{little boys’ faux ties}


It's a tradition--new ties for Easter. The girls always get new dresses, and I try my darndest to get them all to "go" together. It wouldn't be so hard, except that my oldest (a boy) refuses to wear anything pink. LOL. This year I decided to make it easier on myself and skipped the pink--the girls are in pale yellow and white, while the boys are in navy and white.Am I the only one that makes myself crazy trying to find Easter outfits? Autie, over at iCandy handmade shows us how to make these darling faux ties...I just might have to pull out my sewing machine for this one! Think of all the possibilities...any fabric you want! Even pink!Click HERE for the tutorial!..... … [Continue reading...]

{featured guest tutorial..inspiring creations}


I am so thrilled to be guest posting today!My name is Lindsey and I blog over at Inspiring Creations.I have been crafting since I can remember and I love inspiring others to be creative. I use my blog to share crafts, tutorials, recipes, and I also host a weekly linky party. Right now I am loving the vintage look. I am slightly obsessed with lace at the moment and I can't stop crafting with it! So today I thought I would show you a project that is both vintage looking and uses lace!-- I started out with this frame. If you don't have a frame lying around your house I am always finding a ton at my local thrift store for super cheap. Alright, let's get started!Step 1: Paint your frame. I … [Continue reading...]

{personalized baby soap}


Kristyn, from Lil' Luna asked me to do a guest post for her while she was home enjoying her brand new, sweet baby. Of course I was thrilled to do it!Here is my post, just in case you missed it!.....Speaking of babies, I love giving personalized baby gifts. Just adding the small touches make the ordinary into something extraordinarily...adorable! There are just some things that are perfect for any baby--regardless of gender, which number baby they are, and no matter how many of that same item the mom-to-be already has. Babies use up an awful lot of baby wash and lotion, and you really can't have enough.So, I decided to take my favorite, yummy-smelling baby wash and lotion (it's really fun to … [Continue reading...]

{lemon white chocolate cookies}


When my friend showed up on my doorstep with these cookies, it was like a little piece of springtime heaven had entered my house. I knew I had to have the recipe, and make them as soon as possible! I wanted to divide the dough into thirds, and make lime,lemon, and orange cookies, but I was out of all my limes and lemons, and since it was 10:30pm, I decided to do them all orange. I can't wait to try it though! I had extra white chocolate chips leftover, since I didn't use the whole bag, so I melted it then piped it across the top of the cookies, finishing with extra orange zest. You certainly don't have to do that part--they are yummy either way! These cookies would be delicious anytime, … [Continue reading...]

{easter pails & homemade easter grass}

easter bucket jack 2-1

I was in Target the other night, looking for Easter baskets for my little boys, and I wasn't having much luck. I had already been to several places over the last few weeks, and I just couldn't find what I was looking for--without paying a lot for it. Then I happened to go down the gardening aisle, and found the most darling tin pails in different colors. They were a great size, at a really great price--only $2.99. Woot! I couldn't resist, and decided to buy one for each of my kids--still spending less than I would have to buy 2 new baskets! (and let's face it, I have a thing for matching !) Since they stack together, they would take up way less space than 5 baskets, which is always a plus. … [Continue reading...]

{photography with lei rogers}


Hi guys! To start off with today I'd like to show some great examples that were sent to me after our discussion on lighting last month. The first few were sent to me by Lindsey. Lindsey conducted a little experiment, and said she was astounded by the results! Love that a-ha moment! Check these out - the one on the left is of her daughter is facing away from the window, and the one on the right is of her daughter facing the window:The next day she tried again, with her son, and the improvement is VAST! Check it out:That is a great image Lindsey! Just look at those catchlights. :)The next set of images was sent to me by Camille. These images were all taken with a point and shoot on … [Continue reading...]