From a mom of six: my must-have baby items

From this mom of six: my must-have baby items

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are 100% mine. If you are expecting your first baby, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all of the products out there, and all the choices available.  It's true--we have so many options, but it's nice to know which direction to head in first, and the items that are tried and true.  If you're on baby #2 or more, you've probably started your own list of favorites, but if you're like me, you're always curious to see if there is something out there that might change your life for the better. :) After having six babies, and a lot of trial and error, I've definitely learned which baby items are my favorite, and some I wish I would have known … [Read more...]

Personalized Baby Blocks

Personalized Baby Blocks |

A good friend of mine created the cutest baby announcement cross stitch project for each new baby that's come into their family, and they are proudly on display in her home. I love the idea of having a child's birth information displayed, so I created these darling personalized baby blocks--perfect as a baby gift for a new mom, or for your own child's nursery or room. This is a simple project with a fabulous finish! Aren't they so fun?  I think any new mom would love these baby blocks for her baby, and you can make them in any color scheme to match any nursery! Gray, pink, navy, orange, many options! I made these a couple of years ago, and used vinyl for al the … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Ruler Growth Chart

DIY Ruler Growth Chart |

I'm in charge of the Super Saturday Craft Day at our church this year, which is a big group of ladies getting together to make really fun crafts and projects. It's so fun for me, because it's two of my passions together---creating and talking.  ☺  One of the things I wanted to do this year was make a Ruler Growth Chart. LOVE them!! I've planned many of these, and when it comes to choosing projects for Super Saturday or any craft group, there are several things that I always consider: 1.  It can be totally completed in the time frame we have (what's worse than going home with unfinished projects that are just going to sit in your closet???) 2.  It's appropriate for all skill levels.  Not … [Read more...]

Striped growth chart

striped growth chart |

This post brought to you by FrogTape brand painter’s tape. All opinions are 100% mine. ----- I have been wanting to make a growth chart FOREVER. School is now in session, and fall is most definitely painting season, so I went for it! I love stripes, and I thought it would be a really fun way to divide the board into sections. I used our playroom colors, and I LOVE LOVE how it turned out! The truth is, stripes can sometimes be a little tricky. There is nothing worse than paint leaking out under your painters tape and creating an uneven line! It's happened to me when painting walls and other projects, and it makes me crazy. That's why we LOVE FrogTape painter’s tape at our house. … [Read more...]

Easy personalized Hershey kisses

Personalized Hershey Kisses |

Miss Caroline Elizabeth is almost here, and I really wanted something fun to give visitors at the hospital and at home when I had the baby--something small & simple, and with her name on it.  We've all seen Hershey Kiss stickers for every season & holiday, and I've always loved them, so I thought designing one as a tiny baby announcement would be PERFECT! I'm including a tutorial today that shows you how to make your own stickers--for any name you like. The idea came to me when I was in Michael's, and saw bags of Hershey kisses that said "It's a Girl" and "It's a Boy". I immediately fell in love with them, and knew adding her name to the bottom was exactly what I was looking for.  … [Read more...]

{DIY easy & adorable ruffled burp rags}

ruffled burp rags | simply kierste

Yesterday I promised that I would post about the Silhouette project I was working on, and I'm excited to share it.  You all know that I'm about simple  details that can totally change the look of a project.  Well, today is a perfect example of that!  I purchased some plain white burp cloths, and wanted to "fancy them up" a little.  Using my Silhouette and sewing machine, and about an hour of time, I ended up with adorable ruffled burp rags! When I say easy, I mean EASY!  Sewing is not my forte (although it is my goal to get better!), but these require only one straight stitch down the middle of the ruffle.  Not only do I love the look of this particular ruffle style, but it's certainly … [Read more...]



To help celebrate my baby boys' first birthday this past week, I knew I had to make them these super simple, but adorable appliqued onesies. My intention was to sew them on, but considering the ratio of my sewing skills and the time I had to make them in, I opted for wonder under only. There are two types of wonder under (or heat 'n bond). One is more heavy duty--meant for non-sewing projects. The other is lighter, so you can sew over it after it has been applied. I have heard that wonder under is better for the sewing projects, since it's less likely to gum up. You can purchase it at JoAnn's, or similar sewing store. If you've been afraid to try it, don't be! It really is very easy to … [Read more...]

{book on a ring}

quiet book henry front copy

Whether it be at church, in the car, sitting in the doctor's office, or running errands, these mini books made out of juice can lids are the the perfect thing to keep little hands busy. I am seriously thrilled with how they turned out! I chose to do a color book, and a little church book for my two baby boys, but really, the possibilities are endless. My next project is to make a mini-scrapbook with them...using pictures on one side, and text on the other----HOW DARLING! Hopefully I will have it done soon, so I can show you how it turns out. ITEMS YOU NEED: juice can lids, washed and dried ***For one book, I used 8 lids. That's only 4 cans of juice.*** mod podge and foam … [Read more...]

{ABC’s in a can}

can game--2 cans on armoire copy

About a month ago, I was able to share this tutorial over at Ucreate. I wanted to share it here with all of you, too! I just love to personalize things--I think it makes everything more fun! This project also has the components that are perfect for little ones...the thickness of the juice can lids is just right for their hands, and the clink when they hit the bottom of the can is sure to please. It's also easy to do, and can be finished in a day. What a fun gift! Here's how I did it! ABC's IN A CAN ITEMS YOU NEED: #10 can (you could even use a formula can--they are a little smaller, but it would work) 26 frozen concentrate lids (My plan is to make more for numbers 1-10, so … [Read more...]

{monogrammed taggies}

taggie front

Okay, okay. I know I am crazy about anything and everything monogrammed. It can automatically make anything ordinary into something special, and SO adorable. I made these taggies for my baby boys for Christmas, and the felt initial just makes it! I followed THIS tutorial. This is also a personal accomplishment--I am most definitely not a seamstress. After a rough go in my 8th grade sewing class, I figured it was not for me. Finally, last year I got a sewing machine, and although I have tried a few small projects here and there, this one definitely taught me some new things. Merry Christmas, babies! … [Read more...]