Simply Tradition BOOK GIVEAWAY!!

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UPDATE:  Winner listed below!!!

Guess what?  My book is just a week away from being published! To celebrate, I’m giving away a copy to one of YOU!! Wahoo!!

Simply Tradition Blog Tour & Book Giveaway |

This journey has been such an incredible one for not only me, but my entire family. I can’t believe I started the process nearly two years ago!  When I started writing, it seemed like such a long time before it would actually be published, but here we are!  It seems like forever, but just yesterday, all at the same time.

I loved every minute of it, even the crazy moments when my kids were eating cereal for dinner (again), and I was holed up in the library writing and editing photos.  I appreciate the entire process, and everyone that was involved to bring this about.  I learned so much, and I’m really, really grateful for the opportunity I was given.

What’s inside?  70 fun and easy holiday ideas for families, with recipes and printable to go along with them! They’re perfect for any size and shape of family, plus grandparents and extended family.  They’re simple, but SO fun! Join my family and me as we share our favorite holiday traditions with you! It’s perfect for your own family, plus it makes an AWESOME gift for the holidays, weddings, baby showers, and more!


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Some of your other favorite blogs will be reviewing my book and doing giveaways over the next weeks, including Tater Tots and Jello, Craftaholics Anonymous, Six Sisters’ Stuff, Or So She Says, and Gingersnap Crafts.  Make sure you stay tuned to their blogs as well!

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To pre-order the book now, or purchase on the October 11th release date, head on over to Amazon!

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About Simply Kierste Design Co.

Kierste is a blogger who shares her love of all things DIY. She is the mother of six, and focuses on simple ideas and projects to make a house a home! When she's not chasing around two sets of twins, a teenager, and a baby, she's working on a project, training for her next race, reading one of her favorite books, or baking something with chocolate in it.

89 thoughts on “Simply Tradition BOOK GIVEAWAY!!

  1. Decorating the Christmas tree with my family! Cookies, hot chocolate and Christmas music-doesn’t get any better than that!

  2. My favorite tradition is attending midnight mass on Christmas Eve – so beautiful and so meaningful.

  3. When I was a child, my parents decided that we would have one holiday just to ourselves, no running to either side of the families or friends to visit. So we picked Thanksgiving. Well, we had to figure out something to do to fill the time while we waited for dinner to cook. So we started making ornaments for our Christmas tree. Every year after that we started going to local church bazaars and looking at their craft ideas. We’d buy 4 of an item and deconstruct it, leaving one in tact. That way we knew what we needed to buy to make it, and what it should look like when we were done. We did that for about 20 years. My parents still decorate their tree in nothing but those ornaments.

  4. In an attempt to get some extra sleep, we told our kids they could watch as much TV as they wanted on New Years Day. It stuck, and now it’s their favorite day of the year :)

  5. One crazy Christmas Eve my parents were so busy my Mom decided she was not cooking dinner and we would have pizza. To make it special she served it by candlelight on our best dishes. It is now our families Christmas Eve tradition. Those that are close by get together at Grandma’s house for pizza by candle light on china and siblings that live far away continue the tradition in their own homes. It is awesome to know that everyone in the family is keeping the same tradition on Christmas Eve!

  6. For every “5th year” birthday I travel somewhere with my niece & nephews…. Some years it’s a day away, some years it’s a long weekend, but it’s always someplace they’ve never been before. It gives us some time to bond, have fun and make fun memories that are special to just us.

  7. I love, love, love going to chop down our family Christmas tree. As a child our tree was always artificial. Several years ago my husband and I decided to get a real tree. I’ll never go back!! (and it doesn’t hurt that I get to see my hubby’s mad lumberjack skills in action ;) )!

  8. My favorite tradition is every year at Christmas we have a goofy, fun game that we play with the whole family. It may be the “right” “left” game, a Chinese gift exchange, white elephant exchange, Christmas themed questions and answers game or whatever. Pinterest has a LOT of great ideas for this tradition. Everyone, young and old alike looks forward to this.

  9. I love traditions! They help a family stay close, for sure. I have many favorites, but one them has to be celebrating half-birthdays. We don’t do anything terribly exciting but the “birthday” person gets to choose their favorite ice cream and share it with the family! They love it!

