{ribbon topiary}

What a great project! So many combinations of ribbon to use, and perfect if you have lots of ribbon and scraps around your house. Items needed:-scissors-metal bucket, or other base of your choice-spray paint, if desired-green floral foam-thick wooden dowel (I used the second thickest dowel from Walmart--I believe it was 7/8 of an inch)-styrofoam ball, size of your choice, depending on how big you want your topiary to be (I used a 6 inch ball)-metal straight pins-ribbon! I used 7 different types of ribbon, and about 20 total yards. Mine is rather large, and you could easily make yours smaller if you wanted to, which would require less ribbon. I found several spools for .97, or on … ...read more


These journals are really so versatile--they can be used for family, personal, baby, travel, wedding, and more. They make great gifts--easy to make, and relatively inexpensive. Scrapbook paper, mod podge, ribbon, cardstock (I prefer Bazzill), and eyelets are all you need to complete this project. Be creative!! … ...read more

{recipe binder}


I have used a recipe binder for years, and love it. A few years ago I typed up every favorite recipe I had that wasn't in a cookbook I used often, and created this binder. I have added to it constantly since them, and because I print off so many recipes that I find online, it's so easy to just slide them in the binder. These also make a SUPER fun graduation or wedding gift. You can personalize it with recipes, and really make it their own. I do them every year for the girls from my youth group for their graduation gift, and they love them. I like using plastic dividers with pockets that come with the printable tabs, so I can slide recipes in there that I want to try--then if … ...read more

{playroom magnet board}

We decided to build a magnet board in the playroom. Since we moved into our house with stainless appliances, we no longer had a convenient place for alphabet letters, magnetic farm animals, and the like. There was a perfect spot right near the door, which due to the loft ceilings, would have been difficult to utilize any other way. Magnetic paint, wood trim, and a little spray paint do wonders, don't they! … ...read more

{paper sack scrapbooks}

I love these! They are so fun to make, and especially fun to give. I first made these at the end of my son's kindergarten year, when as the room mother, I was in charge of end-of-the-year gifts. I made two--one for the teacher, and one for the parapro. I have made more since then, and they are also very versatile. Weddings, vacations, babies, grandparents' book, and holidays are just a few of the many options. … ...read more

{tea towel aprons}

This is such a quick and easy project, and can be made in under an hour. The best part is that it uses a tea towel, and because it's mostly hemmed, it really limits the amount of sewing necessary. … ...read more

{metal ornaments}

These taught me about potential, and to always be on the lookout for things you can make it into what you need them to be! When I found these, they were in the back section of a gardening boutique, in bins of assorted metal shapes, mostly related to gardening. But I saw these fantastic stars, along with some large and small hearts, that I knew would be perfect for my country girl tree. At 69 cents they were a bargain too! I drilled holes in the top, and tied ribbon through it in a knot. They are perfect! … ...read more

{framed magnet board}

I use this board daily, and it's perfect for right next to my desk--announcements, cards, and more! I made the frame out of wood pieces, although I decided against mitering the corners (like a picture frame, at an angle) and went with squared edges instead. I love it! The edges were routered, and sheet metal glued onto the back (there were grooves for it to fit in). I sanded, painted, re-sanded the edges, and then stained it. I finally mod podged this fantastic scrapbook paper onto the sheet metal, and added the cream grosgrain ribbon to cover the seams. Next time I'll make it 12x12, so the paper will fit easily inside the space.***EASY VERSION***If you don't have access to all the tools I … ...read more

{oilcloth bibs}

Oilcloth can be used for so many things, especially anything you need to be waterproof (i.e. tablecloths, bibs, etc.). It certainly isn't limited to that either, or there are many varieties available at your fabric store or online. Check around though--prices will vary greatly. With two toddlers around the house, we need plenty of bibs, and I knew this would be a great project. I just traced another bib that I liked onto the back of the oilcloth, and cut it out. I punched holes in the top sides using a hole punch, and then tied a piece of ribbon on either side. SO easy! The best part is that it is a non-sewing project, and one that can easily be completed in less than an hour. … ...read more

{play kitchen}

I looked and looked for play kitchens for my little girls, and I just couldn't find what I was looking for. I knew I wanted solid wood, and I wanted something that could be uni-sex. I didn't realize how difficult that could be. Fortunately, my husband is a very talented woodworked, and between the two of us, we came up with this: I designed it based on a sampling of some I liked in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog, and chose stainless steel fixtures (and used a stainless steel mixing bowl from Walmart as the sink!). I found this fantastic fabric at a local quilt shop, and made the dishtowel and matching curtain. It was actually a pretty fast project, and came together in just a week and a … ...read more