouette to cut out 1.5 inch circles.  No need to bother with the transfer paper--I was just going to peel them off and stick them on. Once the paint was totally dry, I taped the edges off with Frog Tape (my favorite!), then added the polka dots--being sure to adhere them really well.

Play Kitchen Table...From Drab to Fab | simplykierste.com

I sprayed the top red, and let it dry, then peeled off the tape and circles. I took my power sander to the top--I like more of a distressed look, and the paint was a little glossy for my taste.  I like some of the white showing through!

Play Kitchen Table...From Drab to Fab | simplykierste.com

It's perfect!! It was so easy, and a darling focal point for the play kitchen!  I'm excited to finish a few more projects for this space...SO fun!

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  1. How adorable! I love it! I have some end tables hanging around that I could totally do this to! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Too adorable!! I love the red with white polka dots!!! Super cute!!

  3. This table is absolutely adorable! You have actually inspired me to do this to an end table I have in out Buckeye family room! It is just so boring and I think I will do this same thing using scarlet and grey color…Thank you!

  4. Hi Kierste! Since Facebook is notorious for not letting page owners know when I tag them, I thought I would stop by myself and let you know I featured this post and my readers loved it! https://www.facebook.com/CraftsbyAmanda/photos/pb.323548680216.-2207520000.1397173019./10153988903525217/?type=3&theater

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