Free Back to School Printables

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Okay, you guys, it's MOVING week!! The movers are coming today, and we will be on our way to the lovely state of New York! We are all just so excited to get there, start exploring the area, and find out all about the kids' new schools. The first day of school is always exciting at our house, and I created a set of darling free Back to School printables to add to that fun first of school picture. I had all ages in mind with these printables--super cute for everyone, but not too "young" for older kids.  Simple.  Adorable.  LOVE them!!  What I like to do is print each one that I'm going to use (I did orange for my boys, and pink for my girls), then laminate them and file them away. Then each … [Read more...]

Picture ABC Books

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One of my absolute favorite things to make for my kids is Picture ABC Books. I make them each their very own book, and it is most definitely a treasured possession. In their book, each letter of the alphabet is represented by a picture of them or someone in our family, so it's not a only a great way to reinforce the ABC's, but  also an adorable little mini memory book.  This month is my twin boys' birthday, and it's their turn for this very special gift! My kids LOVE to see themselves in pictures. We snuggle up on the couch or in their bed at night, and it doesn't matter how many times they've seen the pictures, they always ask me a million questions---what, why, where.  It's a piece of … [Read more...]

25+ BEST Board Books for Babies & Toddlers

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I am an affiliate with Amazon.  I have linked to these books for your convenience, and some of them are to Amazon. All opinions are 100% mine. ----- When I found out we were expecting our first baby, the very first thing I bought was a board book.  I love to read, and I couldn't wait to read to my own little one.  Over the years we've added kids and books to our family, and I'm excited to share our best board books with you! I love board books because they are so much heartier than other types of books. They get dragged around the house, tossed in the diaper bag, are brought on trips, stuffed in backpacks, read, and re-read thousands of times.  They might get scuffed up over the years, … [Read more...]

Don’t Eat Pete! A Simple & Fun Game for Kids and Families

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Our family has been playing Don't Eat Pete for years, and it has remained my kids' most requested game ever!  It's easy to play, making it perfect for even the youngest players, but fun enough for the oldest ones too.  Our copy finally bit the dust this past week, so I created a new one, and wanted it to share it with all of you!  The concept is simple.  Try to get as much candy as you can.  ☺ DIRECTIONS: Place a piece of candy on each picture. The first players turns their back, while everyone else chooses a picture to be "Pete".  When the player turns around, they point to one picture at a time, taking the candy that's on it, trying to avoid "Pete".  When they point to "Pete", … [Read more...]

10 Fun Summer Hairstyles for Little Girls!

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I like to "do" my girls' hair everyday. It's a ritual for us--they each come into my bathroom, and we talk while I do their hair for the day.  It's our time together, and one of my very favorite things. My girls have had short hair (a-line bobs) for most of their lives, so our routine has almost always included curling it or blowing it out.  Recently one of my girls has decided to grow hers out for ballet--it needs to be longer so it's easier to put back in a ballet bun, and I think she prefers long hair.  Her sister still loves short hair, and requests the same swing bob she's had since she was about a year old. Here in Texas. the summers are HOT and HUMID, and whether you're hair is long … [Read more...]

Sunday Scoops: Encouraging, Motivating & Rewarding a Child’s Good Behavior

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We go to church for three hours each Sunday, and the first hour is spent together as families.  When you're little (and even when you're big) it's hard to still still for that long, and being quiet at the same time.  I bring plenty for them to do, but the wiggles can set in, and helping them sit still can be a challenge. With six kids sitting next to each other, they also *might* be known to take their wiggles out on the person next to them.  To help motivate, encourage, and reward their good behavior, we use SUNDAY SCOOPS! I've learned that kids really respond to visual cues, and this does that--it shows them what they've earned, what they've lost, and they can more easily connect it to the … [Read more...]

Footprint Stool

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I made this footprint stool four years ago, not too long into my blogging career.  To this day, it has remained one of my most popular posts, and I have to say, it's one of my favorites too.  I decided to update the post for a couple of reasons, but it was definitely time for better pictures.  ☺ It's amazing what you learn in four years!  I also wanted to share it with my newer readers, especially with Mother's Day coming up. I absolutely love this stool, and now that I've had another baby, I'm trying to figure out how to fit another footprint on there! I had a wooden stool that had been a staple in our house for years, but it was needing a little face lift. I thought of all the little … [Read more...]

Washi Tape Chore Chart

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Families are a work in progress, aren't they?  It's all about trying to find what works--sometimes you hit it right on the head the first time, other times it takes a little bit of experimentation before it clicks.  When it comes to chore charts, I've been in that experiment stage for a little while, trying to find that one that "clicks".  What I've discovered is that we need EASY.  As in super easy. We also need it to be small, not take up too much space, have too many components, and not take very long to check things off.  When my kids get older, that may change, who knows, maybe we won't even need chore charts anymore, but for now...this is what's working. First of all, this took less … [Read more...]

{how to buy brand name clothes for kids on a walmart budget}

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As the mom of six kids, buying clothes can be EXPENSIVE!  I love finding and buying not only cute, but high-quality clothes that last, but I'm on a I'm sure you can all relate. Over the years I've figured out how to buy my favorite brand name clothes without breaking the bank.  It does take some work and planning, but it's totally possible.  I'm excited to share my strategies list, and hopefully it will help you save some money too! And before we continue--I have absolutely nothing against buying clothes from Walmart, nor am I saying that you shouldn't. I'm only using it for the purpose of comparing cost, since they are known for their low prices. Everyone has a different budget, … [Read more...]

15 Favorite Chapter Books & Series For Boys {ages 8-12}

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 I posted my 20 of my favorite girls' chapter books a few weeks ago, and now I'm excited to share my favorite chapter books and series for boys!  It's most definitely not just for boys (nor is my girls list just for girls), but these are books that generally appeal to boys. This age range is vital for boys and reading--it can really set the tone for how they feel about books going forward. I think the key is to find a series or genre that they can get into, and often it will take a few tries until you find one that clicks. Whether they like adventure, action, mystery, or fantasy--it's on this list!! I decided a long time ago that I would read the books that my kids were reading, so not … [Read more...]