Oatmeal scotchie cookie cups with butterscotch ganache

oatmeal scotchie cookie cups with butterscotch ganache | simplykierste.com

Classic Oatmeal Scotchies are so delicious, and one my family's favorite cookies.  The hearty oats combined with the smooth and rich butterscotch...can we just say perfection? This week I decided to take those same great flavors and ingredients and switch them up a little bit, and the result was absolutely divine.  I created a cookie cup with the dough, then filled the middle with a creamy butterscotch ganache that pretty much melts in your mouth.  They were a HUGE hit! Have you ever had butterscotch ganache? I don't hear about it as much as chocolate ganache, but let me just tell you, it is just as yummy!  It's made exactly the same way, but using butterscotch chips instead of … [Read more...]

5 minute snow ice cream

5 Minute snow ice cream | simplykierste.com

We live in upstate New York, and it's been a very cold and snowy winter.  With all the frigid temps and snowfall, we've had lots of time indoors, and today was one of those inbound days. I wanted to do something fun with the kids to break up the day, so I decided to make snow ice cream, and the kids absolutely loved it!  It's SO fast, and SO easy, and just a really fun winter activity...that you get to eat! After living in Texas for a couple of years, my little kids didn't remember snow ice cream, and they were absolutely fascinated by the whole thing.  They weren't sure how it was going to work when I told them what we were going to do, but it was sure an exciting process for them to … [Read more...]

Heart Chips & Salsa

Heart Chips & Salsa | simplykierste.com

Chips and salsa are a favorite at our house, and every once in awhile I make homemade tortilla chips. They're always a huge hit, so I knew that my kids would love this fun Valentine's Day snack of Heart Chips & Salsa! Aren't they adorable?  And they taste SO yummy! My kids gobbled them up and were asking for more within minutes.  I guess next time I'll have to do a much bigger batch! If you've never made homemade tortilla chips before, I'll tell you, they're worth it.  They don't take long to make, and they taste divine.  Usually I use a pizza cutter to cut corn tortillas into pie-shaped triangles, but in honor of Valentine's Day, I used a heart cookie cutter (about 2 inches) … [Read more...]

Famous 3-ingredient potato chip chicken

Famous 3-ingredient Potato Chip Chicken | simplykierste.com

The definitely of hitting the jackpot when you're a mom?  When every single one of you kids AND your husband absolutely loves the dinner you made.  There is a hands down favorite meal at our house, and my kids beg me to make it on a regular basis.  Potato Chip Chicken is crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and packed with flavor.  With sides of ranch dressing and honey mustard, it's pretty much heaven and a HUGE crowd-pleaser. It's a winner, all the way around!! Seriously, this chicken will make you a rockstar! It's popular with everyone I've served it to, and it's great for company and feeding a crowd.  I'm warning you...make a lot, it will go fly off the table! It's an … [Read more...]

10 easy & irresistible game day recipes

10 Easy & Irresistible Game Day Recipes | simplykierste.com

We are a football family!  Even though our team isn't playing in the Super Bowl this year (although they do have the most Super Bowl wins...GO Steelers!), we're still excited.  The Super Bowl is also synonymous with food.  Lots of yummy food.  I want to try a few new game day recipes this year, so I scoured the web for ideas--specifically ones that would be fast, easy, and of course contain cheese or chocolate.  :)  I rounded them up to share with you, plus a couple that I already know and love. Lasagna Dip Who doesn't love lasagna?  And to make it a dip?  HEAVEN!!! Peanut Butter Football Dip This is just so adorable, I couldn't resist! Game Day Walking … [Read more...]

Valentine popcorn lollipops + free printable!

Valentine Popcorn Lollipops | simplykierste.com

The Patriotic Popcorn Lollipops that I made for the 4th of July were such a hit,  I decided I just had to make a Valentine's Day version! My kids love these so much, and one of my five year old boys deemed them "the best popcorn balls in the world". So, there you go, all the recommendation you need. :) These are so easy and fun to make, and they are always popular wherever we take them.  They're made with melted marshmallow--so like a Rice Krispie treat but using popcorn instead! I tinted them pink, and I like the extra color it gives them for the Valentine holiday.  Next their dipped in white chocolate, with generous sprinkles on top, and they're ready to go! You can make them and … [Read more...]

Rustic Italian Tortellini Soup

Rustic Italian Tortellini Soup | simplykierste.com

After a really warm week last week (like REALLY warm...as in the warmest December in 125 years), the cold is back, and soup is sounding even yummier than usual.  Let's be honest, though, even when I lived where it's warm all year, I always loved soup in the winter.  :)  We tried a yummy new soup that was gobbled up at our house, and it's full of some of my favorite things. It's hearty without being heavy, filling, flavorful, and a little bit spicy---and SO delicious!  Soup is one of the best meals around. I love a big post of soup simmering on the stove--there's something just so cozy about it.  Serve with crusty bread, and it's the perfect lunch or dinner.  Or both.  :) This particular … [Read more...]

10 Fun & festive Christmas breakfast ideas

10 Fun & Festive Christmas Breakfast Ideas | simplykierste.com

We are on the countdown to Christmas!  Is your house feeling it too?  The celebrating has already started around here, and just today I went and bought a ridiculous amount of food for this week.  On the list?  Christmas breakfast!  It's probably our favorite breakfast of the entire year.  I've gathered 10 fun & festive Christmas breakfast ideas that would be perfect for not only Christmas day, but the days leading up to it.  I love all the pancake and waffle ideas...they're all SO cute! *Snowman Milk Men *Gingerbread Waffles with Cinnamon Butter *Red Velvet Pancakes *Rudolph Pancakes *Cinnamon Roll Pancakes *Snowman Pancakes *Christmas Tree Waffles *Candy Cane Cream Cheese … [Read more...]

The Easiest Sparkling Punch

Easy Punch Recipe | simplykierste.com

I bought my first punch bowl very early on in life.  As a piano teacher, I felt it quite necessary to have punch and cookies after each recital, and a girl can't be without a punch bowl!  Now I use a drink dispenser, but I still have my punch bowl! This particular recipe is my go-to punch, and it's the easiest sparkling punch around. It only has two basic ingredients, so it's also so quick to put together, which I love. You can also easily change flavors to match a theme, season, or holiday, and I've made many different kinds.  The kind I love for Christmas and the holidays is what I call...Sparkling Cranberry Punch! Its delightful red color with cranberries with floating on top is perfect … [Read more...]

Easy Homemade Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate | simplykierste.com

We are such a hot chocolate family! I don't think many days pass through the holiday and winter season where my kids aren't asking me to make hot chocolate...and I oblige quite often.  One of my favorite versions is Mexican Hot Chocolate.  The added cinnamon and nutmeg brings a depth of flavor that is deep and rich, and accents the chocolate.  It's SO delicious, and easy! I like to serve it with whipped cream, then shaved chocolate and cinnamon & sugar sprinkled on top.  Mmmmmm...my mouth is watering just writing this out!  It's perfect for serving at home, or to guests.  I like to make a big pot of it on Christmas morning, and just keep it simmering in my crock pot or on the stove, … [Read more...]