Peanut Butter SURPRISE Cookies

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We are such a cookie family, and we usually make them once a week (okay, sometimes twice).  These Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies are a spinoff of our most favorite peanut butter cookies!

Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies |

 I usually use chocolate chips in this recipe, but thanks to a bunch of leftover Reese’s PB Cups, we have a new favorite to add to the list! Seriously, you will be SO happy that you have this recipe, because it’s simply the best peanut butter cookie I’ve ever had.  For reals.  It’s the perfect consistency–soft and thick on the inside, with a little crunch on the outside, thanks to a little roll in granulated sugar before baking. The chocolate is the best complement, and adds a creamy richness.

My kids LOVED the surprise in the middle of these cookies!!  They look pretty normal on the outside after they’re baked, and so my kids had no idea what was in store for them when they took a big bite.  SO yummy!  They were a huge hit, and we’ll most definitely be making this version again.  If you don’t have peanut butter cups, definitely try these with the chocolate chips.  Okay…try it both ways.  ☺

They are DEE-licious!!!

Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies |


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8 thoughts on “Peanut Butter SURPRISE Cookies

  1. We had the missionaries over for dinner so I made these this afternoon with my boys. First of all, great recipe for little helpers (unwrapping candy and sugar rolling) and second….they were DELICIOUS! It may be better if I didn’t know about this recipe, lol! Thanks so much for sharing and for making it so easy to print the recipe. On a REALLY random side note, I love your posts about organizing so I wondered if I could ask you some organizing advice on some of my trouble areas? How do you handle all of the “treasures” kids bring home (ie birthday goodie bags, little prizes, kid’s meal toys, etc). Also any tips on storing boys dress up clothes, large trucks, and Legos? I know, so random!

    1. Yay!!! SO glad you loved them too! And yes…it’s perfect for little helpers. :)

      I do have a system for kids’ “treasures”. I actually posted about it a couple of years ago, and it still works. I got them each their own clear, plastic storage box/drawer, fancied it up a little, and then told them they could keep anything that fit in that box. If it gets too full, they need to clean it out. It looks nice and neat in a room or closet, and they still feel like they can keep whatever they want. Get whatever size you like!! Here’s the link:

      As far as toys go–large trucks and legos–I LOVE the large plastic tote buckets (the really strong, durable ones) with the rope handles. You can get them at Walmart for $5. They’re perfect for large trucks, legos, and anything else! I use them for all of our toys, and we built shelves to stack them on. They’re super durable, hold a lot, and look cute. I cut vinyl for the front of them, so I could label what was inside. Dress-up clothes I keep in a big wood chest that’s divided into thirds–clothes, accessories, hats, etc. It doesn’t have a lid, making it accessible for kids, and easy to clean up.

      Anyway, I hope that helps!!! Have a great day!!! xoxo

      1. I’m sorry I never thanked you for your last response to my questions. I appreciate it SO much! With my husband off work for Labor Day we’re attempting some play room overhaul :). I wondered if you have a picture anywhere on your blog of those buckets on shelves?? Just trying to visualize and show my husband as he wants to build some shelves. The buckets are pretty big right? Is it hard for the little ones to get them on and off?

        1. Labor Day is a great weekend for…Labor. :) I found a picture of the shelves in this post:

          It will give you a better visual of what I’m talking about. The buckets are good-sized, but I have some on the floor, and some on the first shelf up. I put lighter items in the toys on the shelf, and heavier items in the buckets on the bottom. I had to switch it around a few times to get the perfect mix, but we worked it out. If they really want something down that they can’t get, I’ll get it for them. I don’t mind, because then I can encourage them to pick up the toys they have out before getting something else out! :)

          Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions!

          1. Thanks for such a quick response! So helpful to see the picture. We bought some buckets, did some organizing/measuring and my husband is excited to build shelves! Thank you SO much! Now I just need to cut some vinyl lettering on my silhouette for the first time :).

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