DIY Kitchen Benches

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Months before we moved into Old Salt Farm I started searching for kitchen stools. Our plans called for a big island that would fit our six kids, and I wanted stools that would be good for them, plus fit my farmhouse style and our budget.  I ended up finding several stools I liked, but I just didn’t like them enough.  I started thinking about it some more, and realized that what I needed was a couple of kitchen benches instead of stools. Not only could I fit more kids on them, and based on previous experience, I knew they would be easier to clean than the individual stools we’d always had before. Plus, I could build them for a fraction of the cost, which in my book, is a win-win-win!

DIY Kitchen Benches |

I absolutely love our kitchen benches.  Like, I REALLY love them.  They’ve proven to be everything I thought and hoped they would be.  Super easy to clean, plenty of room for my kiddos to sit, darling farmhouse style, and cheaper than just about any other stool I found (and it adds up when you’re buying so many)!

DIY Kitchen Benches |

I’m going to show you how we made them, and give you a cut list plus plenty of pictures…after they were built.  I wish I had more process pictures to share, but we made these very quickly right before we moved, and it was just so crazy of a time.  We were living in an apartment, all of our tools in storage, and someone very kind let us use an empty workshop at a factory to build everything for our home.  But because we had to travel there, we rarely went together, and the pictures just didn’t happen.  However…it’s a pretty easy plan, and I hope with the pictures and the cut list you’ll be able to see what we did.

DIY Kitchen Benches |



4×4 posts:  22 in. (4)


2x4x35 (4)

2×4 x13 3/4  (2)


2x4x31 (2)

2x4x33 1/2 (1)

2x4x5 (4)


(affiliate links below)

Kreg pocket jig

stain (this is what I used)

-lint free rags

painters tape

-white paint (I used leftover wall paint)

sander (this is an awesome one!)

-medium grit sandpaper



-Start by building the “H” for each side:  the two legs, and the short piece in the middle and at the top.

DIY Kitchen Benches |

-Attach the two sides together with the long piece in the middle (that hooks into the bottom short pieces), and then the two pieces on each side at the top.

DIY Kitchen Benches | simply

DIY Kitchen Benches |

-Put the top together, then attach to the frame.

DIY Kitchen Benches |

Use a Kreg jig (Kreg Pocket Hole Jig System) to attach the pieces of wood to each other. If you don’t have one, get one. :)  Seriously, if you want to build anything from frames to furniture, it’s the best and easiest way to do it.  You can start out with one that’s only around $39 on Amazon, or check out your local hardware stores to see what their prices are.

After the benches were built, I stained them (Provincial by Minwax), then taped off the top, and painted the legs and frame white. Once the paint was dry, I used a power sander to distress the legs and frame. The finally step was to stencil numbers on to the top of the benches—1, 2, 3 on one, and 4, 5, 6 on the other one.  ( I used my Silhouette to cut out numbers, and then black spray paint.) My kids each have a number that goes on just about everything, including their “spot” on the bench! I also sanded the numbers a little so they were more faded and distressed.

DIY Kitchen Benches |

DIY Kitchen Benches |

DIY Kitchen Benches |

And you’re finished!

DIY Kitchen Benches |

DIY Kitchen Benches |

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  1. Super cute and I love that they can fit multiple kids. Have you considered simple baseboard trim around the island sides and back? It would finish it off so pretty. Thanks for sharing the plans.

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