Packing with Atlantic Luggage…and a GIVEAWAY!!!

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This post brought to you by Atlantic Luggage. All opinions are 100% mine.


Summer is quickly approaching, and that means traveling!! Whether it’s a longer vacation or a short getaway, we like to plan several trips over the summer.  Next week we’re headed to San Antonio to visit the Alamo, walk the Riverwalk, and go to Six Flags–and we can’t wait!!!

Traveling with six kids means A LOT of stuff,  and I always do my best to limit the amount of pieces of luggage we have to bring with us. When Atlantic Luggage issued me a “packing challenge”, I couldn’t resist.  They sent me a brand new piece of luggage to try out, and challenged me to see how much I could actually fit inside.

My personal goal?   Four kids.  One whole weekend.  One piece of luggage.

The results?  I did it…easily!!  For each of the four kids, I packed jeans/shorts, shirts, pajamas, underwear, swimsuits/shirts, and shoes.  I actually could have fit in even more, because of the extender zipper it has! I’m thrilled that packing has just gotten easier and more compact.  I’m excited to take it on my own business and personal trips too…I like to pack a lot of shoes, and I think I’m going to be able to fit quite a few pairs in there.  ☺

I also really like that one side zips completely closed. (Helping hands are in no shortage around here…)

There was even enough room for a favorite bear!

Atlantic Luggage has been around and pioneering great luggage since 1919.  They’ve figure out how to create pieces that are versatile, lightweight, and affordable.  Their luggage is designed and priced with families in mind!

Guess what??!! One lucky Simply Kierste reader is going to win a piece of Atlantic Luggage!! Just follow the directions in the box at the bottom of this post, making sure to read all terms before entering. Wahoo!!

You can also enter the Atlantic Luggage Sweepstakes for a chance to win a family trip for 4 to the destination of your choosing…either Los Angeles, CA or Washington, DC!!! All you have to do in order to enter is head over to… Trip includes airfare, hotel, $300 activity allowance and 4-pieces of Atlantic luggage.

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118 thoughts on “Packing with Atlantic Luggage…and a GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. We road trip every summer for 4 weeks. Most of the time I’m on my own with 4 kids as my husband goes back and forth for work. I’m always looking for a way to minimize our luggage since I get to pack and unpack, repack, then unpack again with minimal help. ;) I like to pack only for a week and then do laundry and the idea of taking one suitcase per kid is sometimes overwhelming! That suitcase seems amazing and would work perfectly – bring on summer vacations! :)

  2. I think my next trip will be Las Vegas. Hubby and I just went to Hawaii last week-it was a quick 3 day trip. Awesome giveaway – I actually need a new suitcase..mine is falling apart (broken zipper, strap breaking etc).

  3. I’d take it to the beach! We have a family condo right off the coast of PCB, and we will be there for a few glorious weeks in August. :)

  4. Normally I would jump at the chance to say how much I love Hilton Head Island and how I need to go there every time I get a chance. But this time is different… this time I will tell you about how my daughter moved to California two weeks ago and is already asking me when I am going to come and see her place. Off to the sunshine, is where I want to go!

  5. Hi Kierste! You just make everything sound possible! I am definitely road-tripping to Hastings, Ne. to see my sweet grand baby, daughter, and son-in-law. Hopefully there’ll be a short trip to our beautiful mountains as well. Next summer is our 30th anniversary, so that luggage will be packing my swimsuit for Mexico! Thanks!

  6. My husband & I will be going to Sonoma, CA in July. I love to bring different shoes as well, but they’re usually the first thing to go when everything doesn’t fit. This suitcase sounds perfect! My shoes & I thank you for the chance to win one :D

  7. I would send the luggage to Spain with my daughter next year! Her Spanish club is going and this would be perfect!!

  8. I don’t have a fily of four to pack for but my daughter is getting married and I have to travel to Boston to do wedding prep and then up to New Hampshire to see the venue. Plus I have to pack all the wedding samples I have made to show her! Hoping I can fit it all into one suitcase. Hate paying those extra plane charges.

  9. Our first stop this summer is the beach, so that would be the first place this piece of luggage would go.

  10. I would love to take my luggage to Williamsburg, Virginia to see my old co-workers and to Oak Island, North Carolina for my beach vacation!

  11. We are going to visit our Daughter, SIL and Grandchildren in July–this would be a great piece to use…

  12. We do most of our traveling during the summer as my husband is a school principal. We have a few trips planned this year–biking in the Black Hills of South Dakota, river running in Colorado, camping in Utah, visiting family in Spokane and visiting family in Cleveland. With two little boys we always need new and improved luggage!

  13. I have several trips planned for this summer. the biggest trip is grandchild #21 will be born!!! I need this!!! LOL…. thanks for the chance…

  14. We are headed to the beach and our current luggage is ready to be retired. Would love some new ones!

  15. We don’t have any big vacations planned since we just did Orlando this year, but would love to take some new luggage to visit my brother in Georgia.

  16. On the epic rv road trip adventure I’m taking with my 7 year old daughter and parents this summer

  17. Wow – Impressed! That sounds really great. We are headed to Montana for the summer and a suitcase that this would be wonderful. What an exciting giveaway!

  18. I feel like I have to pack so many bags for me and my two babies. Would love this for the stay when visiting grandma.

  19. I would love a piece of luggage since mine is falling apart, but we don’t have any trips planned right now. My husband is in school and we are stuck here for the summer, but when he gets out of school he has promised me a cruise. So hopefully I will be able to take a new piece of luggage on that cruise!!

  20. Intriguing. We may end up moving out of country at the end of the summer; free luggage would be awesome!

  21. Well I just got back from Mexico so we won’t be going on a trip for a while, but our next vacation is probably to Disneyland. :)

  22. I go with my daughter to anime conventions around the US and we could really use a new suitcase for our trips. Coming up in August we have two trips – Baltimore and Dallas, and this suitcase would be perfect for that.

  23. I would love to take a trip to Disney World in Florida. But that would be a super long trip for us and our car is small, so to pack more compact would be very helpful.

  24. Planning on visiting my friend in Massachusetts. In the fall. Its gonna be Amazing . Great suit case Thanks

  25. we’d take it to visit my husband’s sister! the first family of his to move to the states for the whole 8 years he has been living here!

  26. Anywhere! Although I would love to visit DC again. We went a few years ago, before kids, and there were several museums closed for renovation. I need to go back to see them. And I love that so many things are free to get into there!

  27. I would take it everywhere! We do a lot of traveling and go back and forth to Oklahoma frequently! It would get lots of use! Thanks for the chance!

  28. We would use it to take our kids to Disneyland for the first time, and also for my husband’s business trips. Thank you.

  29. i would go see my best friend in california. i miss her so much and i hate her being on the whole other side of the country and would LOVE to come vist her and have a much needed girls weekend :)

  30. I had an atlantic suitcase. I just recently had to toss it due to the zipper breaking, but i had it for 18 years and i loved it!!!

  31. I would definitely head to the San Francisco area, especially wine country. Such a beautiful place with amazing food!

  32. I would love to win this for my newly graduated daughter who is going to be dancing with a
    Christian dance company and she will be doing a lot of traveling.

  33. We go to Florida almost every year; however, we never have the right equipment when we pack up our clothes. This would be the perfect solution for our next Disney vacation!

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