{easter pails & homemade easter grass}

easter bucket jack 2-1

I was in Target the other night, looking for Easter baskets for my little boys, and I wasn't having much luck. I had already been to several places over the last few weeks, and I just couldn't find what I was looking for--without paying a lot for it. Then I happened to go down the gardening aisle, and found the most darling tin pails in different colors. They were a great size, at a really great price--only $2.99. Woot! I couldn't resist, and decided to buy one for each of my kids--still spending less than I would have to buy 2 new baskets! (and let's face it, I have a thing for matching !) Since they stack together, they would take up way less space than 5 baskets, which is always a plus. … [Continue reading...]

{photography with lei rogers}


Hi guys! To start off with today I'd like to show some great examples that were sent to me after our discussion on lighting last month. The first few were sent to me by Lindsey. Lindsey conducted a little experiment, and said she was astounded by the results! Love that a-ha moment! Check these out - the one on the left is of her daughter is facing away from the window, and the one on the right is of her daughter facing the window:The next day she tried again, with her son, and the improvement is VAST! Check it out:That is a great image Lindsey! Just look at those catchlights. :)The next set of images was sent to me by Camille. These images were all taken with a point and shoot on … [Continue reading...]

{gluten-free favorites}

gf pamela's baking mix

My little girl was diagnosed with Celiac disease last fall, which means that she needs to eat a gluten-free diet. It is an auto-immune disease, and the more we know about it, the more people are being diagnosed with it. It might even affect one of your own family members or friends, one of your children's friends or child in their classroom, or even a co-worker.So, I thought I would share my favorite, tried and true gluten free products with you--the ones we love and use most often. Some of them are so good, you can hardly tell a difference! Others are not so good, and hopefully this will help you skip right to the best ones! 1. Pamela's Baking and Pancake Mix I honestly cannot say … [Continue reading...]

{purple cows}


Purple cows are a tradition in my family. When I was growing up, they were our favorite part of General Conference weekend. I've kept the tradition in my own family, and we then enjoy them all summer long. And even sometimes in the winter. (Especially since it's winter like 8 months out of the year here, lol.)You'll find different variations of them, using grape juice and/or making a milkshake out of the ingredients. The best way (in my humble opinion) is using two simple ingredients, and making a float.I like to start with the ice cream first...Then add the grape soda...Perfection.Enjoy them anytime...they are delicious, and a fun twist on a root beer float.The color is so fun--they … [Continue reading...]

{a place for everything…with Under the Table and Dreaming}


Welcome Stephanie Lynn, from Under the Table and Dreaming!.....I have two drawers in my kitchen that drive me crazy; the two that hold all the larger utensils and cooking gadgets. I have yet to find an organizer large enough to keep spatulas, spoons, and can openers in line. A trip to the hardware store, a couple pieces of wood and some amazing glue... and you can say hello to organized bliss.Each divider was made with 1/4 inch {thick} Poplar Boards. Poplar is a versatile wood that is easy to work with and glue plus its ideal for cabinetry and furniture. I used 3 inch {width} boards as they were the perfect size when turned vertical to fit inside the drawers. Poplar boards can be found at … [Continue reading...]

{ahoy! it’s a boy! baby shower}


Babies, babies everywhere! This spring has proved to be the season for babies, because I everywhere I look someone is expecting a sweet new addition. Babies = baby showers, and chances are you will be involved in the planning of one at some point.A couple of weeks ago I went to the most darling baby shower. I loved everything about it, and my friend Sarah (the planner) did a fabulous job. I just had to share all her fun ideas!What I love most is the perfect simplicity and meshing of all the components. Sarah chose a nautical theme, and carried it through the entire shower. Everything coordinated, but in a subtle way. {LOVE} it!.....The invitation started everything off........I … [Continue reading...]