Footprint Stool

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I made this footprint stool four years ago, not too long into my blogging career.  To this day, it has remained one of my most popular posts, and I have to say, it's one of my favorites too.  I decided to update the post for a couple of reasons, but it was definitely time for better pictures.  ☺ It's amazing what you learn in four years!  I also wanted to share it with my newer readers, especially with Mother's Day coming up. I absolutely love this stool, and now that I've had another baby, I'm trying to figure out how to fit another footprint on there! I had a wooden stool that had been a staple in our house for years, but it was needing a little face lift. I thought of all the little … [Read more...]

{christmas mason jar gift set}

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This post was sponsored by Michael's.  All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone. ----- In addition to the in-store Michael's Pinterest party last weekend (and it was SO fun), I threw a Pinterest Party at my house this week for some of my friends, and we had a FABULOUS time!  I love the idea of getting together with friends for a party to create some of the things that you see on not just pin, but make it! I, of course, am a huge advocate for DIY projects, so this is exciting to me.'s so much more fun to craft and create with friends!  For my party, I went with a DIY gift theme, and decided on one of my favorite gifts to give, with a Christmas spin...a Christmas … [Read more...]

{juice can lid magnets}

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 Y'all know that I love simple projects--ones that don't take a long time, are easy to do, but are darling, all at the same time!  These juice can lid magnets fit the bill for each of those things, I love them! I have a large magnet board hanging above the kids' backpack hooks, and I really wanted and needed some magnets for it.  Enter in...juice can lids!  I've used them for so many projects, and I LOVE them.  These literally took less than 10 minutes to make--love that! These would be so cute in a locker, on a fridge or magnet board, or anywhere magnetic! Use photos instead of paper for an even more personalized look or gift.  I used ampersands, but you could also use initials--one … [Read more...]

{apple handsoap teacher gift…free printable included!}

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Every year on the first day of school we traditionally give the kids' teachers something "apple" as teacher gift.  We've done caramel apples, baskets of apples, and few other things.  This year I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, until I came across these yummy Farmstand Apple scented soaps at Bath & Body Works.  The result?  An apple for the teacher!!!   I know!! SO cute!  Any teacher would love to get this darling gift! Send it anytime the first week, or even as a fun surprise during the year. {supplies} -apple handsoap -printable (see download below) -white or cream cardstock -red cardstock -green cardstock or green patterned paper -hole punch -distress ink -bakers twine, … [Read more...]

{diy stenciled magnet blocks}

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 Hi, it's Michelle from Chalkboard Blue! I wanted to share with you some fun magnet blocks that you can make... They are simply cut from a long board of trim measuring 3 in. wide and are perfect to use on a magnet board or fridge. They are perfect for Back to School paperwork, pictures, etc... 1. Cut your blocks 2 in. tall.  They should already be 3 in. wide. 2. Glue a Magnet to back of each block. 3. Paint your blocks a color of your choice... 4. Cut Stencils  out of contact paper on a Silhouette Cameo or purchase already made stencils and place stencils on the blocks... 5. Paint colors of your choice to fill in the stencils... Remove your stencil and your … [Read more...]

{teacher gift idea…and the best hot fudge ever}

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Aaahhh!  Teacher gifts already?  This summer is flying by!  I first posted this hot fudge teacher gift idea almost three years ago, but I didn't include a printable, so I thought it was a good time to add one.  It's still one of my very favorite things to give...silky hot fudge in a mason jar, complete with darling paper and twine.  LOVE.  I'm not kidding.  This is the kind of hot fudge you just want to eat with a spoon. (Not that I have ever done that.)  Heck, who needs the ice cream? But when it's warmed up, and generously poured over vanilla ice cream, well, it will make your heart sing.  It makes such a yummy teacher gift, but can be given on lots of occasions.  For your neighbors at … [Read more...]

{keep calm and teach on…teacher bookmarks}

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It's the season for teacher appreciation and end-of-year teacher gifts!  At our school they do teacher appreciation for a full week, and I wanted to send in something small everyday, with something bigger on Friday.  I was trying to think of cute ideas that were also inexpensive, and I came up with these fun bookmarks...Keep Calm and Teach On! These are super easy to make, and perfect for any teacher! {supplies} -printable (see below) -white cardstock -ribbon -distress ink -hole punch -paper trimmer {directions} 1.  Download printable, and print onto white cardstock. 2.  Use paper trimmer to cut them to size (2x6). I use the polka dots at the bottom as a guide for the … [Read more...]

{footprint rug}

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I am in love with capturing my children's footprints and hand prints. Seriously {LOVE}. For Mother's Day this year, I made my mom a footprint rug for her kitchen, and it is ADORABLE. That tiny little footprint, next to all of her siblings?  Darling.  I can't stand it, it's so cute.  ☺ It's perfect.'s super easy!  I was SO excited when I came across this rug in the kitchen aisle at Target (only $8) last week, because I knew was going to save me a lot of time not adding the border myself.  It was exactly what I was looking for! The border frames the footprints perfectly, and the red makes the white lettering pop! {supplies} -kitchen rug (a plain color) -fabric … [Read more...]

Paper Sack Mother’s Day Card: a Child’s Q&A

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At my church, I get to work with the Primary children (kids aged 3-11), and I LOVE it. Mother's Day is just a few short weeks away, and this week I designed a super fun card that I think all their moms are going to love! I wanted to make a card where they could each express some favorite things about their mom.  I was talking to one of my best friends this week, and she reminded me of an idea that I have actually loved for a long fact, my oldest son wrote a card like it for me when he was in preschool, and it's one of my most treasured possessions.  Asking a child questions about their mom--some funny, others serious--and putting it all together in a cute package was just what I … [Read more...]

{over the rainbow} st. patrick’s day fun & free printable!

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Skittles are perfect for St. Patrick's Day...all those rainbow colors!  I paired them with one of my personal favorites, gold-wrapped Rolos for a super fun gift...for friends, neighbors, teachers, and more!  I also created a fun tag, and free printable, just for you!!! I save all of my Crystal Light containers, which I LOVE to re-use for all sorts of gifting and organizational purposes.  I love the lids, how easy the wrappers are to take off, their size & shape, and that they are see-through!  If you don't have any, or want something smaller, try a jelly jar, other small mason jar, or a baby food jar/container. I layered the candy starting with the Skittles first--in rainbow … [Read more...]