DIY personalized notepaper

DIY personalized notepaper | Perfect for Mother's Day, teacher gifts, and more! |

With Mother's Day coming up, and the end of school on the horizon, gifts for mom and teacher gifts are definitely on the mind.  I've got a really fun solution for you--for both of them! More than ten years ago, we made my mom personalized notepaper for Mother's Day.  It was a huge hit, and from that point on, it has been highly requested time and time again.  It is one of my favorite gifts to give for so many occasions and people--it makes an awesome teacher gift and it's perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, and even wedding and hostess gifts.  My sister served as a missionary for our church several years ago, and we made a set for her for one of her birthdays while she was … [Read more...]

DIY Recipe Binder with FREE Printables!

DIY Recipe Binder | Free Printables |

About ten years ago, I went through my stacks of cookbooks, and file of saved recipes I had printed or had received from others.   I took out all of our favorites, typed them up, slid them into sheet protectors, and put them into a binder. That Recipe Binder changed my life.  Yes, I know that sounds dramatic, but it's true.  It saved me so much time and effort when it came to cooking and menu planning, and at the same time streamlined and organized all of my recipes. The idea of a recipe binder is nothing new, and it's been around for a long time, but that says something right's still around because it WORKS!  I've had to change binders a few times over the years, and just this … [Read more...]

{turning a frame into a tray}

turn a frame into a tray |

Do you have an old frame that needs a makeover?  Or perhaps a you have one that you came across at a thrift store or garage sale that you love, but aren't sure what to do with?  I have a solution for that won't you take long, but that will give it a whole new look and purpose!!! I absolutely love turning frame into trays!  They're darling used as an actual tray, or as a base for a pitcher of flowers, like I have in the picture above.  It's seriously so easy, and you all know I'm about simple and inexpensive ideas! I love the idea of chalkboard paint on a tray...leaving cute messages on it when you're delivering breakfast in bed, or as part of your decor for the current holiday … [Read more...]

{diy stenciled magnet blocks}

diy stenciled magnet blocks |

 Hi, it's Michelle from Chalkboard Blue! I wanted to share with you some fun magnet blocks that you can make... They are simply cut from a long board of trim measuring 3 in. wide and are perfect to use on a magnet board or fridge. They are perfect for Back to School paperwork, pictures, etc... 1. Cut your blocks 2 in. tall.  They should already be 3 in. wide. 2. Glue a Magnet to back of each block. 3. Paint your blocks a color of your choice... 4. Cut Stencils  out of contact paper on a Silhouette Cameo or purchase already made stencils and place stencils on the blocks... 5. Paint colors of your choice to fill in the stencils... Remove your stencil and your … [Read more...]

Mason Jar Salt & Pepper Shakers

mason jar salt & pepper shakers |

My salt & pepper shakers bit the dust a few months ago, and even after looking and looking, I couldn't find anything I loved.  The ones that I had had looked just like mason jars, and I really loved them, so I decided to make my own!  Talk about EASY...this just might be the easiest project ever!  It only took a few supplies and about 10 minutes to make the most adorable Mason Jar Salt & Pepper Shakers!  I seriously LOVE them. They look so cute on the table, both indoors and out.  If you're entertaining, and need several sets of shakers, these are perfect, since they're so inexpensive, easy-to-make, and charming.  Think how fun a set of these would be for a wedding gift!! You … [Read more...]

{you’re special…birthday jar}

you're special birthday mason jar

One of my best friends in all the world had a birthday this week.  And not just any birthday...the big 30!!!!  I left her 6 months ago when we moved to Texas, and I was SO sad that I was going to miss this milestone. I knew I wanted to send her something to really celebrate this particular birthday, and let her know how special she is to me.  So...I made her a birthday jar! It's just a simple pint-size mason jar, but it's what's inside that really counts.  Tucked away inside the jar are 30 things (one for each year) about her that I love---special memories, characteristics, qualities, talents, and all those things that make a friendship what they are.  I thought it was the perfect way to … [Read more...]

{diy burlap stockings with crap i’ve made}

burlap stocking 1 copy

I have forever loved burlap Christmas stockings, and I decided now was the time to do it! Since sewing is not my best talent, lol, I knew exactly where to turn.  Char, my friend over at Crap I've Made, is a supremely talented seamstress, and she very kindly sent me a pattern and fabulous tutorial I could easily follow.  I LOVE LOVE how they turned out.  Simple, understated, and perfect.  I love this pattern because anyone can do it.  It uses the selvaged edge of the burlap for the top of the stocking, which gives it a nice looking finish without hemming...and easier, too!  The actual sewing is quick; cutting the burlap and interfacing will take you the most amount of time, but it's a … [Read more...]

{diy personalized mugs & dishes} great gift idea!

diy personalized mug and dishes

With the holidays quickly approaching (Thanksgiving is in 3 weeks???), it's the time for easy and simple gift giving ideas and decor projects.  How about personalized mugs for gift giving, and personalized dishes for serving, decor, and everyday use?  You won't believe how simple it is to do,  and they can both be done very inexpensively. I've been wanting to try the porcelain paint pens you can find at Michael's or other hobby stores that are made specifically for porcelain/ceramic dishes, and once cured, are dishwasher safe.  I finally tried it, and I LOVE it! I found these simple white bowls at the dollar store for $1 each a few years ago, and it was time for a little face lift!  I … [Read more...]

{mason jar drinking glass gift set}

mason jar gifts |

Last week I was invited to a bridal shower for two sisters that are getting married a month apart this summer, and I wanted to come up with a really fun gift for them. I thought they would be ones that would love the mason jars as much as I do, and I decided that I would make them each a mason jar drinking glass set, using the very box that they came in!!!  SO fun!!! This is an incredibly easy gift to put together, and it turns out SO SO cute! It will be a hit with whomever you give it to, whether it's for a wedding, housewarming, birthday, Christmas...anytime!  It's also very cost-effective--I made each set for less than $10!!!  Even though you can buy special mason jars, … [Read more...]

Handprint Aprons {Mother’s Day}

mother's day handprint apron |

Sometimes it seems like the years past faster than the days do, and capturing little handprints are like freezing a moment in time. When my oldest was small, I made an apron with his handprint on it for my dad for Father's Day.  I still LOVE seeing his tiny little hand on that apron.  ♥ This year it was grandmas' turn... I love how these Handprint Aprons turned out! This is an easy and super fun project---the hardest part will be trying to get the handprints in the right places with a minimum of wiggling! I love gifts that the kids can contribute to, and it created some really great family time. {SUPPLIES} canvas apron fabric paint (make sure it's washable!) fabric, matching … [Read more...]