  10. On birthdays we have birthday cake for breakfast and open presents right after! This tradition started years and years ago bc my husband used to teach night classes and it was so hard to wait for him to come home so the kids could finally celebrate. It was nice bc mornings were the only time we were all togther. Now my older kids wake up much earlier than the younger ones, but no one minds getting up early for birthday cake! :) and all my kids like telling their friends about it. I’m sure we get a parenting side eye from some people- but we love it! It makes for such a fun start to the day not mention the memories!

  11. One of my favorite holiday traditions would have to be watching my children get excited about opening their Christmas Eve gift. I started this when they were very little. They are now 16 and 13 years old and they still get super excited about it. They get to open it on Christmas Eve morning and it is usually new pajamas or a new game for their WII or something else I think they might like. After 10 years, it is still something they look so forward to!

  12. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas stockings (my mom is an awesome stocking filler- even now that her kids are adults!) and playing games with family.

  13. Having friends and family over on Christmas Eve, and all of us going to Candlelight Service at our church.

  14. My favorite holiday tradition is creating special Christmas treats for family and special friends.

  15. My favorite holiday tradition was doing a Merry Christmas play with my sisters where each letter stood for something and then reading The Last Straw and finding out who we would be our secret person to serve for the Christmas season.

  16. Every year I put an ornament in my kids stockings. They love hanging their own ornaments on the tree and I love the memories of all the great Christmas times.

  17. One of my favorite Christmas traditions has always been to.sprinkle “reindeer food” (oatmeal +glitter) on our yard on Christmas Eve. First my children loved doing it, now it is so much fun with our grandchildren!
    I look forward to reading your new book and maybe finding some new traditions to begin. Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve we try to go sledding as a family (if there is snow) and then we have soup for dinner, watch a Christmas movie, exchange our sibling gifts, receive Christmas pjs, and then read or watch the Christmas story. My favorite!

  19. This is so great for you Kierste! I’d love to win since I love all your cute ideas. Can’t wait for the book!

  20. My favorite tradition was when my mother and father were still living. Our family would gather on Christmas Eve to have our family Christmas meal, the sounds of children playing, the smells of the food cooking, the adults laughing. After the meal the children grew very excited about getting to open gifts from Mema and Granddad, but before that could happen, my mother (Mema) would read the Christmas story from the Bible. Everyone sat very quiet and still listening to her voice read about our Savior’s birth. Mema and Granddad are no longer with us, and the children have all grown up with kids of their own now. It was such a beautiful time for me and my siblings.

  21. We go to our church services on Christmas Eve, admire the Nativity Scene and sing carols — take the long way home to admire lights and decorations, then head home for a simple supper and decorating cookies for Santa in our PJs.

  22. Every year on New Year’s Eve we make a new memory jar….Then we read what was put in the memory jar for that year…Makes for a fun evening!

  23. I always decorate the house for the kiddos on holidays, so my fave tradition is to hit the stores after and get the decor on clearance. I let the kids do the window clings so i bet that is their favorite. Going through the bucket of stuff is fun because they get so excited. Oh yeah and doing themed holiday shirts/outfits. Its like an all year tradition because it seems there is a holiday every month!

  24. I love opening Christmas presents with my own family. It is so nice to have some quiet, peaceful family time during the crazy holiday season!

  25. How exciting! This has been wonderful year for you! …new home, published book! Way to go! It is so hard to choose a favorite tradition. With the kids grown and on their own now, I treasure time spent as a family so much more. I love just being together, cooking, baking, and playing games.

    Your blog has inspired me so much over the years and I know your book is filled with wonderful things. Thank you for a chance to win.

  26. Congratulations on the release of your new book, Kierste! How exciting! My favorite holiday tradition is creating and mailing out our Christmas cards and decorating our home for the holidays. It’s something I look forward to all year. :o)

  27. Crepes, or rolled pancakes as my family calls them, filled with fruit and whipped cream on Christmas morning.

  28. We have a countdown to Christmas, an Advent calendar in which the kids open clues to what we will do that day; watch a new movie, go to a live Nativity scene, go look at lights or make cookies!

  29. Last year I finally finished the last of the homemade Christmas stockings for my four grandsons. My new tradition to start this year is to get each of them a stocking stuffer to put in it.

  30. I love so many of our holiday traditions, but my favorite has to be baking dozens and dozens of cookies and delivering them to our friends, who are more like family. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  31. Every year we make gifts for our neighbors and we deliver them on Christmas Eve. It’s always a fun time to catch up with them and drop off a few goodies.

