Easy Tin Man Costume + 88 Easy Costume Ideas!

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It's almost October, and that means Halloween is on the horizon!! One of my favorite parts of Halloween is coming up with cute costumes for my kids.  So...I'm excited to tell you that I got together with 80+ blogging friends to bring you 80+ DIY Halloween costumes, including my super adorable and Easy Tin Man Costume! My little Jack-Jack was going as the Tin Man last year for Halloween, and I searched for quite awhile for a Tin Man costume for him.  I just wasn't in love with any of the ones that I saw, and didn't want to pay the price they were asking for them.  So...I decided to make one.  Problem? I'm not a seamstress.  Not a real one, anyway.  I can sew straight lines--give me basic … [Read more...]

{DIY easy & adorable ruffled burp rags}

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Yesterday I promised that I would post about the Silhouette project I was working on, and I'm excited to share it.  You all know that I'm about simple  details that can totally change the look of a project.  Well, today is a perfect example of that!  I purchased some plain white burp cloths, and wanted to "fancy them up" a little.  Using my Silhouette and sewing machine, and about an hour of time, I ended up with adorable ruffled burp rags! When I say easy, I mean EASY!  Sewing is not my forte (although it is my goal to get better!), but these require only one straight stitch down the middle of the ruffle.  Not only do I love the look of this particular ruffle style, but it's certainly … [Read more...]

{diy burlap stockings with crap i’ve made}

burlap stocking 1 copy

I have forever loved burlap Christmas stockings, and I decided now was the time to do it! Since sewing is not my best talent, lol, I knew exactly where to turn.  Char, my friend over at Crap I've Made, is a supremely talented seamstress, and she very kindly sent me a pattern and fabulous tutorial I could easily follow.  I LOVE LOVE how they turned out.  Simple, understated, and perfect.  I love this pattern because anyone can do it.  It uses the selvaged edge of the burlap for the top of the stocking, which gives it a nice looking finish without hemming...and easier, too!  The actual sewing is quick; cutting the burlap and interfacing will take you the most amount of time, but it's a … [Read more...]

Easy Ruffled Flag Tees

flag tee brown paper packages 1

I wanted to make a fun tee for my girls to wear on the 4th of July, and I needed it to be quick and simple.  I just had a couple more days before my sewing machine would be packed away, and I didn't have a lot of time to work on it.  So, I grabbed two spools of ribbon, some thread, and grey tee shirts I found at Walmart for $3.  Less than 30 minutes later, I had two darling shirts, ready to celebrate in! Okay, no judging here.  Lol.  I am by no means a seamstress, and I know that there are plenty of you out there that are.  So, please don't look too close at my stitches---I'm just happy that they look pretty straight! Just know that if I can do this, you can … [Read more...]

Handprint Aprons {Mother’s Day}

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Sometimes it seems like the years past faster than the days do, and capturing little handprints are like freezing a moment in time. When my oldest was small, I made an apron with his handprint on it for my dad for Father's Day.  I still LOVE seeing his tiny little hand on that apron.  ♥ This year it was grandmas' turn... I love how these Handprint Aprons turned out! This is an easy and super fun project---the hardest part will be trying to get the handprints in the right places with a minimum of wiggling! I love gifts that the kids can contribute to, and it created some really great family time. {SUPPLIES} canvas apron fabric paint (make sure it's washable!) fabric, matching … [Read more...]

Easy Ticking Pillow Ornaments

Ticking Pillow Ornaments | simplykierste.com

I love to make new ornaments to add to my tree each year, so when Waverly asked me to be one of their 12 Bloggers of Christmas and create an ornament using their products, I jumped at the chance. Since I'm currently obsessed with ticking, I chose Waverly Fabric in both a classic red and an adorable chocolate brown ticking. I combined it with some of my other favorite things--burlap, twine, and paint to make darling ticking pillow ornaments. Aren't they SO cute?  And super easy, seriously.  All straight stitches, and it goes so quickly. I was able to make all of these ornaments in an afternoon--just a couple of hours from start to finish! These would be darling gifts--personalized with … [Read more...]

{sewn coloring books}

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Running errands, traveling, and going places with little ones is a part of my life, and many of you can relate to that. I'm always looking for anything that I can do to help things go more smoothly, and make it easier when patience starts to wain. I've discovered that bringing special treats and activities is a huge contribution to any successful trip (and I use the term "successful" very loosely, lol). Having fun items that I can pull out of my purse or diaper bag is always a plus, and when I saw these books, I knew they would be the perfect thing, and decided to try my own version. They're not just for younger children, though. Do you have a child that loves to write? How fun to make … [Read more...]

DIY Ballet Bags

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My girls love their new ballet bags, and they're perfect for taking to their dance class. They've even used them other times, like small trips in the car, the library, or any other time they need to carry "their stuff". This is one of the first projects I ever made with my Silhouette, and it was a great first project. If you don't have a Silhouette, you can certainly use an iron on transfer design you like and fabric/heat 'n bond. ITEMS YOU NEED: canvas bag, or other fabric bag fabric, in two coordinating colors thread, notions Silhouette & heat transfer iron OR fabric, and heat 'n bond, and iron on transfer DIRECTIONS: First of all I want to say that … [Read more...]

{monogrammed tea towel aprons}

apron folded on table copy

Need another gift idea? You're going to love this one...it's fast, easy, inexpensive, and adorable! ..... My super cute and talented friend Stephanie made the most darling tea towel aprons for a gift this year, and as soon as I saw them (I can't resist anything monogrammed!)I knew I had to share! They are easy enough for even the most beginning sewer, and make such fun, personalized gifts for teachers, friends, or family. I can't wait to make a matching set for my girls and me! These are her directions: Monogrammed Tea Towel Aprons ITEMS YOU NEED: tea towel ribbon/ric rac coordinating fabric heat 'n bond DIRECTIONS: 1. Iron the tea-towel and fold in the top … [Read more...]



To help celebrate my baby boys' first birthday this past week, I knew I had to make them these super simple, but adorable appliqued onesies. My intention was to sew them on, but considering the ratio of my sewing skills and the time I had to make them in, I opted for wonder under only. There are two types of wonder under (or heat 'n bond). One is more heavy duty--meant for non-sewing projects. The other is lighter, so you can sew over it after it has been applied. I have heard that wonder under is better for the sewing projects, since it's less likely to gum up. You can purchase it at JoAnn's, or similar sewing store. If you've been afraid to try it, don't be! It really is very easy to … [Read more...]