{Purse Set – Giveaway!}

This is a purse set that I am making for my friends as a Christmas gift. It is super fun and super easy. It includes a two-year calendar/planner, a personalized notebook, and a fun brag book made with badge holders which are the perfect size for wallet-size photos. Since it is hooked with a ring, you can buy more badge holders if you need more room for pictures.The instructions are simple. Just choose the paper that you want to use for embellishing, and trace and cut to size. Use a good adhesive to stick it all on, and you are good to go. I added ribbon book marks to the calendar and the notebook. If you do this, just make sure you glue the ribbon on before you put the paper on.I have a real … ...read more

{framed burlap quotes}

I've been inspired. Burlap has always intrigued me, and after seeing several darling projects floating around, I came up with this idea yesterday. As soon as my cute husband got home, I was off to JoAnn's for supplies. I stayed up way too late last night finishing these, but I'm so glad I did! And can I say, so simple??!! I love that!Here's what I did:ITEMS YOU NEED:-burlap -frame of choice, with glass-craft paint-foam stampsDIRECTIONS;-Remove backing from frame. Use it as a template to trace the amount of burlap you need for that size of frame. Cut it out. Make any adjustments necessary, after placing it in frame to confirm it is the proper size.-Fray edges of burlap slightly, by pulling … ...read more

{pie in a jar}

I was sifting through some old links in my favorites, when I stumbled across this fabulous idea from Not Martha!. HOW perfect for Thanksgiving, using a leaf cutout instead of a heart? Of course it's just right for Valentine's Day, or any other special occasion too. Totally adorable. I can't wait to try it!**UPDATE**: That link does not seem to be working, so you can find another recipe for Pie in a Jar at Our Best Bites. Click HERE. … ...read more

Antiqued Pumpkins

antiqued pumpkins | simplykierste.com

I wanted to do something different for my front-porch pumpkins this year, so I combined my love of white pumpkins with my love of all things antiqued to create Antiqued Pumpkins!  I  took out my trusty Rustoleum white spray paint, favorite stain (Minwax...Provincial), and of course, some ribbon. I love when I can finish projects with things I have around the house! It was a really easy project, and I just love the finished result! ITEMS YOU NEED: -pumpkin -white spray paint -dark stain -soft, lint-free cloth or towel -ribbon -painters tpe DIRECTIONS: -Tape off the stem with painters tape. -Spray pumpkin with paint, let dry. -Using the cloth, carefully cover the pumpkin … ...read more

{DIY trick-or-treat buckets}

trick or treat buckets | simplykierste.com

When I was thinking about how I could jazz up my girls' trick-or-treat buckets, (I'm always looking for a good reason to use ribbon), when I stumbled across some empty ice cream buckets. It was meant to be! They are sturdy, have great handles, and are the perfect size for all those Halloween treats! ITEMS YOU NEED: empty ice cream bucket, with a handle felt (I used 2 of the felt squares you can buy at Michael's, etc. for each bucket) hot glue gun ribbon, about 5-6 yards per bucket foam stamps craft paint DIRECTIONS: 1. Using the hot glue gun, apply the felt to the bucket. Trim where necessary. 2. Add ribbon to the top and bottom of the … ...read more


My girls wanted to be butterflies for Halloween this year, and I wanted to come up with a costume that could easily be re-used. I decided to make tutus, which added to black leotards and tights, wings, and antennae, make the perfect butterfly! These are so adorable on little girls, and are NO SEW. They can easily be made in one evening--it took me a little over an hour to make one. They are adorable on infants, toddlers, and little girls--they work for any age. ITEMS YOU NEED:-tulle (Measure your child from their waist to as long as you want the skirt. You will need to double that for the length of strips, and then as much tulle as you want to make a full/less full skirt)-1 inch … ...read more

{glass tile pendants}

A good friend of mine found this idea here (click for tutorial), and showed me how to make them (she made the black and white pendant pictured above). What a perfect gift idea! The possibilities really are endless, and HOW adorable! They are also versatile--little girls and big girls alike will love them. Now I just need to make one for every outfit... … ...read more

{decorative wooden letters}

fall letters 1

I got the best surprise in the mail yesterday...my best friend's (since college!) birthday package. I look forward to this all year, because she is uber creative and talented, and always has the best ideas. I LOVE this set of fall letters--she chose a really great set of papers (hers are Basic Grey). She also told me how she made them, and I can't wait to make another set for Christmas! ITEMS YOU NEED: -wooden letters (thick enough to stand on their own) -scrapbook adhesive -scrapbook paper of your choice -sanding tool or file...she likes these: (sanding block by Making Memories) (file kit by Basic Grey) -walnut colored ink and sponge -pencil -scissors DIRECTIONS: -Trace … ...read more

{metal FHE boards}

When I saw something similar to this online, I knew it was what I was looking for. I love all the different pieces that go into it, but wanted to change it up a little bit. I love how it turned out! For the names, they are just basic craft stars, painted black, distressed, and stained. I ordered vinyl lettering for the names, put magnets on the back, and voila!Metal FHE BoardsITEMS YOU NEED:-10x1x28 pine board-9x27 piece of bead board-8x26 piece of metal sheeting-vinyl lettering to fit metal, with plenty of space at the bottom to hang magnets-your choice of paint for wood and bead board-4 metal tacks-sub-floor adhesive (in a caulking-like tube)-4 roofing nails, 1 1/4 inch … ...read more

{abc books}

abc book kate

This was one of my first posts, and didn't include a tutorial. After several requests, I am re-posting to include it. ---------- The Christmas my girls were 2 years old (2008), I really wanted to make them ABC books. I absolutely love the way they turned out, but I learned some definite do's and don'ts along the way, and I'm going to share them with you! ITEMS YOU NEED: 8 /12 x 11 white cardstock, 14 pieces (not textured) scrapbook paper for front cover 2 other coordinating colors of cardstock ***no-heat lamination sheets--repositionable ones are best (Office Max, Staples, etc.) double stick tape ribbon DIRECTIONS: 1. Gather and print your pictures. This will … ...read more