Thanksgiving Made Easy with T-fal & Zabada + a GIVEAWAY!!!

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This post was sponsored by T-Fal and Zabada.  All opinions are 100% mine.


My kids LOVE mashed potatoes.  The real ones. They beg me often to make them, but I don’t usually have time on a weekday to make them with our busy afternoon/evening schedules. So…they have always been “Sunday Potatoes” at our house, because Sunday has pretty much been the only day we have enough time to make them.  Until now.

I had the opportunity to try a T-fal Clipso Pressure Cooker.  I’m not kidding–it has been life changing for me!  I’ve seen and heard about pressure cookers, but I have to admit, they’ve always made me nervous. Even so, I anything that has the potential to make my life easier, and speed up the meal preparing process, I’m totally willing to try, so I did!

T-fal Calipso Pressure Cooker |

Would you like to guess how long it took to make mashed potatoes?  Peeling, cooking, and mashing?  FIFTEEN minutes!  It’s true!  Admittedly, I was very skeptical when I placed the potatoes in the pressure cooker, closed the lid, and set the timer for 7 minutes. When that timer went off, and I opened the lid, I half expected the potatoes to still be hard, but they weren’t.  They were perfectly, fork-tender, done. So, counting the peeling (about 5 minutes), the cooking (7 minutes), and the mashing (3 minutes), you’ve got 15 Minute {From Scratch} Mashed Potatoes!

Thanksgiving is this week, and if your house is like my house, the mashed potatoes are the most popular item on the table.  No matter how many we make, we never have enough.  They usually take a long time to make, and with everything else that has to be prepared, it’s not always easy to get everything on the table at the same time.  We’re also in temporary housing this year, so we have limited space. This could not be more perfect timing!  Not only will Thanksgiving be made so much easier, but my meal preparation in the future.  I am a happy girl, and I can’t wait to try so many more things!

As far as actually working with the pressure cooker went, I was really nervous at first, and I pored over the directions several times to make sure I knew what I was doing.  The knobs, the steam, all the little details…I wanted to be absolutely sure.  I was very impressed by the directions that came with it, and the step-by-step process was laid out very clearly.  I followed each step as directed, and it all went well. Now that I’ve done it a few times, I can see that it will just get easier and easier.  It also came with a cookbook, and all the recipes detail out how long to cook it, and what the order is for what you need to do. Overall, I would rate it an 8 out of 10.  The one downside for me is that I have a large family (eight of us), and it just barely made enough mashed potatoes for one meal.  That said, the fact that I could have real, from scratch mashed potatoes in fifteen minutes?  And so many other things made so much faster, like soups, meats, and even desserts?  A total winner in my book!

T-fal Calipso Pressure Cooker |

T-fal Calipso Pressure Cooker |

More details…

The T-fal Clipso is a 6.3 QT. stainless steel pressure cooker that takes the guesswork out of using a pressure cooker. Ideal for the home cook with a busy schedule, the T-fal Clipso allows users to prepare elaborate and impressive meals very quickly and safely. Featuring a unique one-hand system, the T-fal Clipso allows users to open and close the lid using only one hand and a steam release valve that controls steam release for added safety. The durable stainless steel construction guarantees an extended lifespan and is dishwasher safe, excluding the gasket and pressure valve. You can find them at Macy’s retailers and online!


Thanksgiving dinner is yummy, but it creates a huge mess. Which makes me crazy. I love cleaning products, and discovering things that will make clean-up easier.  Along with the pressure cooker, I was excited to try the Zabada Cleaning Handy.

Zabada Cleaning Handy |

What is it? The Zabada Kitchen Handy features two advanced microfibers – a “Grease” side for removing grease from ovens, rangehoods and cooking appliances and a “Grime” side, with light scouring patches, for removing food residues and light grease with no chemicals, just water! 

It has two sides that do two different things…

·         “Grime” side surface tackles: sinks, benches, appliances, baking trays, pots and pans

·         “Grease” side surfaces tackles: stove tops, inside your oven, range hood and pots (on a cool surface) 

 I put it to the test on my stovetop, which gets SO dirty, especially prepping for Thanksgiving dinner–things boil over, spill, and it’s generally a mess that has to be cleaned up more than once along the way.

I wanted to see if it would really work with JUST water.

Zabada Cleaning Handy |

Zabada Cleaning Handy |


It did work, and beautifully.  I cleaned the stovetop with no cleaner–just water!  Don’t get me wrong–it didn’t magically come off with a swipe of my hand, and I had to scrub it off, but usually I would have to use a lot stronger to remove it.

I’m kind of in love with it, actually.

·         Zabada fiber clean technology cleans cooktops and baking dishes, as well as spot-cleans dishes, baking trays, and pots and pans just using water!

·         This chemical-free cleaning solution uses only water to remove grease, baked-on grim, and 99.9% of bacteria!

·         Replaces and outperforms disposable scourers and store-bought microfiber cloths

·         Lasts 2 to 3 years, saving money and reducing waste

·         Zabada’s wet-wipe-dry system cuts cleaning time and eliminates the need to purchase chemical cleaning products

·         Perfect for spot-cleans, along with grease and grime build up cleans

·         Machine washable

 So…I’ve got two major items in my court this Thanksgiving, one for cooking, and the other for cleaning! I’m set! I also see a lot of Mashed Potatoes in our future. :)

AND…one lucky Simply Kierste reader is going to win a T-fal Clipso and a Zabada Cleaning Handy! Wahoo!!  Just follow the directions in the box below, making sure to read all terms before entering.  Good luck!!

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7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Made Easy with T-fal & Zabada + a GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway! I neglect to buy things for the kitchen, this would be great!

  2. I would love to win this cooker…it sounds like a shorter time, to make mash potato’s an tastes good too! Anything to help a woman a shorter time, to fix, an cook for a family, is a miracle! An especially if,;it makes your life, easier….Happy Thanksgiving to all! An GOD BLESS ALL! I will keep my fingers crossed to see if, I win…..haha. Thanks! Vivian Gentry….


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