2014 Summer Schedule {FREE PRINTABLE}

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UPDATED FOR 2016!!!!  

I love that there is so much to do in the summer.  From story times, to park days, library reading program events swimming lessons, family vacations, and day camps, there is SO much on the calendar.  I have a regular calendar, but I like keeping a special one just for the summer.  Each year I create an Excel spreadsheet where I can enter in everything that's going on in the area, plus the things we are already scheduled to do, and I can easily track what's going on and where we need to be.  Yes, the summer is meant to be relaxing, but when you've got kids at home, it's always busy, and a plan makes my life (and thus all of our lives) sane.

2014 Summer Schedule | FREE PRINTABLE | simplykierste.com

I'm telling you, it works wonders!!! There are several ways you can do it. It's an Excel file, which means it's editable, which gives you options. You can print it as it is, and write everything in by hand, or you can type in all of your activities in the file itself, then print.  I have a friend that prints hers as a large engineering print, and puts it up on her wall.  GREAT idea!

Any way you do it, I hope it makes your summer a little bit smoother!


2014 Summer Schedule EXCEL FILE

Simply Kierste

Simply Kierste

Founder/Managing Editor at Simply Kierste, LLC
Kierste is a blogger who shares her love of all things DIY. She is the mother of six, and focuses on simple ideas and projects to make a house a home! When she's not chasing around two sets of twins, a teenager, and a baby, she's working on a project, training for her next race, reading one of her favorite books, or baking something with chocolate in it.
Simply Kierste


Founder/Managing Editor of Simply Kierste: Featuring simple DIY projects & ideas for your home, including holidays, decor, recipes, organization and more!
Simply Kierste
Simply Kierste

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  1. Janice Warkentin says:

    love how you make the summer crazies seem like it’s all part of the game and fun!! Love your blog: )..xo

  2. Katie says:

    Hey! Just found your blog via Pinterest and I love it! I also have 6 children, they are ages 2-11. Just wondering about your summer activites. Do you guys do sports? How do you balance that. I’m always interested to hear from other moms with big families. Thanks!


    • Hi, Katie! I also love hearing from other moms with large families, so I’m glad you dropped by.

      I have everyone in swim lessons, then everyone gets to choose one activity/camp. We don’t have ongoing sports here much in the summer, because it’s SO hot. Mostly it’s camps that are indoors for a week, and that’s easier to schedule than something for everyone every single week. We do continue with weekly piano and violin lessons, but it’s much easier than the school year to fit those in because we have all day to do them. It’s busy, but manageable! :) xoxo

  3. marcie says:

    Thanks for the great ideas..I love the schedule idea..but making it so fun!! Love your blog..love all your ideas and energy!!
    I like how you teach your kids cooking..chores..etc!! So important!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Kristi says:

    I got on you blog tonight to look for this tonight. I printed up the one you made last year, and thought that maybe you would have created one for this year, and sure enough I found it. It is very helpful having this! Thanks!

  5. Hi, I included your chart from last year in my Summer Learning Academy and have updated the link for this year. Thank you for making another calendar! http://jaseyscrazydaisy.com/2013/06/how-to-keep-kids-learning-during-the-summer-with-easy-summer-academy-binders.html

  6. GREAT CALENDAR….very adaptable and user friendly…just what I was looking for!! Thank you!

  7. silva says:

    I used your spread sheet all summer… loved it! I especially love seeing a few months at a time… question for you… do you have a 2014 Fall semester spread sheet? I tried to adjust the 2014 summer one, however quickly learned I have no idea what I’m doing on Excel… ooops…

  8. Wondering if you will have a summer 2015 calendar like this? LOVE IT!

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