Jonie, from Just Between Friends!! I consider myself lucky to have her as a CWTS partner, and I've really enjoyed working with her. She has so many great ideas, and I love the way her mind works. You really have to go visit her, and see for yourself!She is one talented girl..just check out some of her projects!Her audition project...LOVE this anthro inspired necklace!She made this pillow from one a bridesmaid dress (her sister's) from her wedding...fabulous idea, and gorgeous pillow!I'm loving this Knot Top...darling!.....Today is voting for Round 1, so make sure you head on over to Sew Dang Cute , check out all the fabulous projects, and vote!! … ...read more

{a place for everything} toy organization

a place toys dresser drawer copy

If you've got kids, you've got toys, and finding a place for all of them can sometimes be a challenge.I follow a few simple steps that help me keep everything in place: 1. Containers: Whether you've got a large or small space, there are containers out there that will make it easier for toy organization. Not only will you keep toys together, but the room will seem bigger when you can hide all those toys away. I have several different places I keep toys, and I love them each for different reasons. In our playroom toy closet, the majority of toys are separated into categories and stored in plastic bins. I love them all to match--my favorite are the ones by Rubbermaid, with the … ...read more

{love buckets}

Love Buckets | simplykierste.com

I just love Valentine's Day.  It's always been one of my favorite holidays, and I love it even more now that I have children.  We have a lot of fun with lots of different traditions, but these Love Buckets are a favorite with everyone! It's a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day with the whole family! I found these darling red and pink tin buckets at Michael's for only $1.99, and bought one for each child. Next, I pulled out my trusty Silhouette, cut out their names in vinyl (font = century gothic), and placed them on the outside of the bucket. I also used it to cut out a stack of red, pink, and white cardstock hearts. You certainly don't have to have Silhouette to do this, though. … ...read more

{labels and an experiment}

Silhouette sent me some of their premium vinyl to try, which is intended for not only indoor use, but outdoor use as well. In fact, it will withstand the sun and weather for up to three years!My mind started spinning with all the possibilities, and many of them will have to wait until some of our snow melts and spring is a little closer.However, there were some winter weather items just screaming for a little vinyl...(font = Impervious)Then I got to thinking...if the premium vinyl can withstand the weather for that long, how about my dishwasher? So, I pulled out some sippy cups and little plastic snack containers and got to work on a little experiment. My twin boys each have their own … ...read more

{a playdough party with This Little Project}

Hi, I'm Jedda from This Little Project. I'm honored to be a guest here today. I'm lucky to have actually met Kierste and for how fun her blog is, she is even more fun in person! I have three small children and some of our favorite memories come from the {Little Projects} we've done together. With it being winter, I have the perfect {Little Project} to share that will chase away winter boredom blues:A Playdough Party!Not the regular stuff. This playdough smells delicious, and SPARKLES! {This Little Project} actually started out as a bribe (did I just admit that?) I told my kids that if they finished a (big) chore we would have a playdough party. It took a few days, but it worked! And we've … ...read more

{a place for everything}

I have a thing for paint samples. I LOVE them. I could browse that section for hours, and I do! When I find a new favorite, I tuck it in my purse and bring it home with me to add to my collection.There is always something being refinished, repainted, or redone around our house, so looking through and deciding on a paint color is par for the course. I love having a whole stack of my favorites on hand...then it's just trying to decide which one to use!When we built our house almost three years ago (that went so fast!), I needed a way to conveniently carry around all my paint and fabric samples. So, I punched holes in the corners of the samples, and added them to a silver 1-inch book ring. … ...read more

{library bookshelves}

library books2 copy

I've tried several different ways to store library books, but none of them ever worked like I wanted them to. Finally I decided to design bookshelves specifically for library books, and I'm so pleased with the end result.They will hold books of all sizes--from my babies' small board books up to the very tall storybooks that can be so tricky to store. I also wanted to add the slats in the middle to make it easier for my little ones to get them in and out, and not have books falling over from weight. I have a place in my music room/library designated just for these shelves, and everyone will know exactly where they go! It's made from MDF, with beadboard backing, and a pine face … ...read more

{conversation blocks}

Conversation Love Blocks, Simple Valentine decor

Who doesn't love conversation hearts? I used them as my inspiration to turn 4x4 post blocks into this darling version for display...they will be the perfect addition to your Valentine's Day decorations! They are simple and darling!  These would also be really fun for a girls' craft night or craft day...   {supplies} -4x4 post, cut into perfect squares -red, cream, and pink spray paint -vinyl lettering {directions} 1. Cut your 4x4 post into perfect squares. Even though it's called a 4x4, the actual width is usually closer to 3.5 inches.  Make sure you measure it first, before you cut into blocks--this will ensure that you have a perfect square. 2. Spray paint each block red … ...read more

{a place for everything}

My plan for this series is to have it run on Fridays, and I really wanted to have my first post up yesterday. However...my computer wasn't cooperating with my plan, but better late than never, right?I debated for awhile about what to post first, but I finally decided to begin with something that you might be thinking about right after the holidays.I don't know about you, but gift cards are one of my favorite gifts--to give, and to receive. They are also pretty bulky, and may not fit in your wallet. Add to that all the club cards, reward cards, coupons, and receipts you have, and you can have quite a tall pile. My purse is also my home away from home--anything I need, or think I'm going to … ...read more

{candy heart bracelets}

bracelet on hand in air copy

This is the darling Valentine's version of my candy pumpkin bracelet...I couldn't resist! I followed the same directions (click HERE for tutorial), but I did learn a few things. 1. This candy is softer than candy pumpkins, so the needle will go through quite easily. Make sure you use a needle with a large eye, so you can get the floss through. 2. Softer candy means there will be some "goo" left on the floss as the heart slides on. It didn't affect the way the bracelet looked at all, and after all the hearts were on, I just used a damp rag to wipe it off before tying it closed. 3. I used about 9 hearts for my girls' bracelets---they are 4 years old. OPTIONS: Wouldn't this be SO cute … ...read more