{FABULOUS layered brownies}


Could this weekend have been any busier? I don't think so. I have a pile of unfinished projects I'm working on, but wasn't able to touch one of them the entire weekend. I should have them to you soon, but in the meantime, I'm going to leave you with THE BEST brownie recipe I've tried in very long time.I tore it out of a Wonder Time magazine almost a year ago, stuck it in my recipe binder, then haven't had the occasion to try it. It's definitely not your average, everyday brownie, and even the girl who shared the recipe said it turns regular brownies into wheat toast. I believe it. It's the browned butter, I'm telling you!!So, for the big game (sniff, sniff--our team lost), I decided to … [Continue reading...]

{thumbprint valentines}

thumb big yellow close copy

I love homemade valentines, especially when they're easy to do and allow for kids to help---and personalizing for the person that will be receiving them. These darling thumbprint valentines are SUPER cute, and are sure to get rave reviews from any recipient! They will be perfect for friends, neighbors, teachers, and visiting teachers, especially attached to a fun treat--in a bag, box, or wrapped around a bar of chocolate or other candy. You can always change the wording for school valentines...{thumb} body likes you, or {thumb} body wants to be your valentine--or anything you like! I also made a few special ones for grandparents and family, using all my kids' thumbprints, and I LOVE … [Continue reading...]

{a place for everything}


If I had to choose one overall way I keep myself, my family, and my life organized, it would be through making, keeping, and following lists.Actually, I'm probably addicted to lists. I love them, and I have been known to add something to a list that I've already completed, just so I could mark it off. :) I keep a pencil and paper in my nightstand, because it's not uncommon for me to be laying in bed and think of a million more things I need to do the next day.Maybe it's the loss of brain cells after pregnancies and having kids, but quite simply, if it's not written down, I will not remember it. So, for my life to function, lists are my saving grace.I make a list each night for the … [Continue reading...]

{valentine’s ideas}


Well, we are snowed in. The major storm going across the nation visited our lovely town last night, and we have spent the day just lounging around and enjoying being in our pajamas. I (of course) took the opportunity to go online and browse for a bit.Here are a few ideas for Valentine's Day that I just love...Lovesicles, by Craftberry BushHeart Cake, by I am BakerHeart Candy Dishes, by Eighteen25Burlap Pennant, by Craft-O-ManiacRuffle Rosette Heart Shirt, by Occasionally CraftyValentine's Day Pillows, by Slippery Soup.....Good news! I should have a couple of tutorials coming very soon! In anticipation of the big storm, everyone else headed to the grocery store for staples (I already had … [Continue reading...]

{yummy super bowl food}


First of all, can I just say how EXCITED I am about the Super Bowl this year? We are huge Steelers fans, and we can't wait! To win, that is. :)The only thing better than the game itself is all the yummy food, and in anticipation of the party we're going to, I thought I would share some the mouthwatering ideas I found in my search......Football Jersey Cookies, by Brown Eyed BakerFootball Cookies, by Brown Eyed Baker.....BBQ Bacon Sliders, by Our Best Bites.....BLT Dip, by The Girl Who Ate Everything.....Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings, by My Baking Addiction.....Loaded Nachos, by Two Peas and their Pod.....Peanut Butter & Chocolate Popcorn, by brown paper packagesThis recipe was created … [Continue reading...]

{monday update}


Happy Monday everyone!Well, my plans for the week have changed quite a bit since Saturday. I had several projects I was working on, and excited to get done this weekend when my husband was home.However...Despite the 8-9 inches of snow we received during the night, I still decided to go outside and do my long run on Saturday morning. Doing anything over 5 miles on the treadmill makes me a crazy person, so I threw on my yaktrax, and off I went. Since I'm training for my first marathon, not doing it wasn't an option, so I braved all the looks of the normal people with snowblowers as I went along. The end result? I threw out my back overcompensating for all the snow and haven't been able to … [Continue reading...]