{photography with lei} getting out of auto mode!


So here we are taking the big plunge into switching that dial from auto mode to manual.  Are you excited?!!!!!  I can hear you squealing!!!We've talked about lighting.  That's the first step in understanding exposure.  The mechanism in your camera that measures light is called aperture, and the process that occurs as light hits your lens your lens is that it passes through the shutter, arriving at a sensor (or film if you're old school!).  The camera's lens and shutter control the amount of light that hits that sensor, and that is why we set an aperture and a shutter speed.Aperture is referred to in f/stops.  A large opening signifies more light, while a … [Continue reading...]

{summer activity for kids…bowling!}


 It's summer!  School is out on Thursday, and I'm excited! Hooray for a break from the early morning routine...for a few months at least.  On the other hand, kids are home, and looking for things to do. I like getting out of the house every day, so we plan our week with plenty of activities to keep everyone happy and make it a really fun summer. One of our favorite things to do is go bowling, and with the unexpected heat wave that's come upon us this past week, we might be going even more often to escape the rising temperatures.I wanted to tell you about a really great program called Kids Bowl Free, and it's available all over the U.S. and Canada at participating bowling … [Continue reading...]

{a place for everything…with somewhat simple}


Welcome Stephanie, from Somewhat Simple!.....I love being organized! I could spend all day organizing something in my house! Some might classify my need to be organized a sickness, but I can't help how good it feels when I finish organizing something!I am not claiming to have an immaculate house where everything has a place- I am the first to admit I have piles of "things" and corners of items without a home. But I thought I would post these pictures of some of the things in my house that happen to be very organized- thanks to some handy vinyl labels and the makers of the IKEA plastic bins. Maybe it will inspire you to tackle that closet you haven't been able to walk in since you moved into … [Continue reading...]

{beadboard flag}

beadboard flag

I {love} the 4th of July.  From the parades, to the flags, to the fireworks, to the BBQs, to the decor, to the very reason for its existence, I love it. I'm always looking for fun ideas to decorate my home for the holiday--- something cute and simple.I made this darling flag out of beadboard--one of my favorite things--and I am in love! It's so cute, it can be left up all year long if you like. Beadboard was perfect for this project because of the lines--easy to paint, and totally straight! This is a really simple project, but the outcome is fabulous.  It's pretty inexpensive too, especially if you go in on it with a friend and split the cost of the beadboard. You can also make it as … [Continue reading...]

{garage sale tips}

lemonade stand

Do you have a pile of unused stuff in your basement?  In your closets?  In your garage?  Are your drawers overflowing with items you no longer use or need? Have a garage sale!   It's a great way to clean out your house and garage, plus make a little extra money at the same time.  My friend and I just had our 3rd annual garage sale, which we hold every spring.  It's one of our favorite things to do, and after a few years, we've definitely learned a few things--several the hard way. Okay, so it will take a little work, but don't be scared!  It really can be a fun and profitable way to get organized. Since this is the height of garage sale season, I thought I would pass on my list … [Continue reading...]

{where i’ve been, and a giveaway winner}


It's been a few days since I've posted, but for very good reason.  This weekend was like no other...I RAN A MARATHON!!!It was my first one, and if it wasn't for my shiny medal, 3 lost toenails, and aching feet, it would almost seem like a dream.  I ran it with my best girlfriend, and we MADE IT.  My husband also ran it, and my parents came out to help with the kids and give their support--we couldn't have done it without them. My best friends all were there for the race (some ran their own races too), and met us at the 19 mile mark for moral support, food, and dry socks. Brook ran with us for a little ways, which was exactly what we needed--a huge boost to my morale. Seeing … [Continue reading...]