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  1. Delina Wille says:

    Hi! I saved an adorable Christmas word tree you had posted- but I can’t seem to find the post now :( I was curious if you could tell me what font you used to create it or where you got it from? I just love it! Hope you have a great day!

    Delina Wille

    • simply {kierste} says:

      Hi Delina,

      It must have been someone else’s project that I was featuring–I’ll see if I can find it!!

  2. Thank you for the recipe for eggless ice cream. I have a son who is very allergic to uncooked eggs (He quickly becomes violently sick.) and sometimes I am afraid that I haven’t cooked them enough. I like your ideas. May you be blessed this day in an unexpected way. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Leah Meola says:

    Hi, I haven’t received an email about the Silhouette Portrait. Leah

  4. samantha metz says:

    Im looking for a mason jar that’s big enough to hold cards at a wedding reception, my theme is mason jars and I need a very large jar to hold cards from guest do you have anythinh that large?

    • simply {kierste} says:

      Yes! You can find really large decorative mason jars at Michaels–at least I’ve seen them at the last two stores I’ve been to. It might be just the thing!!! It would be darling for cards!!

  5. I would love to find out the color of paint that you have in your bedroom. Thanks.

    • simply {kierste} says:

      I don’t know, lol. It’s what the house was painted when we moved in. But…I can try and find out for you!!!

  6. Why am I having such a hard time? When I am on your page and find something I want to share (ie the striped canvas art) on FB I cannot figure out how to share it on my fb page. I click the fb icon, but it just takes me to your fb page! Please tell me

    • simply {kierste} says:

      You know, Janelle, I’m not sure!! Let me see what I can figure out, and I’ll get back to you!

    • simply {kierste} says:

      I just tried it myself, and it didn’t take me to my FB page–it took me a to a “share this link” page, where I could select if I wanted it shared on my timeline or not. It doesn’t look like it’s the button on my blog–maybe something with your FB? So sorry I can’t help more!!!

  7. Hi, I’m planning a wedding and remember you had a post about writing love letters to your husband and giving them to him to be opened at particular moments in life. Could you tell me when that was, I can’t seem to remember the details. Thanks.

  8. Just finished a major Pin Love-Fest with your site. Found you today and am the President of your Fan Club. My tastes line up just right with you and I am thrilled to discover Simply Kierste. Happy!

    • simply {kierste} says:

      I’m so glad you found me, and things you love! What kind words…thank you so much for stopping by, saying hello, and pinning. :)

  9. Hi Kierste, stumbled upon your terrific blog today! so glad I did, love it. Following your copyright guidelines I am featuring your free ‘letters to Santa template’ on an upcoming blog post over at as part of a current ‘Holiday PostSeries” I am doing. I have a included a direct link back to your blog and hope you get some visitors as a result. Thank you.

    • simply {kierste} says:

      Hi Barb, thanks so much for stopping by, and for the feature! I appreciate you letting me know, and I’ll be sure to come over and check it out!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! xoxo

  10. I love the flag blocks you make!! Do you sell them? I do not have a creative bone in my body, would love this for the holidays as my grandson just became a marine and my granddaughter is in army bootcamp right now.
    Thank you so much!

    • simply {kierste} says:

      Thank you, Sharon! I wish I could make them to sell, but I just do not have a spare moment to do so. Do you have a crafty friend or relative that could help?

  11. No I don’t, oh well..Have a Happy Holiday!

  12. Hi Kjerste,
    It appears the link for your cleaning checklist is broken…could you please connect me with it? I appreciate your enthusiasm. Thank you!

  13. Sara Farthing says:

    I seem to remember one of your posts about bulk groceries and some wooden shelves your husband made. I’m trying to stockpile groceries and came to your site to try to find your post, and I can’t find it now. Was it you that did the post I’m thinking about? I can still see the pictures of the 2×4 shelves with black beans on them…ha. Thanks!

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