{photography with lei rogers}


{image courtesy of Christopher Becker}Hello all!My name is Lei. I'm a crafter, photographer, music lover and mom of 4.{image courtesy of Kristen Duke Photography}Some of you may know me from my craft blog My Many Colored Days. Well, I also have a photography site. And I blog about photography there, as well as on my Facebook page {here}. If you want to get to know my work, those are the places to go. Be sure and say hi while you are there!I've been photographing off and on since high school. It all started as a dance major at a performing arts school, where I was hand picked to study dance photography. There I fell in love with the art of photography immediately. Now this was before … [Continue reading...]



I am so excited to make this announcement, I can hardly stand it!If you're like me, you have a camera, but don't know much about all the functions, buttons, and getting out of auto mode. I love the thought of taking really good pictures, and have wanted to learn more about photography for a really long time. I know what I like, and how I want pictures to look, I just need the information to help me get there.Well, not only is my opportunity here, but so is yours! If you're a blogger, wanting to bring the level of your pictures up, or if you'd like to improve the quality of the pictures of your family and friends, listen up!Lei Rogers is not only the girl behind My Many Colored Days (her … [Continue reading...]

{bean art tutorial}


My very talented CWTS partner Jonie, from Just Between Friends, made the most fabulous bean art as part of her final project, and I just had to share it with you.It looks amazing, along with her refinished chair (she used thrift store leather belts for the seat!!!), and stenciled lamp. LOVE it all.Click HERE to see her tutorial!So creative, and different...go check it out! … [Continue reading...]

{frosted vinyl mirrors + silhouette faq}


I know you've all heard about the Silhouette. If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I have one, use it often, and love it. After receiving several e-mails and questions about it, today I'm going to give you my take on it, and go through some of the questions I've received...a Silhouette FAQ.First of all, I crafted and made projects for a really long time without a Silhouette, and I was able to make everything that I wanted to. Having one might make things a lot easier and faster, but not having one certainly doesn't limit you. If I didn't have one now, I would still be doing all the same projects--and you can too!The vast majority of my Silhouette projects can still be made using … [Continue reading...]

{ a place for everything…with House of Smiths}


I LOVE an organized pretty space, it makes life SO much easier, and to me, there's nothing better then being able to know that everything has a "proper place" :)This past year, my hubby and I decided to tackle one of the messiest spaces in our house... by FAR! The Pantry!Believe ME... we were thrilled to even HAVE a pantry (being that the last 3 houses we had lived in didn't even have one) but overtime we had let it get really out of control. Case and Point...lol So with a little creativity, and a LOT of help from IKEA and our local thrift stores, we finally got this space in tip-top, extraordinarily organized condition... and here's how we did it! :) So... here's how we went about … [Continue reading...]

{sewn coloring books}

book henry and jack copy

Running errands, traveling, and going places with little ones is a part of my life, and many of you can relate to that. I'm always looking for anything that I can do to help things go more smoothly, and make it easier when patience starts to wain. I've discovered that bringing special treats and activities is a huge contribution to any successful trip (and I use the term "successful" very loosely, lol). Having fun items that I can pull out of my purse or diaper bag is always a plus, and when I saw these books, I knew they would be the perfect thing, and decided to try my own version. They're not just for younger children, though. Do you have a child that loves to write? How fun to make … [Continue reading...]