{conversation blocks…revisited}


I've had several e-mails asking about the conversation blocks, and what to do if you didn't have a Silhouette or access to vinyl. Well...I've got an easy and inexpensive answer for you! Erica, over at Snippets of Wonderful, created her own version, using a printer and scrapbook paper! SO cute! Using materials you already have on hand is always fabulous!Click HERE for the tutorial. Don't you love that scrapbook paper? Perfect! … [Continue reading...]

{caramel marshmallow pops}


It's been so cold and snowy here lately, that we've stayed mostly inside trying to keep warm. This week I pulled out one of my most treasured recipe books--one I received from my grandmother--to try a favorite recipe from my growing up years. My kids loved the dipping, rolling, and then eating!I usually don't care for marshmallows, but you can't keep me away from these. I think it's the caramel. And the nuts. :) They are delicious, and so fun for any occasion. I like them because they're just a little different from the chocolate-dipped marshmallows--a fun twist on a favorite!Caramel Marshmallow Pops1 package large marshmallows1 lb. package Kraft caramels3/4 c. half and halffinely … [Continue reading...]



Jonie, from Just Between Friends!! I consider myself lucky to have her as a CWTS partner, and I've really enjoyed working with her. She has so many great ideas, and I love the way her mind works. You really have to go visit her, and see for yourself!She is one talented girl..just check out some of her projects!Her audition project...LOVE this anthro inspired necklace!She made this pillow from one a bridesmaid dress (her sister's) from her wedding...fabulous idea, and gorgeous pillow!I'm loving this Knot Top...darling!.....Today is voting for Round 1, so make sure you head on over to Sew Dang Cute , check out all the fabulous projects, and vote!! … [Continue reading...]

{a place for everything} toy organization

a place toys dresser drawer copy

If you've got kids, you've got toys, and finding a place for all of them can sometimes be a challenge.I follow a few simple steps that help me keep everything in place: 1. Containers: Whether you've got a large or small space, there are containers out there that will make it easier for toy organization. Not only will you keep toys together, but the room will seem bigger when you can hide all those toys away. I have several different places I keep toys, and I love them each for different reasons. In our playroom toy closet, the majority of toys are separated into categories and stored in plastic bins. I love them all to match--my favorite are the ones by Rubbermaid, with the … [Continue reading...]

{love buckets}

Love Buckets | simplykierste.com

I just love Valentine's Day.  It's always been one of my favorite holidays, and I love it even more now that I have children.  We have a lot of fun with lots of different traditions, but these Love Buckets are a favorite with everyone! It's a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day with the whole family! I found these darling red and pink tin buckets at Michael's for only $1.99, and bought one for each child. Next, I pulled out my trusty Silhouette, cut out their names in vinyl (font = century gothic), and placed them on the outside of the bucket. I also used it to cut out a stack of red, pink, and white cardstock hearts. You certainly don't have to have Silhouette to do this, though. … [Continue reading...]

{labels and an experiment}


Silhouette sent me some of their premium vinyl to try, which is intended for not only indoor use, but outdoor use as well. In fact, it will withstand the sun and weather for up to three years!My mind started spinning with all the possibilities, and many of them will have to wait until some of our snow melts and spring is a little closer.However, there were some winter weather items just screaming for a little vinyl...(font = Impervious)Then I got to thinking...if the premium vinyl can withstand the weather for that long, how about my dishwasher? So, I pulled out some sippy cups and little plastic snack containers and got to work on a little experiment. My twin boys each have their own … [Continue reading...]