  32. Taking the time to create a delicious meal then enjoying my friends and family enjoy while having great conversations.

  33. My favorite tradition is setting up my Dept 56 Dickens village at Christmas time. I inherited most of my pieces from family members that are no longer with us so setting up the houses brings a tiny piece of them into our home for the holidays.

  34. A few years ago, we started a Christmas gift exchange with our kids, as we have 5 kids, and now a daughter-in-law. The kids are old enough now to draw names & pick out a gift for one person. That way, they can get one more substantial gift. and it requires them to really think about that person.

  35. When our first child was born we went to a work Christmas party and needed to bring a gift for her. Our turn came to see Santa and our 6 month old received her gift. It was pj’s. she is now 29 and we still have that same tradition. Anyone who stays with us on Christmas Eve has a present waiting for them in front of our tree. Anyone! (My brother surprised us one year with his wife and 3 daughters on Christmas Eve day around 11:00 am, they had pj’s waiting.) Now our tradition has grown in those 29 Christmases to include candlelight services, a family get to gather, Happy Birthday, Jesus party and new pj’s all in one evening! And wouldn’t have it any other way

  36. Decorating our Christmas tree with our kids and hanging each person’s new ornament for the year, then starting our 25 Days of Christ Bible/Book of Mormon reading and the reading the first one of our Christmas picture books.

  37. Taking all day to unwrap presents so we can enjoy and spend time with out children. We do stockings then a big breakfast. After, we unwrap a few more. Maybe take a nap or watch a movie. Then we do some more. At the end our precious day, we close with a Christmas devotional. Love being with my family.

  38. My favorite holiday tradition is gathering all of the generations at my mom and dad’s place on Christmas eve for dinner and then sitting all crammed together in the living room around the softly lit tree as my dad reads from Luke 1….it is so very precious to me- I have enjoyed that for 47 years and pray I get oh so many more with those precious ones!! Your book looks great-thanks for the giveaway!

  39. Two of my favorite traditions are singing Christmas carols around the piano with friends one night in December and our special Christmas Eve dinner we eat every year. I love traditions and I can’t wait to read your book!

  40. Baking Christmas treats with my mom, sister and kids 😊 listening to carols allllll day every day in December 🎄

  41. Our family went caroling in 4 part harmony to all our friends at Christmas. Now each year my little family still goes home and does caroling with my parents. I also love opening presents one person at a time so that we can see what everyone received and from whom.

  42. My favorite tradition for the holidays is our matching pj’s we get every year and then baking Christmas cookies on Christmas eve. Also, every year we watch White Christmas about a million times!!

  43. My favorite tradition is on Christmas Eve we have a nice dinner, then play games and read the Nativity then bed we get to open over gift.

  44. The day after Thanksgiving we always decorate a Gingerbread House. It is a nice way for the kids to spend time with their grandparents. We make hot chocolate and start “really” thinking about the upcoming Christmas holiday.

  45. I Kierste! I’ve been following you since the beginning of your blogging adventure. I will be getting your book on Amazon if I’m not a winner! My favorite holiday tradition is having our whole entire family over for Christmas Eve to celebrate old traditions and embrace new ones.

  46. Our favorite family tradition is opening up all the family Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve and then Christmas is Santa presents. Kids love the fun through the 2 days and then at the end of it we have some sweet memories and time spend together as a family.

  47. I remember a favorite Christmas Eve tradition when our children were at home. After attending Christmas Eve service we would head home to decorate the cutout cookies with frosting and various sprinkles! Each of the kids would make one or more “masterpieces” which were quite interesting! Any overnight family members also participated. Great memories!! Can’t wait to find all of your new ideas in your book to do with our grandchildren!

  48. I hope to win!

    I love making and eating all of the special candy, treats and food during the holidays.

  49. We love making sugar cookies for each major holiday. My kids can’t wait to do it for Halloween already!

  50. The first Christmas show we watch is White Christmas while snuggled under blankets with the fireplace going and drinking hot chocolate. My girls are 22 & 19 and they still look forward to the tradition.

  51. Baking and decorating sugar cookies in December with my kiddos. We usually invite friends or family to join us and everyone has a blast decorating and eating them!

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