Photo Cupcake Toppers | simply

Photo Cupcake Toppers

This post is sponsored by Adobe Photoshop Elements. All opinions are 100% mine! I’m getting so excited for Valentine’s Day! It’s a favorite holiday at our house, and we have…

Cozy Farmhouse Holiday Guest Room | simply

Farmhouse Holiday Guest Room

Thank you so Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart sponsoring this post, and for their amazing products.  All opinions about their products are 100% mine.  Affiliate links are included below,…

My Cozy Fall Farmhouse Tablescape | simply

My Cozy Farmhouse Fall Tablescape

Thank you to Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart for sponsoring this post! All opinions about their darling products are 100% mine.  Fall is absolutely my favorite season. I love…

Patriotic Cupcake Toppers |

4th of July Cupcake Toppers

As I was thinking about what I wanted to serve for our 4th of July celebrations, cupcakes were at the top of the list. Everyone loves them, adults and kids…

Burlap Flag Silverware Holder |

Burlap Flag Silverware Holders

Does anyone else think this month is flying by?  I can’t believe we’re less than a month away from July 4th! Although I’m not complaining–it’s one of my most favorite…

Patriotic Mason Jar Drink Toppers |

Personalized Mason Jar Drink Toppers

Mason jars are pretty much my favorite thing ever, and they have been for a very long time.  I even used them at my wedding reception years ago, and I…

Heart Ice Cubes |

Easy & Adorable Heart Ice Cubes

I love things to be cute, but I’ll admit I’m kind of impatient, and I don’t always have a lot of time, so my favorite ideas are the simple ones! I…

Vintage lemonade stand with reversible chalkboard sign |

Vintage lemonade stand with reversible chalkboard sign

Making a lemonade stand has been on my list…pretty much forever.  The last few years we’ve been so transient that it wasn’t really an option–with no where to store it and moves coming up.  Even though all of our things are in storage right now, we did keep out the chop saw so that we would be able to build things for our new house.  With summer parties and entertaining on the horizon, I decided it was time for a lemonade stand.  I’m calling it a lemonade stand just because I’m not sure what else to call it, and also because it makes it sound cuter, but it will mostly be used as a outside serving station. I added a few features, including a reversible chalkboard sign, and decided on a color that will make it perfect for all of my outdoor entertaining!!

Vintage lemonade stand with reversible chalkboard sign |

Vintage lemonade stand with reversible chalkboard sign |


12 yummy breakfast ideas for overnight guests |

Company’s coming! Breakfast ideas for overnight guests

We moved away from our family and home state when we left for graduate school, and since then we’ve lived in four different states and gathered dear friends in every place we’ve been.  We love LOVE when we have guests, and when our friends and family come to visit.  It’s always so wonderful to get to spend time with them, and show them “our town”.  I seriously can’t wait for our house to be finished, so we can start having guests again!

We are pretty casual when it comes to breakfast, and even when guests come, we mostly stick to hot/cold cereal, fruit, yogurt, and juice.  It’s always fun serving an extra yummy breakfast during the visit, and we’ll save it for a morning when we have plenty of time to enjoy it. Summer travel brings with it more opportunities for guests, so I gathered up some of the most mouth-watering breakfast recipes I could find.  Many of them are also easy and quick to put together, which with their delicious factor, make for a winning combination!

12 yummy breakfast ideas for overnight guests |


Easy Football Paper Sacks |Game Day Idea|

Easy football paper sacks

I know many of you are looking forward to this weekend’s Super Bowl, and getting together with family and friends to watch the game, eat, and hang out.  However, I am looking forward to this weekend for a completely separate and superior reason…my husband will be home from a two week international trip.  I think a massage is calling my name, and probably a pedicure too.  We are all so ready to have him home! That said, we are a football family, and love watching games together.  Of course snacks and food are involved, and I’m all about simple .  One of my kids’ favorite snacks is popcorn, and it’s a popular and fun thing to munch on during a game.  In my quest to come up with something cute for the popcorn to go in, I made (seriously) the easiest and most adorable football paper sacks to hold popcorn and snacks.

Easy Football Paper Sacks |


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