Easy & Adorable Heart Ice Cubes

Heart Ice Cubes | simplykierste.com

I love things to be cute, but I'll admit I'm kind of impatient, and I don't always have a lot of time, so my favorite ideas are the simple ones! I absolutely adore these tiny red heart ice cubes, and they seriously take this glass of milk from boring to the cutest thing ever, and all it took was a minute or two of prep! Am I the only one who thinks anything tiny is even more adorable? These ice cubes would be darling for any special meal, including Valentine's Day. (My fourth grader pointed out to me today that they're technically not "ice" cubes, but calling them milk cubes didn't sound quite right! :) ) When they melt, they turn the milk pink, so it keeps the whole theme going even … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Game…Don’t Eat My Valentine!

Don't Eat My Valentine | Valentine's Day Game for Kids| simplykierste.com

One of our favorite family games is called "Don't Eat Pete".  We love to play it on Family Night, which we have once a week on Monday evenings.  It's a very simple but super fun game, and my kids especially love that they get candy. (Or mini marshmallows if I don't have any candy on hand!)  This week I'm helping with one of my kindergartner's Valentine's Day party, and I knew this would be a perfect Valentine's Day game! It's a simple game, but kids of all ages love to play it, so it works for any elementary school grade, plus kindergarten and preschool! My girls are in 4th grade, and they love it as much as my six year olds. How do you play? *Have the kids sit in a circle on … [Read more...]

Printable Bookmark Valentines

Printable Valentine Bookmark |Classroom Valentines | simplykierste.com

It's official...my kids' school is not allowing any candy Valentines this year.  They are totally and completely disappointed, but secretly I'm happy that we won't have quite as much candy coming home.  Don't worry about them--they will plenty of sweet treats--but I did need to come up with a non-candy valentine idea that wouldn't break the bank.  I created super cute Printable Bookmark Valentines, and I love that they are the valentine and the gift, all in one! These could not be easier--just print, cut them out, and fill in the to and from areas.  I'm going to laminate the ones we're making (my laminator is one of my favorite things!), but that's totally optional.  I also punched a … [Read more...]

Cupid Crunch Trail Mix

Cupid Crunch Trail Mix |Valentine's Day Snack| simplykierste.com

Can I tell you how much my kids love snacks?  Whether it's choosing them for their school lunches, raiding the pantry after school, or taking them on the go, they pretty much love them for every reason and in lots of different forms.  Around the holidays I like to come up with fun & easy snacks that make snack time a little more festive, and Cupid Crunch Trail Mix is a favorite for Valentine's Day! So adorable, right?  It's yummy, super cute, and the kids love it.  It's perfect for adding to school lunches, serving at class parties, as a preschool snack, or setting out in bowls at a Valentine's Day party. Best of all, you can customize it to include your favorite things! I … [Read more...]

Cherry Vanilla Float

Cherry Vanilla Float | Valentine's Day Drink | sinplykierste.com

At our house, we like ice cream pretty much any way it can be served, but one of our very favorites is an ice cream float.  There are so many yummy flavors that we love, but the lovely pink and white Cherry Vanilla Float is perfect with Valentine's Day right around the corner! Cherry and vanilla are a match made in heaven, and the pink and white are just right for all of your Valentine's Day celebrations and parties.  They're on my menu to serve to my family at our Valentine's Day, and my kids & hubby are going to love them! Best of all, they take just 1 minute to make, which make them perfect for when you need to make a bunch, or just one. In case you have a hankering for a … [Read more...]

Layered Heart Brownies

Adorable layered heart brownies | simplykierste.com

I kind of love Valentine's Day.  Okay, I big, fat, puffy heart Valentine's Day.  There are just so many fun things about it, and one of them is that I can use my heart cookie cutters as much as I want. Nothing is safe--I will cut out anything into the shape of a heart!  Isn't everything cuter like that?  Well, brownies were on the list this week, and I made the most adorable & yummy Layered Heart Brownies you've ever seen. I just love easy these were to make, and they look like I slaved all day!  They would be so perfect for any Valentine's Day party, or for serving to your own cute family on Valentine's Day. I made a favorite brownie mix (these are gluten-free for my … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Easy & adorable packaging idea for Valentine's Day | simplykierste.com

I love packaging gifts in a way that's simple, inexpensive, but totally adorable.  This darling Valentine's Day Gift Idea is all of those things, and it's perfect for giving to anyone on your gift-giving list this Valentine's Day. This post isn't so much about what's inside of the gift, because you can put anything you want in there!  Cookies, candy or other treats, lotion, cute soaps, gift card--they would all be perfect.  I'm going to tell you today about a simple and adorable way to package it all up! You don't need any special machines for this one--just a few basic supplies that I always keep on hand.  I really like being able to put a gift together quickly if I need to, … [Read more...]

Peek-a-boo Valentine Treat Jar

Valentine Treat Jar with free printable | simplykierste.com

Any excuse I can get to combine three things that I love--milk bottles, chocolate, and baker's twine--I take full advantage of it. These Valentine treat jars do just that, and they're the most darling way to tell someone "you're sweet". I just love the peek-a-boo heart that shows all those yummy Valentine M&Ms inside of there! (I always use the Peanut Butter kind...it's my favorite. Many innocent M&M's were consumed during the photo shoot. ) I love how simple they are to make, but they don't look like it!  They're super easy, and don't take long at all.  Let me show you how! SUPPLIES: -milk bottles (you could also use mason jars) -spray paint (red, pink, or … [Read more...]

A Valentine Tree {simple Valentine’s Day decor}

An adorable valentine tree, perfect Valentine's Day decor! | simplykierste.com

I'm going to have to have the most gigantic garage sale this summer when we move into our new house.  I can't tell you how many things I've bought or made to replace that very same or similar item that's in storage.  We even have two trampolines!  (The kids have big plans for them both...we'll see.)  It holds true for holiday decor, too, but with one major difference--I don't believe in having too much! I recently came across the most fabulous red and white striped pitcher, and being enormously obsessed with both red and stripes, I felt as if it was fate.  The best part? It was only $10!  It was a good day.  I had packed it away for next Christmas, but then I realized how perfect it would … [Read more...]

Heart Thumbprint Platter

Heart-shaped fingerprints on a serving platter make an adorable gift! | simplykierste.com

I can never resist a really cute serving platter, but when you add adorable little thumbprints, there really is nothing cuter! I absolutely adore my Heart Thumbprint Platter, and it makes me happy every time I look at it! So adorable, right? Not only is it darling, but it captures a moment in time that is so fleeting--it won't be long before their fingerprints will be bigger. I love it. It would also make the perfect gift for grandparents and anyone who loves your kids! It would also be super cute Valentine's Day decor--place it on a mantel, or the kitchen counter, on a shelf...anywhere! My six kids fit perfectly on this rectangular platter, but you could do round, square, … [Read more...]