Canning Lid Flashcards

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My girls are in second grade, and have started learning their multiplication tables. The only way to really learn them inside and out is repetition….and A LOT of it.  I really wanted to come up with a way to help them practice through the school year, and into the summer, preparing them for third grade next year.  I love flashcards, but the paper ones never seem to last long at our house. I don’t know if you can relate, but it seems like some of them get bent, torn, or lost.  A younger sibling may get a hold of them, and well, that’s the end of the flashcards.  So…I used some extra canning lids I had sitting around, and created my own durable and adorable Canning Lid Flashcards!

Canning Lid Flashcards |

I love that they can stack on top of each other for easy storage, and they will definitely last longer than any paper flashcards I could buy. It was SO easy to do–just took about 10 minutes to out together, and another hour for the mod podge to dry.  I made two sets of each number, and +, -, x, and = signs. They can be used for all of their multiplication tables, plus I can use them for addition and subtraction with my girls, and my little boys.

Canning Lid Flashcards |

I also want to make an alphabet set for my 4 year old boys–with uppercase and lowercase letters, and even enough to make some short words.  I may even add magnet strips to the back to use on a cookie sheet or magnet board–which would also work well in the car or at home!

They are also cost effective.  A pack of flashcards is usually at least $2, if not $3 or more.  I already had the canning lids (and if you don’t have any, I would definitely ask around–I’m sure someone has some sitting around!), and I used 2 sheets of paper, plus a little mod podge.  We’re talking cheap!  Here’s how I did it…


-canning lids (Ball® Regular Mouth 12 Lids (by Jarden Home Brands))
(I used 24 for this project)

-2 sheets of scrapbook paper or cardstock

-2 inch circle punch, OR scissors and 2 inch round glass

-mod podge and foam brush

Canning Lid Flashcards |


1.  Print numbers on cardstock or a scrapbook paper that’s not too dark or has too much of a pattern (so you can see the numbers.) I’ve included my file as a download at the end of the post if you would like to use it!

2. Use a circle punch to cut out the numbers, or you can trace around the numbers with a glass and cut them out with scissors. I have to say, I use my 2 inch circle punch ALL THE TIME–you may want to consider it as an investment for your craft supplies.

3.  Using a foam brush, mod podge the circles on to the canning lids. I put a little mod podge on the lid first, lay the circle down, then add a thin coat on top.  Let dry completely.

Canning Lid Flashcards |

That’s it! SO SO easy, and cute too.  ☺


Canning Lid Flashcard Numbers

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8 thoughts on “Canning Lid Flashcards

  1. These are adorable!! I love the paper colors/pattern you chose. How fun for kids to learn!! Thanks for the awesome idea!! Pinned :)

  2. Perfect! I have twin boys in first grade and they love numbers and math…and I have about a million and one lids just waiting to be put to good use!

  3. Oh my these are perfect!!! Thank you so much for sharing them!! I am going to use them for my second grade twins as well!!!

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