Things to Throw Away | Get Organized! | simply

Get Organized: Things to Throw Away

To clarify, when I say “things to throw away”, I don’t technically mean to throw away each of these items!  A lot of them, yes, while others can be donated or…

How to Make Photo Stickers with Photoshop Elements | simply

How To Make Photo Stickers with Adobe Photoshop Elements

This post is sponsored by Adobe.  All opinions are 100% mine. My kids love to read, and we have a lot of books at our house–some belong to all the…

Easy Numbered Crates |

Easy DIY Numbered Crates

It has been a whirlwind of a week.  It had come down to the wire, and last last Thursday we still didn’t know if we were going to be able…

Pretty & Functional Farmhouse Storage Ideas |

Pretty & Functional Farmhouse Storage

Wooden Crate with Chalkboard // White Metal Storage Bin // Glass Storage Jar // Black Iron Wall Basket // Numbered Wire Wall Baskets //

An Organized Summer: Summer Schedule 2016 | Free Printable |

An Organized Summer with the 2016 Summer Schedule {Free Printable}

It startled me when I was doing my planning for the coming week when I realized it’s going to be May!  How did that happen? Not that I’m complaining–the weather…

11 Tips & Ideas for Busy Moms |

11 Tips & Ideas for Busy Moms: Organize for Success!

  Making lists is definitely number one for me.  I love lists so much that when I accomplish something that’s not on my list, I add it so I can…

School Lunch Station | Free Printables |

Make packing lunches easier & faster with a school lunch station!

With my twin boys starting kindergarten this year (sniff, sniff), I will now have five kids to pack school lunch for.  All of a sudden this past week that seemed like… a lot.  We still have a couple of weeks until school starts, but I decided to get organized now!

I’ve always had some kind of lunch station, but the thought of 25 bags of chips, 25 fruit cups, 25 granola bars, 25 string cheese, and 25 go-gurt (plus sandwich stuff) per week really got me thinking about how I could create something to make the packing process a lot faster and easier. So…the official school lunch station has been created, including some super cute printables as the finishing touch. It’s simple, but that’s my favorite way to do things!

Make packing school lunches faster and easier with a lunch packing station! Free printable labels included! |


"Before you can play" summer chore chart |

Save your sanity with a “before you can play” chore list!

Every summer morning I hear the words “can I play?”, in one form or another.  They might be referring to going outside to play, having friends over, wanting me to take them somewhere, requesting screen time, or  any number of things that’s on their agenda that day.  I got really tired of listing the things off that they needed to do before they could play (even though they already knew), that I decided to make things easier for not only myself, but for the kids too, by making a summer “before you can play” chore list.  I hung it on the fridge, and when they want to know if they can play, I just ask if they have everything done on the list! Love!

"Before you can play" summer chore chart |


Summer Car Kit |

How to put together a summer car kit + free printable!

Already the sunscreen and bug spray have come out of hibernation, and plans are being made to enjoy every single minute of the summer.  We’re  on the go a lot during the summer months, whether it’s a road trip, or just around town.  It means a lot of parks and outdoor activities and FUN!  With all that fun comes the inevitable, and odds are, I’m going to need something out of the car kit that I keep in my trunk. Preparedness is key! I change it up a bit for each season, and today I’m sharing the summer version, plus a super cute free printable!

Summer Car Kit |


Washi tape grocery container |

Washi tape grocery bag containers

I re-use plastic grocery sacks for so many things–they are a hot commodity at our house! I save them and use them on a very regular basis not only in my house, but on the road.  I keep a bunch in the car so I’ll have them when I need them, for any variety of reasons. Whether it’s a pair of muddy shoes, wet clothes, a child that’s sick, or a million other things, grocery bags regularly save the day! You can probably relate–there isn’t much worse than a crazy mess when you’re away from home, and being stuck without anything to wrap it up in (and perhaps contain the smell!) until you get home.  Empty Clorox wipes bottles make perfect grocery bag containers, and they make it so easy to pack them in the car, or even a diaper bag.  I decided to dress mine up with washi tape, and in literally 5 minutes, it was transformed.  Cute + functional + simple = my favorite combination!

Washi tape grocery container |


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  1. i was wondering if you can change the weekly list after you download, i love this but need to change somethings around for my daughter to have after school list?


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