Polka Dot and Striped Flag

It's the 10th of June which means another fabulous themed roundup from this talented bunch of bloggers! This month's theme is POLKA DOTS, one of my favorite things. I loved the Striped & Polka Dot Pumpkins I made last fall so much, I just knew I had to make a flag version!

 Polka Dot & Striped Flag | simplykierste.com

This is seriously the easiest project, plus it's super cute, and inexpensive! If you're looking for an easy way to add to your patriotic decor, this is it!

 Polka Dot & Striped Flag | simplykierste.com

Here's how you can make your own!


-4x4 wood post, cut into three 6 inch pieces

-red, white and blue spray paint

-vinyl dots or round stickers (mine are 1 inch)

-frog tape or painters tape

-medium grit sandpaper or power sander


1.  Cut your 4x4 wood post into three pieces, all 6 inches tall.

2.  Spray paint one of them white, the other two red. Let dry completely.

3.  Add your vinyl dots (I used my Silhouette to cut out 1 inch circles) or round stickers to the white piece in a polka dot pattern.  Use the frog tape to create stripes on the two red pieces.  Start at the top (so the red stripe will be on top.) Depending on the size of your tape, you may need to overlap a couple of pieces to get the right spacing.  To make four even stripes, I added one strip of tape, then another piece of tape in the middle of the first one, so it became 1 and 1/2 pieces of tape.  I left a red space that same width, then repeated the tape. The bottom space should then be the same as the other stripes.  I repeated the process on the second red wood piece, and I lined it up with the first piece, to make sure that they were the same.

4.  Once all the dots and tape are on, spray paint the white piece navy blue, and spray the red pieces white.  Let dry completely.

5.  Remove all the tape and dots, then use your sandpaper or power sander to distress the the paint. I like mine pretty distressed, and to let that bottom color of paint show through, but if you like less sanding, that's okay too!  Wipe off all the excess dust.

6. Tie on twine or ribbon to the polka dot piece, and you're set!!!

 Polka Dot & Striped Flag | simplykierste.com

I love it!

Polka Dot & Striped Flag | simplykierste.com

Each month I love seeing how each blogger takes the theme and runs with it... and this month is no different. Such fun projects, including summer ideas, patriotic food and decor, and more! You can find all the links below...make sure you stop by and say hello!Polka Dots Theme 10 for 10 Roundup

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  1. And I thought I loved your 2×4 flag….this is even cuter!!!! Thanks for another GREAT idea!

  2. So cute! Love!

  3. Very cute Kierste! You always rock the wood crafts!

  4. I was just thinking last night what I could make for the 4th with 4x4s like I did for the pumpkins I did from your site!! These are perfect. Thanks!

  5. So cute, Kierste!! xo

  6. Pinning it! I’m always looking for something different to brighten our home over a holiday weekend. This is perfect and so easy!

  7. These are so cute and simple! I love this idea! Pinning!

  8. Heather Moore says:

    Super cute! I made them and I love them! Thank you so much!

  9. That is such a cute idea, I wish I would have found these before the fourth of July.

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